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[Funny/Horror] Amnesia: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL 30 MIN - Mystery

by PewDiePie • 1,866,774 views

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I miss the old pewds :s
Broos can you maybe watch some of my videos? maybe you will enjoy them c:
happy Halloween 2014 bros! ♥
19:05 R.I.P. for those who wore headphones
The entire time Pewds was looking for the door I just wanted to scream it was on the right.
Omg yess! Me too!
okay so, i paused this and i went to bed and my computer is right in front of my bed  and my keyboard was on the thing built into some desks  and my keyboard was out and i hit the space bar and i was terified. xD. it woke me up and i was scared out of my life but then i relised that it twas only my computer and i was so embarresed when my sister came in and laughed at me! xD
Just think... back in these days Pewdie played AMNESIA. AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT But now he can't even make it half way through Five Nights At Freddy's without quitting entirely. His brave heart lost a bit of braveness.
Are you fucking kidding me? 1: The reason he was so cool with Amnesia is that he played it LOADS, mod after mod after mod, he's accustomed to the ambience. 2: HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE SHIT HE PLAYS NOW!? Faaaaaar scarier than Amnesia!
like if you're watching in 2015!
6:04 warning of corps party XD
If you look at the facecam ,behind pewdiepie you see a monster and a pumpken
and if you read your comment you'll see that you need to go to school. LOL;)
+Courtney Mariah I can see what he saw :P the pumpkin and the monster 
The moment when you just realise that from 8:20 to about 9:50 that Mad World by R.E.M. was playing...
Yay! I wasn't the only one who noticed! XD
I thought i was the only one who noticed xD
Uhm no. I'm pretty sure Pewds got bored with Five Nights at Freddy's and that is why he stopped playing. It is possibly the most repetitive game since Pac man or Pong. On another note..@Pewds you said the word penis so many times in this video lol. You're hilarious.
The best part is when he talks to the objects
piggy and stpehono omg i missed them :0
I wish Pewdiepie would play more amnesia, but we don't all get what we want I suppose.
when the bro said "if you ever meet a girl with scissors" , little did poods know that 3yrs later, he would meet sachiko
+TJBThunderJazz I can translate your post to True that xD
all that blood was from someone sneezing on their period
Typ att ta en stol och bara 🔫😠och sen bara aaaaaaahhhhh🚬😄
I miss the good ole amnesia days XD I wish poods would play it again
Protect me Mr. Chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD
fuck you look like the girl from exorsismo xD
like if you Watch in 2015
xD I miss amnesia. It's suprising how I started watching him when I was seven. Now I'm twelve.
Would you please stop saying you miss the old pewds ? You may do, but fuuuuck, it's annoying af to see that kind of comments on every old video ........ 
Piggeh likes getting hammered doesn't he. XD
Miss seeing new amnesia episodes... glad he didn't give up on horror entirley though.
Was that his leg at the bottom of the webcam or was it just a random light? Edit: Oh, nevermind, I saw it move.
Lol, it's fine. I was thinking about the tail of the alien from predator.
I saw gold and was like Turn around pewdie turn around.
PEWDIE  READ  THIS::ya  tupoi  loh
my hands started to cramp...heart started beating....penis started erecting.....WTF PEWDS??
And PewDiePie that was kinda mean because I'm German
It's so weird to see these old videos now! He has changed alot since this!
hey,Halloween 2014 is comming,don't foget it PEWDS !
In the beginning you had to hide in one of the body dumpster thing you bumb ass
like if u watching this min 2015
Snip snip snip *Cutiepie appears  with pewdiepie past out and cuts his balls off  and laughs so fucking hard I sit there and run away as cutiepie chases with the scissors
BARRELS!!!!! I HATE BARRELS!!!!! makes me laugh my ass off
Lol, I like it has a piano cover for mad world at around 9:30 playing in the background
I just thought about it and looked in the comments if anyone else noticed
Nobody thinks about that pewdiepie is home die :(
I mean gone stupid autocorection
i really miss mr. chair
RIP headphone users
Wendy Strider cutiepie won't do a such a thing to pewdiepie
Some day he is gonna rip off one of the knights helmets and there is going to be something there. XD I am going to die when that happens. 😂😂
i loved these days. pewds you always put ''SUBSCRIBE AND BECOME A BRO!'' in the desc, and he would talk and scream with his amnesia friends, Now alll he does is put all these good for nothing links and barely says anything but respect each other in the comments bullshit. But its ok pewds, we still love you!
"...if you see a girl with scissors..." - pewds. Corpse party reference!!! 😱😱😱😂 loving your vids still pewds!
He didn't play Corpse Party yet, I think...this vid was made in 2011, and I think he played it in 2013..
The game was first released in 1996 tho. Then Corpse party:Blood covered in 2008, and continuation to blood covered in 2010.
Pew die used be Funny now he's somewhat funny but not as before but I still support him
This is when he was younger
why hate pewdie barrels
+BlueToxxy hey i'm german i'm from DEUTSCHLAND
This is a hilarious video, but what is the joke about barrels? I'm fairly new to this channel, so I don't understand the problem with them.
The bro talked to the barrels :D just watch amnesia abduction from pewds and you will understand :D
I lick this one pewdipie 😄
I freaked out when I heard Sell Your Soul
That's what I did too cx
Hi im from iraq and i love you so much and you faun ^_^
I Miss You Poods!! Come and play again with me ;-;
dont be mean please ;-;
I miss u so much 😭😭😭😭
13:45 Scared the shit out of me pewds -_-
Why did sofono say that and dont tust him! ⛄❄🌈
Pewds play five nights at freddys
pewdiepie. love this video and ur other work. please do more amnesia custom stories :D double brofist love ya :D
Sell your soul playing at the end though!!! :D
If you look at the facecam behind pewdie it looks like a monster behinde him whit a pumpkin head :)
pewdipie so funny! You me crake up!;)
pewdiepie   tabby Genia
I'm am scared to death I am even scarred if someone or something close my door that's why I leave my door open 2-4-7 so I can see if someone or something is coming no way hoow say paka no way :-(
In the beginning you had to hide in one of the body dumpster thing you bumb ass
freacking awesome custom story how can i download??
I'm am scared to death I am even scarred if someone or something close my door that's why I leave my door open 2-4-7 so I can see if someone or something is coming no way hoow say paka no way :-(
>:( I'm German :((((((( its okay tho pewds :D
7:52 Balls Balls Balls ! XD
sup bro (poor poos running and screaming ) :-D :-D
Who else got scared at 2:16 when the body moved
Pewdiepe os so brave
The hammer hit piggies penis
I named one of my cats after you and my dog after Marzia
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