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Black Ops Dual Comm w/ The Girls I Slept With Last Night

by EatMyDiction1 • 48,534 views

Apparently three-ways are a lot more difficult than you would think. Follow me on Twitter!!/EatMyDiction Also check out my podcast, it will improve your life:...

I hope this isn't what actually happened. This is beyond cruel, and those two girls were just depressing. It's understandable that someone may not be "good enough" but to go that far is ridiculous. As long as it was improved, I guess it's ok
OH MY GOD XD HAHA oh my god
i can totally see 2 hot girls wanting dictions dick cmon he's the king
ok dude just tell us how much you paid them to make this commentary..come tell us
I find this difficult to master bate to
BUUUUULLLSHIITTT!!!!! Yeah, of course I know.
These girls are just slutty b@&*hes
WHAT THE FUCK! Hillarious but weird, it was kind of weird.
I think this was comedy, rather than truth.
Ummmmmmmmm wtf did i just watch............
Keep it up, these are good. I saw your pie video too :)
Rough sex is on thing but ten minute f slamming her head into the headboard is a lot
Ah the fabled devils threesome. is there anyone who has experienced this rare phenom?
This is a joke there is no way you can get a 3 way
@MrGibsonguitarman i see. thats what i thot lol thanks
its never perfect the first time dude, after a few times you,ll be capable to find the good balance on how split the attention for the 2 girls. go get em champ!
this is genius. i was lolling so hard.
Nice video! I laughed all the way throgh it.
ahaha the girls comedy sound like Kristen Wiig
believed it up until "sloppy"
fucking really a chipmunk dude LOL! balls in the mouth LOL Omg So funny
@EatMyDiction1 he knows what improv comedy is he was making half of this shit up as he went along you stupid fuck
So would you say (In your opinion) Call of Duty or Battlefield is better?
them girls said u were shit at sex thats not cool
Haha slam my head on the back of the bed hahaha
lets focus on the important thing here...they ateyourdiction1 !
who cares if ths is fake, it was hilarious.
Ummm Did u really bang them? LOL
Diction don't wor r y their just jelous their boyfriends aren't as good as you.
And why do you say that asshole
eewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweewewewewewewewewewe the end
Honestly, I spat cola out of my nose. I want to call you an asshole, but I feel like I need to thank you...
one day youll have a three some and every one in it is gonna LOVE IT! but for now bro keep on practicing=P
This is actually really funny, making commentary better Diction
right when i saw the video i checked to see if it was on april,1
I like how lately most black ops commentators have been openly sharing stories about they're sexual life, i enjoy this alot ._. not in a boner way but a good laugh
i came to this video just to read the comments
Can, you,um post a video of you spitting cola out your nose please?
@EatMyDiction1 that not whores but they like to do it, DO IT! -lmfao:"i am not a whore" song
the deeper voiced girl kinda sounds like elliot of scrubs :3 haha
thank god this is fake because if it wasn't i would of lost all respect for you man
3:05 Diction just got friend zoned! LOL
dude you needs to drop those bitches. they be complaining too much.
Diction...? What the hell...?
Diction, you are an inspiration to us all.
Dumb bitches I'd have sex with diction any day!
Just listening to them trash your sex skills hurt my eggo, they would just trying to make you feel like shit :p
Diction my freind u are just bear-tastic u know
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