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Elle Varner - Refill

by ElleVarnerVEVO • 8,878,895 views

Music video by Elle Varner performing Refill. (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ Available 8/7/12. Get it now:...

are we not gonna talk about how the paper ripped?????? D:
I liked this video so much.. It was cute and he was handsome. He is fun to be around, regardless of if he was broke he showed her a good time. Some of you ladies over look brothas for all the wrong reason and yall have the same bank account!! SMH!! LOL
He's a bum, there's nothing romantic about it. The only thing that makes it remotely excusable is that they're supposed to be high school students. Any grown man who acts like that is a bum, the last time I pulled a stunt like that I was 15.
That fiddle in the background popp'in!
That's wat makes the song, Shit is Rockn!!!!
I haatttee the fiddle it ruins the song for me
the end tho 😂😂😂 the paper broke smh, damn
+mike Handy The only thing that was broke was that nigga.... 
Monica Mendoza brought me here
he was sexy i would of told that bus driver to stop the bus because i dropped something getting on the bus but i would of got the other half of paper from him
The night they had was ment to be one night thing, if they had end up together it would have not workout
+armelle antoine no it was just they was too stupid too tell the bus person too stop and lie
Ny niggaz an't shit the best thing that happen was that paper ripping at the end lol
I like. Your song my favorite
i was so mad at th end when the paper ripped like.... BRUH!
He wouldve ran for me shiiiiiid 😭😍💕
Lmaooooo!!!! 😂😂😂
But hey maybe she'll find him on Facebook
I would had stop the bus lol
My. Daughter. Loves. This song .
Nice video. However, that violin sound puts me on edge! I have to put his on my rejected songs lists for that violin! Sounds like some dixie shit!
You mean that fiddle in the background, becuase it sorta made the song"better"
That club bouncer at 3:05 was so messed up he was keepin' all those people in line even though he knew damn well that club was empty.
Lmao! I know that's right!
She is so underrated, everyone should know about Elle Varner.
The song and video are so good!!
He was broke anyway, lol
I like this song a lot and whenever I listen to it I like to sing it 10 lol
And my grand daughter. To.
She looks Iike a black Scarlett Johansson
Haha you're right she does
I love ur song i saw u at the ciaa in charlotte
What ever happened to Elle Varner ?
Wiz khalifa brought me here
This song is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
I need a refill from a man touch
something funny about this girl's lips and her teeth... the video is shit... it better on audio... also the remix is way better... 
@Tina Davis that gurl can sing. What rock have you been living under?
as we all exited outside of our house to proceed to the movies, first we pay for the entrance,then our selection of their favorite concessions,third we return back up front for extras, and you would say to the worker can i get a refill yeah sure Elle Varner said it best in her song
He should have stolen another car and caught up to that cute gal
One of them gripped that little piece of paper too damn
When that paper got ripped: "Damn, Damn, Damn!!!!"
Call me my number is 16152180697
so y didnt he run down the buss and yell  the
Follow my IG @thatsjustcece_ my goal is 800. I'll follow back. Promise 😁
Lol I remember when I first watched this video I didn't really pay attention to it because I didn't see what was going on until now. But me and my both liked the song tho lol
I would have ran after that bus
I'm lookin for this man in the video! Whats his name, where he at???? holla holla!
Can I Get A Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-e-e-e-e-e-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-e-e-e-e-eE-e-e Fill?
Okay, does anyone think she is asking a bit too much considering that she is only a teenager hints she's still riding a school bus?
Soo like was she a one hit wonder orrr.. Lol?
She's so pretty. I love her hair :)
I pray he has a
damnnn.... that was one hot guy and ellie is really gorgeous
the only thing I absolutely hate about this song is the country music violins playing in the background
I love this song!!!!
But you guys are funny! Saying he's broke and whatnot. You know that restaurant was overpriced! Maybe he could've paid for something cheaper, you know what I mean? Don't be so harsh on the guy! :P
Kelli Owens Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Check out this video on YouTube: Feeling like a conversational lush I don't know know how much is too much..............
Larry Harvey KM Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Good morning my Google plus friends, for your listening pleasure (video song) on YouTube legend :))
+April White please accept my apologies for the late reply, I was so busy working I didn't even know you text me, well you know the old saying better late than never. thank you for sharing and good night.legend ',(zzz!
+Larry Harvey KM never worry about me I totally understand , have a great-night.
Omg...THIS IS THE MOST UGLIEST SONGS I HAVE HEARD.  And the girl can't sing.  Anyone could get a record deal.  
Well, she was grammy nominated for writing this song. So obviously your opinion doesn't matter
+Beautifully JMD you said it... For writing. Her voice still sucks! Fyi its really rude to say that someone's opinion doesn't matter... EVERYONE'S matters.. Idk what kind of insecurities you're dealing with... But I'm NOT!
@Lauren ikr to Applebee's we go!!
Lucky to see her in person she was gorgeous. 
cause im Down to my last dropppp can I get a refillllll ..gone Elle baby blowing ha 313
This is my shitt.. love this song!! Elle so sexy😍
He was such a bad influence 😀😀
He a real nigga.
She kind of looks like Judy from the Bad Girls Club
Lol no that bitch looks like a old ragged out garbage bag
Ella is a great singer
his lips .. good lord
Yesss my joint herrre.......:):)
... good video, very creative, and a lot of fun :-)
Elle varner is good so can i get a refill
She pretty and all but tht dnt mean she can sing
U r amazing I wish u were my sister
i love this song its my idle.
Kristianx Swagx Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Sunkissed Love Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube:
Kristy Engert Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Monifa Davis Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
She got off of the bus and meet him duh duh yall dumd should of saw it if u didnu wrong bye im right cuz I saw it so bye and shes pretty and and she got swagg and style and taste so bye im right boo bye
Bitch you sound dumb.
i think she was tryna say bye. but i can't be sure
Adorable video. Who is that guy!????
Kimberly Singleton Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
I don't want to sound like a broken record ;)
at first i thought she was talking bout a refill of soda when i was younger
Girl this song came out not even 4 years ago how old are you lll
Im 15!!! I said when i was YOUNGER i thought she was talking about a r efill of soda ✊
Ferrante B. Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Elle Varner - Refill: Yes Please
Damn he fine with them sexy lips💋
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