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DC Breaks - Move Closer (Ft. Belle Humble) (Dubstep VIP)

by UKF Dubstep • 1,349,665 views

Available to download FREE from: The 'Firez' EP is available to buy now from iTunes: Check out the brand new DC Breaks UKF Podcast:...

My pc brought me here! .   Nice track!
The only person here to come here from DC Breaks podcast mix for UKF.. 
Will smith here tracking the latest dubstep
woke up with the lyrics of this song in my head, but could not for the life of me remember who produced it or who sang in it. thats how you know you produced a great track :)
Lol 90% i ppl got this from Ginge Cast (Go Carrot Crew!)
GingeCastFan, love the song.
i see zeds dead white satin, bye DC
niiiiiiiiice i love it
Gingecast Sent me here to
Ginge cast is the Chanel that I herd this song from
Lol gingecast brought me here cx
Awesome song. I found this song from the ginge cast
I heard this off of one of Ginge Cast's vids so ya
Gingecast brought me here :D
franzimius Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
speedbuild song of the gingecast
Sent here by the Gingecast
Blade Smith Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
I think they used to make just drum and bass, but nowadays they'll do some of both. Still, they're considered primarily drum and bass. When they do dubstep, it's usually a collaboration or remix, such as "Killer" with SKisM or "Snake Style" with Document One. Hope this helps :)
Saying what music you like and what music you don't is one thing. Saying which music is "good" and which is "bad" or "shitty" is another thing.
I founded from ginge cast underground survival episode 1
This song was playing during the speedbuild.
This may be my song of the year..... and I've listened to ALOT of songs
lol, you're 14 and think you know about dubstep.. and like others said, UKF is not an artist.
words cannot explain what you just said right there
Шикарное исполнение!!! ©_© |'3
Wow dude... Seriously grow up and stop posting "RELL RACCZ- KING OF DUBSTEP" on every freaking thing... He isn't even good
You didn't voice an opinion. You tried to tell other people what music is good, and what music isn't good. That's bullshit. People make their own choices, regardless of what you say. I don't care what you do, or what you say... but I will tell you that what you are saying is wrong. Also... bashing artists that are worth more than you, may be good enough for you. But you waste time typing an "opinion" no one gives a damn about.
Ik right ginge cast ftw all the way
this is the gingecast song!!!
This song! Is my favo of UKF! <3
FatalDubstep Mix 10,000 Subscibers
Hey guys, I was wondering if you could take a look at some of my mixes and give me a perspective.?:) I would like to learn how to produce soon so i can mix my own tracks, but i just do regular mixes.So please guys come take a look.:)
Belle Humble is just a beautiful girl with a beautiful voice, beautiful.
The average squid lives for a year
1- c quoi du kidibul? 2- si c'est pas dla musique c'est quoi? 3- personne ta demander ton avis.
Ukf fansbase is hysterical. you guys are such tits
Like if your here because of Ginge Cast! :D
Does DC Breaks make other dubstep like this or is it mostly drum and bass style?
wow i come here to listen to good music and you're here still spaming this garbage
dude.. thats your opinion.. and you're arguming over it. just stop the bullshit.. everyone is entitled to an opinion so go listen to something else if you don't like it here simple as that.
echo @SyRoxArts. this is good stuff and belle's vocals are great
I don't need you to take me seriously. I voiced my opinion in a way that I thought would be understandable to the people who spell like that aka who i replied to. And that is good enough for me.
This Message sent by Zach has been credited for owning miss-informed noob (Y) ps. UKF = Group Channel @DoctorSeduce
Dc Breaks is the master of Dubstep, it is really dubstep, because in last time I see the bad dubstep made by newbies.
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