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by Philip DeFranco • 2,122,925 views

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I think the cop was in the wrong for shooting the dog but I understand the cop not apologizing because he just had the weight of killing some guys dog dropped on him and wanted to not feel that guilt.
That cop needs to be castrated with a rusty scalpel and hung by his dick from a flagpole i would blast a cop if he shot my dog!
I believe that Kim Kardashian should run for President of the United States.  That way if she's fucking you, you won't mind it so much.
A dog's first instinct is to protect his owner, that sometimes involves the dog attacking and that is probably what the cop was thinking, but he didn't give the owner a chance to restrain his dog, so I vote it was the cop's fault
My sister and I are the only female viewers.
The cocks joke was kind of a dick move but I still love ya Phil
Cops fault  Idiot!
The cop - absolute dick move
Symbolic cakes for bamitzvas !
Americans are all that...Guns Guns Guns.... the cop was inchin...
Hey. If you people out there are interested in celebrity vids I can't believe I found this a couple hours ago that has all kinds of celebrity sex videos and pictures too of Kim Kardashian, Megan Fox, and many more. The url is trulycelebs. com
The closest women get to men is in contruction type work where they get about 90 cents to the dollar a man makes. Although most women in management and executive positions make more money than their male counterparts.
About that disgusting cake. It has absolutly nothing to do with swedish culture, she is just sick in the head.
Srry about that comment my friend is a little racist.
Well you can probably argue that it is self defense for him,but other than that I got nothing for the due.
the story at the beginning of the show scared the shit out of me. That was sick as fuck, the concept of the cake was sick as fuck. Fuck everyone who ate the cake, fuck the person who baked the cake, fuck the place it came out of, fuck the oven it came out of and MOST ALL I WOULD LIKE TO GIVE A GINORMOUS FUCK YOU to genitalia mutilation. Right now, i just wanna say fuck the world, and everything in it, including myself. I'm gonna go cry in my room under my covers now. Goodbye.
What? Women don't get paid as much as men in USA? WTF, America?
if the cop has a dog shoot it amd make him watch if he doesnt shoot him
That cop is so dumb! He should be fired and sent to jail forever!
All the Fucked up racists. Did you know the website "Etsy" Allows racists to make and sell :"Golliwogs" Wikipedia it. It's a racist thing.
I think the cop was a complete fucking asshole in this situation, dickhead, he should get suspended or something like that.
this was awesome!!!!! (obviously not the dog dying)....but the video
personly i hope that cop has a car crash and is fired with no pension
Nah that's a bit harsh. Shoot his 'hotdog' and call it even.
that cop is f*****g retarded seriously hes a douche
Effin shot the cop in the face and make him stupid with the brain injury
WTF Cop! What the fuck do you expect the dog to do you you whip out a gun! Then your too much of a bitch to calmly restrain or just calm it down, so you shoot the dog! Stupid shit! I would be in my house getting ready for war after that.
I respect police officers, but being a 13 girl, I would have began sobbing to make them feel bad. And in this situation, the policeman should have felt a bit apologetic.
Wait wait go little white kid, not the cop who shot a dog
I get so mad when animals are treated like this, even if im not ecoterrorist or anything. and also some people should use their brain a lot more!!
cut his balls out and put it in his mouth,the cop that is, dont ask, i dont know why..
to answer your question of the day yes and death!
cop goes to jail for animal abusement
That cop is a jackass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, pretty obvious that the cop created the bad situation, then handled it in the worst way possible. I don't hate cops. I'm very glad that they're around. But this guy effed up big time, and needs to face the consequences for it.
Randy Cox is diagnosed with testicular cancer, why am i the only one laughing at the joke
This cop literally makes me angry. I fell like since he took a life his life should be taken. Sure, it wasn't a human life, but I think a dog's life is just about as important.
fgm is pretty fucking messed up that cake wasnt too big of a deal all it did was try and help bring to light this disgusting practice. its probably the most fucked up thing ive heard of besides the holocaust. for everyone who dosent know what it is you probably dont wanna know but if you do google it and dont be suprised if you cry yourself to sleep tonight.
Omg! That cop is a fucking ass hat! He killed the dog for no reason!!!
