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DayZ Fun Tactics Advanced Swimming

by penguinz0 • 320,057 views

This is episode 44 of my series entitled Fun Tactics

Critikal, you should bring back this series! I loved these videos.
swimming through land.... sounds like that chuck norris joke... conclusion.... critikal has hacked chuck norris.
more fun tactics cr1tikal
I would like to see videos similar to this one.
I read "similar to this one" in his voice I kind of read "Cya" afterwards too haha
BF:BC2, MW2, BO, DayZ. Long ago, the four games lived in harmony, with various tactics strewn about. But everything changed when the BO nation attacked. Only Cr1tikal, master of the Fun Tactics series, could save them. But when YouTube needed the tactics the most, he vanished.
Me and the other subscribers found a new cr1tikal. Even he doesn't know much about the fun tactics, we know, he can still save us all.
GTA V fun tactics!!!!!!!!
I miss fun tactics, this was hands down my favorite series of your channel. I hope you do some more in the future...
I would very much love to see Fun Tactics for GTA V
I almost died from hilarity....
How is land swimming not a sport? It should be one.
Yes Cr1TiKaL I would like to see more videos similar to this one please
Aww now I'm thinking about cookies......
I like Pewdie and Critikal. Both are hilarious in their own unique ways, but hey, we are all entitled to our opinion.
They shant be put in the same comment.
you should make some tactics for the Crysis series, Crysis is difficult to run though, but you should be fine.
"Once you start swimming you can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it" Oh lord my sides
The greatest swimming of all time! 1:26 "That could leave Michael Phelpswith his joint on the floor"
you should do Fun Tactics for Counter Strike, Minecraft, SMITE, Tribes... if you play them that is. Or even if you take suggestions
GODDAMMIT! I was just going write that. -_- I'm watching you... xD
That used to be a legitimate opinion. But with all of PDPs fans saying that on an abundance of other ppl's vids, such an opinion loses meaning. Now, it is in fact regarded as spam.
I think it's a mod for Arma 2. Don't quote me on that.
I did this and I clicked too many times. so I was swimming for 10 tedious minutes.
I could watch Cr1TiKaL for DayZ!
He is. And I agree, Pewdiepie sucks... That's what I said in my other comments....
Yes, "gay" means happy, or nowadays more commonly used as meaning "homosexual" and is also used as an insult very often, for some reason. But considering your previous comments, I expected it to be meant as the insult. Excuse me if I was mistaken.
i'm afraid u cant do that through the internet retard
Did anybody here see the video entitled "Some Shit"? If anybody wants to mention pewdiepie, before you comment, just watch Some Shit.
Could you please do something on Halo 4? That game gets so boring after a little while, maybe a week, and I was hoping if you could spice it up for me.
Oooo you're getting a foot up the ass if you don't shut your mouth.
I'd love to see Cr1TiKaL narrate regular mundane activities like making breakfast, riding a bus to work, maybe even doing homework and such. Would definitely help some folks lead more awesome lives.
Please show how to install dayz?
I wasn't insulting his accent directly. Do you know what gay means?
DayZ was so cool when it first came out. Then suddenly bunch of retarded noobs start to PK everytime they see a person. Sigh.
@HANCinemaa I do love Pewdiepie but all he does is scream about stuff that's going on. I feel that he tries too hard to be funny. Cr1t1kal is more natural and the way he manages not to laugh or show emotion makes it even more funny.
he just has a weird voice and yells a lot there is not much of a thought process behind his comments. Its like he is spongebob and cr1tical is the entire cast of it's always sunny in Philadelphia
Or you. Or me, aswell, considering I just made a comment. >8D
who else would have the super titty semen needed to make chuck norris
Did you just call Cr1toKaL serious? he may sound serious, but he's in no way a serious gamer
i would make a gay joke but that would be inception
note to self: zombies really like phisics
you should tell us what servers you play!
I love how you compared Cr1tikal to Sunny. Another huge fan of Cr1tikal and Sunny like myself?
jesus can walk on water critical can swim through land
YES. i saw one of your early videos a and fucking LOLED. i forgot your name before i could subscribe but now, after years of humor depraved youtube surfing, i have FOUND YOU!! and while playing the best game ever!
dude he's not funny? why do you watch that faggot. I literally took my time today to look at how 'amazing' he really is and guess what? He has got to be the most stupidest person i've ever seen i didn't laugh once watching his horrible videos. so stop saying that flaming bag of dog shit is better than Cr1TIKal. LOL
Holy shit if you mute this video and play Mind heist(Inception) it goes really good.
im not saying he sucks im just saying i prefer pewdiepie
Jesus can walk on water. Cr1tical can swim through land!
slap the prone key with your dick
I'm afraid you took my seriously when I was kidding. Also, I'm afraid I can't let you do that Starfox.
No, but PewDiePie is swedish, therefore the accent you call gay is a swedish accent. Get it now?
I wish there was just a filter that prohibited every mention of Screaming-Swedish-Mc'Gee outside of his abominable channel... YouTube would probably be the happier place that it used to be, and reading humorous comments on Cr1tikal's videos - or anyone else - would be better... The less we mention him, hopefully the sooner he'll fade off this site...
naw bro, if I was trying to be funny I would have added the word 'coagulate' into that sentence
It's a mod of the game "Arma II: Combined Operations." It is on steam for about 30$. But the mod is free.
NO, dayz is a mod and is a simulator therfore it is more realistic but is alot harder, the warz is more of an rpg and is a f ull game
... To be honest, I find that a little insulting to all other swedish people (Because I'm guessing that "gay" was meant as an insult in this case...)
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