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Homies Power Level Friday | Homiecraft | Ep.83 | Down with the Gods

by xXSlyFoxHoundXx • 340,735 views

Todays Challenge For the Homies 9,000 likes! It taste like bacon :3 yuuummm Become a Homie :D and show your love by leaving a like!...

How about execution for you is that a good consequence
During the intro I thought that I lost my candy stash. I completely panicked.
No need for harsh language...also the video is a year old
no it is my friend i made this account just for this and used his name
I never said I liked TropiCraft all want is the old school Homiecraft back.
I meant didnt kuz ik u do and i watched all of the homiecrafts full length up to this point! HOMIES U KNIGHT!!! XP
im now pooping on this video with my loving butt juices
Ahh imma tickle your asshole!!!
hey how do i install texture packs and stuff that u have slyfox?
MCNostalgia mod, lets you change to any version you so please |:D <--- dat unibrow
thats why you bring water sly :)
Sly you said IRON correctly!!!!! :D
Slyfoxhound please make more homiecraft video's they are really epic.
Hey Sly what is this, your tools don't break, do you cheat or is it the Aether???
MAKE A ROOF for your bunnies so they dont die
he has a really convinient way to get around at his house
SLY the cape is worked like that its not a glitch
sly! when you put down a torch or use something they see you. like so he can see plz
sly, they can see your items in hand when invisible
"i know all the mc combonations connect four" tht part killed the living shit outta me XD
put on the cloak when you're building bridges
when you see a chicken/or duck you gotta hit it with a shovel you gotta hit it with a shovle shovle!!!!!!! Bey wassap sly I am new to watching your channrl I just started this week bit not in order I think I am now addicted to your series, if you read this can you sub. to my channel.
Sly,honey there were 24 bones in the overworld 3
It's so awesome! At 0:43:21 it's Sly singing one of my favorite Limp Bizkit Songs!!! :D
My Birthday is 4 days after yours, Damn if only it was the same day -_- My Brother has the same birthday as Syndicate, it'd fuck him off if I had the same Birthday as Sly :L
En yes i know its 1 year ago
i bet it is because of the aether not allowing the normal things to lose their durability
Please continue making theese sly! <3
I did not mean to and I was just Re watching the Homiecraft
take some dirt from the real world sly to farm
sorry for the confusion but i'm not michael trotter i just used michael as a name because this was the purpose for it and so i used his name i could see where u would be confused though so sorry about tht
sir you have nive armpit hairs:)
you should tame some wolves or one :3 also if you want sly i could make you a fox skin :D please respond to this
Just poop on the video in love.let all your buttjesus flow on those bunny's rotating in love. LOL XD
INTRO COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
slyfox you can farm in the aether you just need the regular world dirt
he put a torch on a on a yellow ore
you can always go back to the normal world and then back to aither
Thats why you make a pool of water slyfox
no i'm not sorry for the confusion but i made this account just for this purpose so it has his name in it sorry to confuse u i see how this could have happend
at the start of the video... sly: whats up homies know as always
How bout u try bringing the bunny thru the portal
get normal dirt from the normal world and farm in the aether -.-
Why does he have the steeve skin?
Sly, you always thank us for watching your videos. Well fuck you! Thank YOU for making them!!! :D Have a great day man.
leave a like... more like 10000000 likes cos your too pro!!!
I had sex with my girlfriend while I was watching
XD pillow fights are dangerous! HOMIES UNITE!!!
my mom was standing in the door when sly said: let your butt juices flow!
I certaintly did get a kick out of that :D
Slyfox ur a Bossaru even if u dont have the achievement and nxt time u fight the flamin asshole bring A BUCKET OF WATTA lol
Some of the enemies have Contact Lenses of Truth
Hey you don't clearly know what you are dealing with if u serve satan... It will destroy you little by little, so quit posting links of it!!
thanks i never thought this comment would get so high I just wanted to thank him and ya its not a good feeling I love gaming and crud because it takes my mind off reality and is just fun
Uh Sly What happend to Ex Comminacated or The last Update or Even Road to hipo?
Where all of your ovens are in the left chest there is 24 bones.
when you mined the coal at 14 mins your pick did not lose its durability. either glitch or some weird thing going on
do your items from the real world not break in the aether?
Im watching this an exact year after t was posted... how did I not notice this?
So say hi and well Caress your armpit hair XD
What the HomieCraft is going on here
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