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MacBook Air Parody

by nalts • 853,499 views (subscribe!) Mac Air laptop parody: Has Apple considered the implications of its glorification of thin models in the MacBook Air television advertisements? Has it once...

Well now we know how laptops poop
My school provides me this laptop :P
haha nice idea :D anorexic notebook ;)
Not taking a dump; purging. As in bulimia.
My favorite part is when it's doing sit-ups. (Open-and-closes?)
I don't get it wits the point? It's just vidio of a computer it's not even funy...
I feel so sorry for that laptop:( shouldn't listen to everything media tells you!!!
hahahh i like it pretty funny mac book air is a good lookin computer
DAMN HP. You've put on some weight.
haha very creative & funny like like like lol!!
this is very clever and funny. good job.
@wizenedchimp кому нужно - тот меня поймет. (who needs to - he will understand me) Use translator.
@tcmsrocks no. its a mac connected to a third party display. that can be done. maybe he was using a mac mini.
@smellytoilet1996 no stupid its PUKING ITS TRYING TO BE THIN
why everyone like that book(the secret)
This is the first time in a while that I've actually laughed out loud at a video. No rolling on the floor though, it would be insensitive to the poor thing.
Lol great video bro! So does this mean my alienware is considered as sirens William like lol
got 2 read the description 2 understand the vid.. nyce wrk
LOL.The hp laptop like a real man!
its funny cuz i have that same hp computer.
I must admit that it took me a while to get this, but once I did this is EXTREMELY clever. Amazing job! xD
you made the computer seem like it's human nice and clever idea
Who in the hell would put a computer in a envelope anyway STEVE...
I thought it would be another terrible PC fanboy parody, but this one was pretty well made! Good job!
lol nice yeah i'd take a tough book (or really any pc) over a mac book air any day
Can the thin Macbook Air take the kind of abuse you put your poor HP through?
ok i get it, dont let the fat woman step on my lap top, and definatly not my mac
I have the same Laptop in this vidio I'm on it right now lolz!!!
Look at the bright side HP, the only reason the MacBook Air is so thin is because Apple surgically removed it's DVD drive. LOL!
@harraldschneider you mean bulimic? anorexic is not eating. bulimic is throwing up on purpose
I sooooo wish my old laptop would have too! would have been cheaper!!!! xx
i bet your mom made you take that cd out of the toilet
@alinassinging if he has no legs.... how the hell is he gonna get in my room........ let alone see me with no head XD
The song is called New Soul and it's by Yael Naïm. Now thumbs up so everyone who asks can see this :)
Yea, the macbook air has 1 USB drive 0 SD card slots and no CD drive... I was actually looking into getting one too, whats the point.. Just buy the cheapest windows PC you can, it'll do more and is still portable
@alinassinging asshole, i've seen this before and have never posted it. but i did see the boy, and he was very nice. i persuaded him not to kill me then he got hit by a car walking past my house because he could not see. i hope i totally wasted your time bitch ;)
that is the shiniest shit Ive ever seen!
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