No no eventually there will be one guy left with one eye --things Sam Rockwell taught me in Seven Psychopaths
Glendale, California: Welcome to the City of Prostitutes!! .
How does Kim contribute to the world in any way????? Useless human just like Paris Hilton!!!! Anyways thats why we need camaras on cop cars " its not what you know, its what you can prove!"
This is the first time I heard the phrase "F--- the debt away!"
I have a dog and they bark when strangers are around, there is something wrong with this story. Cop in the wrong... seriously
I'm sorry I fazed out during... the cake What the fuck were you thinking Sweden?
lololol i'm from sweden and i never heard of that, i guess sweden is trying to hide it XD.
That made me feel sick, if someone shot my dog i would beat them to death, "policeman" or not!
way too soon, and 100% the cops fault. don't get me wrong, I love cops, but this guy said to himself, "oh, I'm bored. I'm going to go scare some random civilian who did nothing and then shoot his dog"
any one hurts my dog i'l stalk em and slice off there head!
I'm not hating on cops i have cops in my family but, fuck that guy for shooting the dog. I guess someone should shoot him in the breast plate cause it was just there protecting his heart. But that'd be too kind,,, however when he is in hell being fucked in every orifice by the devil's red thorned dick for killing one of god's innocent creatures,, that he'll be forever force to listen to that audio for his eternity in purgatory you fucking cock sucker..
oi Phil.. we shouldnt have a contest about whos sexier.. their all damn fine if you ask me
That dumb fucking cop was soooo afraid of being bitten by a dog he killed it? What a fucking loser! May he go to hell!!!!!
The cop should be charged for animal abuse and slaughter. It's just wrong.
Hmmm, shooting him is a bit severe. Maybe one whack to the crotch with a razor wire covered baseball bat for each dog he has shot like this so far. I very seriously doubt this is the first one as his reaction seemed pretty calm and practiced.
Black people are scared of dogs so it is the officers fault and he should be fined 100,000 dollars
This is horrible! It is a shame that they even let.cops like this be cops!! I hope they took his badge away!
be worse if it went like. "did you not see your dog runnin at me" "he's a fukin beagle"
If i can restrain a dog with my left hand and im 14. The cop should be able to!!
Yup :/ i sure feel like kicking their asses sometimes.
Fire the cop because next time it could be a person
Asian, Asian, Asian. I don't know why but ya, Asian.
actually some cops nowadays do its kinda like what they wear in the army have you ever saw the show police POV?
i rlly dont care bout the police or the owner, yes it was tramatizing... but all i care bout is te pooor puppy!!! :( also great show
Well the cop should shoot his own dog... He had no reason to pull the triger... My meighbor is a retired cop who does carry a gun qnd he doesnt shoot my dog... This is bull shit
Probably the first time I was completely repulsed by a cake
That cop is soo in the wrong. He should b fired.
That cop can't just go un punished. What he did was completely idiotic and unreasonable. Then he blames the innocent man whose dog was just brutally murdered for the entire incident. What is this world coming to.
Cici Williams must be able to read minds cause Cici typed exactly what i would have said
Then you'd be dead and nobody would have been able to request the video of what happened. It would be, "guy sicked his dog on me; shot it. Guy attacked me; shot him." So, if you're willing to die and be made the villain, go for it. If you want to bite your tongue and hate yourself for not beating up that scumbag, then congrats, you've made the right choice. :/ Life's fucked up.
WTF? Why the fuck would the cop pull his gun out in the first place, let alone before anything wrong was even done? I know cops who have been in the force for 10 plus years and been in many life threatening situations and have never pulled their gun before. Pulling your gun is a last resort then the other person has a armed firearm and is pointing it at you. Also, the cop told him to put his hands in the air and then didn't tell him to restrain his dog, (continued)...
From the tape it does sound like the officer did create a bad situation for the get go. No you can't restrain your animal when they have instructed you to put your hands up. This should not have happened. Had the owner tried to restrain the dog after being told to put his hands up the officer probablty would have shot the owner. Officer eff-up seems trigger happy, afraid of dogs, and should be pistol whipped with his own gun. Hide behind your badge Sir. The dog was only doing it's job.
Legally he can't be persecuted becuase the dog wasn't leashed...unless that particular area doesn't have leash laws.
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