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Car Designer Talk (Sponsored)

by CollegeHumor • 159,811 views

NEWEST JAKE AND AMIR LIKE us on: Pat and Street learn there's more to cars than gas pedals and cup holders. See more...

Kinda rude to the guy
the prius family is the scrony, nature loving hippie freak family
so does it have a bonnet or is the engine on show like most hot rods?
high five man help us fight the miss informed hippies
I feel even more stupider.. Lol more stupid :3
Ah, fantastic, glad that's not just two generalisations. I appreciate your well thought out and constructed argument, it was a pleasure to read.
Let's think about this. You need something to create energy. That something is a diesel generator. That diesel generator does an awful lot of polluting to create energy doesn't it? Don't mind saying "renewable energy" either, since all renewable energy producers combined only make up roughly 4% of the world'd energy.
who cares its not a prius, that was my point
Yes, and it is done in all cars to charge the battery, however your direct concept of using energy from the spinning wheels to use less gas would not work at a leveled street or uphill, it only works while breaking or while going downhill. So basically you would be reclaiming the energy spend to get those wheels spinning or to take your vehicle uphill. If you try to use energy from the spinning wheels to make them spin, you would lose energy due to energy losses.
Boooo Toyota!!! Why is it everytime I turn on the TV, watch a sport event, or even read a magazing some Toyota is sponsoring it. Ridiculous! There are numerous other car brands that deserve more attention than Toyota & ur rt dude5045 the prius c as well as all the other model cars are all boring and let me add Ugly! Pleaz square wheels!? What is this guy kidding?
people are stupid no matter what it is um its shipped all over the world any car any metal anything so this debate is over
kinda irritating watching them squander time with a professional. I'd kill to have ten minutes..
the car family that no one wants to be around is the prius family...
stick to what you do best making shit videos
It is a concept by college humour looks like a gallardo
why do people hate priuses so much?
:( I feel like they were literally mocking and making light of him...I felt so bad for that designer.
Hey, if someone gave me a Prius, I would drive it. They have great gas economy and gas is not cheap now a days!
Uau ? yeah thanks buddy. I was wondering when someone would come around and try to put me in my place. Thanks for your two cents. You have a nice day now.
hey remeber when college humour was funny? before it was about the money and sponser
thats not a Lamborghini its a concept car from some random company, but yes i would prefer that over a Prius.
why do you guys upload video in 360p? its 2012.
Haha dis nigga right here been watching top gear. u crazy.
Street looks like Danny Worsnop.
Very little pollution? The pollution can be detected within a 150 mile radius of the smoke stack. Maybe you should take your own advice and do some research, bro.
the alternator has nothing to do with the gas it recharges the battery
Uau that was a well-constructed comment with such fine counter-arguments, you must be such big boy --'
I don't think you have to know anything about cars to understand this.
I like this series :) . Although on this episode I'm kind of disappointed because from the very start of the video I had my eyes on the car... The car model you have on the table and I was hoping that sooner or later you guys will talk about that car cause I was drooling on it by just watching then in the end NONE OF YOU EVEN TALKED ABOUT IT OR EVEN ABOUT CARS ! I still love you guys for this series ! More ! :D .
that guy looked so pissed at the end
By that you mean a ricer because you hate America, hate freedom and want to be ruled over by a one world, corporate government with a one world bank. My car looks incredible and people stare at it not knowing it's even a cruiser. For what was spent, I could have bought a hotrod but, I don't want a car that attracts cops, sluts, wiggers and hot shot ex jocks who all think they rule the world. I have enough self value that I know I need a car for one thing, transportation.
buying a brand new prius causes far more pollution than buying a used car (that is actually good), and that's the main selling point. oh wait, no the main selling point is being better than your neighbors.
Streeter looks and sounds like Jason Segel
I think I'll stick with my Audi....
No it proves I'm an adult and a real man. You on the other hand measure yourself and others based on a material object that is absolutely no reflection of your human value. Even if you put 2 years of work and parts into it, so what. You bought them off the stock room shelf. You did not engineer the car. You did not design the body. All you did is pay money and assemble parts, IF you even did that much. I'm currently earning my engineering degree aside from my physical blessings. U R A JOKE.
