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Corey Taylor (Slipknot) Recording Child Of Burning Time

by InfantFinite8 • 399,527 views

Here is footage of Corey Taylor (Slipknot/Stone Sour singer) recording vocals for a bonus track off the new Slipknot record All Hope Is Gone called 'Child Of Burning Time', without any backing...

Why do the official lyrics say "I burn away"? He clearly says burn me away
This isnt the full song its only a short clip like a demo
Dá para ouvir uma musiquinha no fundo! Mas tirando isso o Corey é um mito!!
RIP Paul I miss you 
My god he has awesome power in his voice
Corey Taylor é fera 
looks a little drunk haha
holy shit! kurt cobain is still alive!
I can't begin to say how many times I watched this and him recording Snuff when I got the cd. <3
I fucking love this guy! If there is a god, it's him.
@837IronMaiden Apparently he had another kid when he was really young....
hey my second name is corey, too : D but my voice sucks q.q
@ElvisBluntman777 uh.....WHAT THE FUCK?!?! ARE YOU ON METH?
His voice is fucking brutal lol Maggot 4 Lyfe
I listened to this before listening to the actual song. I love Slipknot, but I actually prefer him just singing this song.
this is fucking awesome, just fucking awesome
Shut the fuck up. Nobody knows what Corey has gone through, don't think you can list it! and keep justin a fucking way from Slipknot
To everyone who's got the basics of singing down: SING THE HIGHER HARMONY TO THE CHORUS! (The lead vocals) It's fucking godlike.
ven este hijueputa quien se creee este cacorro sera q bieber le dio por el culo oque?
OMG! I love his voice! The power, the subtleness, the versatility! He has one of the greatest voices I have ever heard!
He isn't. He was an alcoholic but he stopped drinking around 2004, and turned his life around. So now he doesn't drink at all anymore. :D
he sucked anyway. would be no foo fighters without him anyway? and he wasnt a good song writer or lyricist, anyone creative enough would realise half nirvanas shit sounds the same..
@locoawise Well I agree with a lot of what you said, and I'm glad you're actually pretty knowledgeable and not just some dumb ass ranting. Also, I already know Layne and Chris, but I'm not a big fan of Chris. However, Layne on the other hand is an incredible singer. One of the greatest of all time in my opinion. However, I still think Corey is one of the best as well, not even necessarily for his singing ability, but just his voice in general. Just magic, to me. I wish Layne was alive though.
are you guys really comparing Corey Taylor to Justin Bieber? Why on earth would you do that? That's the stupidest thing I've read on youtube today, thanks dudes.
@L2Pno0b Thats the best way to discribe it, I couldnt agree more mate
@happykid4443 Its probably out of respect for Paul(!). They did the same with Dead Memories. :)
@837IronMaiden wow you're so cool and original bashing justin beiber on a slipknot video. Live and let live and stop being a fucking prick
I played the full song the exact same moment as i played this so Corey sang duet with Corey. It was beautiful!
He is the best vocalist, hes so versitle. His screams are mind blowingly brutal, and the theres that soft side....i wish a can sing, i just play guitar wich still rocks.
@nicomoore16 lol look, I don't care if i'm advertising him, it's just everyone obbsesses over him and are just writing jokes to get thumbs up and wasting time, so all I said is if you really do hate him then just ignore it, and just listen to your own shit.
Justin Bieber > Corey Taylor by a mile.
He has such a powerful voice is unreal
This is pretty interesting...this is either an unused vocal track or a harmony track, in either case it's awesome to hear Corey's incredible voice isolated
Holy shit, that was fucking capital.
@aperfectcircle2121 thats actually not true. corey taylor has been around longer... there actually ARE more metal fans. They are just embarrased to admit it in public. Metal is about letting the truth and the anger in you be released. Justin Bieber got LUCKY and mooched off of YouTube and Usher... along with many other third party artists and celebrities. You are just another media brainwashed deadbeat. Good Day Ma'am.
I don't believe it ! how you guys can speak about bieber here !Why ? He's from metal music ? stop speak and spread his name !
corey is going to stay with the all hope is gone scream unless he changes it during there next album
I listen to this atleast twice a day :)
So finally this motherfucker s learning to sing.
I love this song!! His voice is amazing <3
i love the high growl, i think he is the only awesome guy who can do that, I LOVE IT!!!
@daedemona3 you are 100% right !! fuck bieber dont speak about that little pussy anymore here !!
@DaniJulianBriers the second cd of the subliminal verses album has 4 songs live
jim once said that he didn't know that corey could scream like he did on the selftitled and iowa record he always knew corey as a melodic singer this what we see here is corey taylor and not the "angry little kid" like he was back in the day he said that himself that he isn't the angry little kid anymore but we can wait for the new record in 2014
@SinnersNeverLie Each mind is a world. I base my opinion on what I listen, and many bands I listen have singers that do things I can't, no matter how hard I try, whereas slipknot and even stone sour, which have more refined vocals, well, their singing are good, but I can sing any SS song well enough. I'd suggest you listen to Chriss Cornell or Layne Staley and then listen to Corey again and you might see he's good but not great. But your opinion is free of course.
fuck yeah!!! corey taylor is fucking awesome your voice that's mejestic |m| long life to corey taylor
I find this very easy to masturbate to.
@SSJKid97 Does Corey Taylor have a movie? No he doesn't have because nobody knows who the hell Corey Taylor is and nobody cares. So Justin Bieber owns Corey Taylor again.
@XxAnnaAveXx You are wrong from 0:00 to 2:06 was fact SlipKnot is legendary.
@aurorax1210 I'm not ranting at you lol. i'm on the same boat as you, every video, every comment, every thumbs up generally has a reference to that waste of space.
@837IronMaiden does having a hard life make you an artist?
@aperfectcircle2121 because he doesn't have to prove he's not a douche because no one thinks he is. sooooooooooooooo.......... yeah. Besides... Corey has WAY more talent.
Child of burning time is the song
To anyone who ever said or thinks that Corey Taylor is an overrated singer. Watch this video and I dare you to try to even attempt to say such a stupid remark again. R.I.P. Paul Gray MAGGOTS FOR LIFE
@L2Pno0b i agree with you, but why you try to compare Corey and Justin? I think we all can see, or better, hear the difference :)
@0darkG 'I don't wanna be an angel, I JUST WANNA BE GOOOOOOOD' - 30/30/150
SLIPKNOT FTW FUCK EvEryONE ELSE Corey Taylor is Jesus Christ himself.
@greendayminorityday actually sir .. ur quite stupid if u dont think he's drunk. its pretty obvious in the break he takes
if i was his daughter or wife, i'd make him sing to me every night before i go to sleep :3<3 he has the most beautiful voice
@aurorax1210 Just scrolled down to check the comments and seen your "the one who shall not be spoken" comment. Sorry to tell you but by mentioning that certain individuals name you are only advertising for them. You are on recording of Child of Burning Time by Slipknot and people who make references to "the one who shall not be spoken" have no right watching these videos. It's obvious to me that they are just trolling for attention. Rant over.
Corey is an intelligent human being. He takes no bullshit and gives no bullshit. He's an amazing singer and song writer. People who don't get him think he's just screaming. But look beyond the screaming. That's realism bringing his lyrics to life; Pain, suffering, anger, rage sorrow, confusion, fear... It's the glue that make's life REAL. He's lived it.
@aperfectcircle2121 that doesnt mean he is better thn beiber, corey taylor does more to entertain his fansthan beiber so corey is better
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