The prius is only better than cars from the 1970 and back when they didn't care about the environment. The thing is that the prius has a smaller gas tank than a land rover so in turn it will do close to the same mileage. And soon the prius will be blown out of the water by these new Jaguar hybrids and Fisker Karmas which aren't as bad because all of the parts are environmentally friendly. They go far beyond what the prius does and isn't shipped around the world over 100,000 miles like the prius
gas powered don't throw away battery packs every 2 years, and to make a prius it puts more pollutants in the air than going 150000 miles in a standard truck. if you care about the environment get a Volkswagen diesel. cause hybrids are overpriced garbage
i found it awhile ago while i was stumbling did some research and it turns out its true
These commercials are at least entertaining
I agree. the prius is terrible in terms of production plus it looks ugly as hell
Wow that was 7 monthsago, before gas was even close to $4... *sigh*
i wasnt actually talking about em at all, was talking about you talking about it dumass, and u say ur not anymore but then u continue to do, lmao, smart
would abandon uncle immediately if he got a prius "i dont kno that fool"
Sorry, my old comment was an uneducated bad joke lol....
At the end of the video, you can tell the guy is mad.
It's by no means a show car. It looks good and is a very custom appearance. It also has a decent amount of power. My flash tool just came today for retuning my ECU. Before that, some E3 plugs, cold air intake, functional hood scoop and a fireball muffler. It's my only car so I'm can't go crazy and risk being without it due to upgrades or worst of all, frying something.
Um, I don't think you quite understand how an alternator works.
Fuck a prius. Did they think we'd buy a faggot car like that because of this stupid fucking add?
Stuart Reed is not very impressed by this humor. Probably because he's not in college.
your youtube name is fucking stupid. i just wanted to tell you if you like twilight then your a fucking retard.
i like this show! even if it's sponsered
Is there like one family of cars that like no one wants to be around? The Edsel comes to mind.
It causes more damage to the environment to build a Prius then it is to buy a hummer h2 and drive it for its entire lifetime.
what happened to "the game of life, with the prius C" ??
It's weird how few people realize that the large stack is actually supposed to reduce pollution because it has so many filters in it.
This is the best one yet. The guy actually had a sense of humour. :D
love how that guy avoids all the questions
college humor, i just lost a lot of respect for you guys
Meanwhile, countries are going to war to get their hands on precious fossil fuel. YAY! I hope your comment ins't suggesting we give up on hybrids or alternative energy. Just as much pollution, and more actually, go into normal cars as well, it may simply just be different. But I totally agree we need to go about finding some better methods. Keep in mind though, there is no method that will EVER be pollution free.
triangle wheel..... challenge excepted
you are pretty retarded.... there is next to no waste from the creation of a prius or like a honda insight!
Have you ever played the Legend Of Zelda? I used the word Twilight from the game Twilight Princess which has nothing to do with those damn sparkly vampires. Wind waker should also have been a clue that I was referencing Legend of Zelda. Too many people accuse me of liking Twilight and I constantly have explain what my user name really means. Very few people actually know what my username means and you're obviously not a Zelda fan if you didn't know what my username meant.
It's the battery that's causing the most problem. Check out CNW's research dust to dust (although they compared it to a Hummer, the facts about the Prius are solid). A program on the BBC made the statement that a Prius is more toxic than a Discovery i'm sure they have a reliable source. BTW is it so hard to google it?
its also stupid as having triangle wheels would give you a bumpy ride, duh!
How are the google cars not driving yourself. I think the question you meant to ask was. - When will this technology be on the market.
you dont take into account that they ship it tens of thousands of miles on gas guzzling ships basically eliminating what ever gas saving they do in their 150000 mile life time which is half of the average car plus the chemicals in the battery's of a Prius are UNrecycleable and crazy expensive to replace the true green Car choice is to buy a used car with relatively good gas mileage and prevent it from going to a waste its also inexpensive
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