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Watch Dogs (PS4) - E3 2012 Gameplay Demo HD

by MXE VIDEOS • 2,173,463 views

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this video is more than enough proof that consoles draw back PC gaming, that M$ and Sony pay companies to downgrade games to hide how the consoles lack and to blind and prevent the public from knowing and buying a PC or to discourage this and to pretend there is a parity between console and PC. This demo was running on a GTX 690, dedicated for the GPU, look at what it does, this looks like 4 generations ahead of any game, if devs optimized games for PC way more, consoles would be dead by now.
Ironically I still thought the final graphics were ok (PS4). It was just the concept that disappointed me in the end. It looked like there would be a great story unfolded. One that was deep and complex and interesting. I didn't get that. The atmosphere from this trailer was not in the final game. Almost had a Deus Ex type vibe. I thought there would be a lot of choice and freedom but their really wasn't. I thought there would be more to dl than just killing and hacking. I thought there would be more creative ways to hack. And I thought it would really enhance the gameplay. It is basically another weapon. The game felt too empty for an open world. I wish the world felt more functional and alive. A lot of copy and paste. It isn't the worst game I have played and hope a new one would fix those issues.
1:41 See kids? Even if you are a vigilante, you still have to look both directions before crossing the road. You know what they say. Safety first, jackass next.
Is this Watch Dog 2?
+DinmaSalitzey ahahah he did not get it but i did hahaha good one.
+GamersChannel The game was delayed,Ubisoft downgrade the graphics for it to no get delayed
I truly hate how gaming companies, especially Ubisoft, falsely advertise their upcoming titles by demo-ing them at E3 and other gaming conferences, and the graphics look incredible! Yet when the games finally come out there's a whole bunch of downgrades that make it look like you're running the game on the first XBOX (can't say XBOX ONE since Microsoft terribly named their latest console) 
At 2:10 you can see the scroll menu was COMPLETELY different from the newer version .... Like you don't even have to craft at all ... And at 1:15 you can see the winds .... The can on the street really REALISTIC ....  6:13 you can see the rain was SUPER REALISTIC ....  AND THE EXPLOSION AT THE GAS STATION WAS FREAKING AWESOME ! Which really makes Watch_Dogs is one of my most favorite game ....  But since they delayed .... Thought they gonna add more stuffs .... But they downgrade the graphics for ps4 .... So disappointed ....
1/ I guess the reason the scroll menu is different because they found the new one better. Can't comment on that, but imo, I like the current one better. 2/ Winds still exist in the game, I've played a lot and I've seen wins blowing away tin cans and leaves multiple times 3/ The rain is STILL super realistic, just go into Focus mode to see the droplets ! 4/ The ingame graphics of explosions are better now, infact I'd probably go far to say the explosion looked pretty bad in this video.
o yea don't forget the smoke effect. it's fckin' sexy!
Crazy because PS4 and Xbox One could have pulled these graphics off.. Smh
+J4RK1LL yeah it does but the developers limited it. Though I know pc is master race because I myself have a high-end pc.
Its scary how different the 2 versions are "The 2012 E3 Demo and the Ugly POS they released yesterday!....The E3 2012 Demo is like the Amazing Next Gen version they were making...then a Corrupt UbiSoft Exec that drives a Ferrari that has never played a video game in his life said wait if we make a version for the 360/PS3 so we can squeeze more $ out of there mindless gaming souls....but a little programmer said that version wont work on the 360/PS3? So they made a 360/PS3 version and said this will work on everything just upscale the horrible version to 900p! Now we get more $$$! Who cares if it looks horrible their mindless and buy whatever we make anyway!  Next bait and Switch "The Division"......$$$
Completely agree with you if only they made it for next gen consoles and PC only
What's the name of the music in the club at 2:45?
In my watch dogs, i dont see people helping each other in one accident, they will run or stay
I swear til this day I will never understand why they changed the gameplay of this game. They hyped the shit out of this game with the graphics and the gameplay, this game looked so fuckin deluxe in the demo and next thing you know they delay it and change everything about it. This game was so fuckin beautful and now it's shit, it's fuckin shit! Now, don't get me wrong when I first played it, I was astounded but as time past I began to slowly dislike the game, my positive thoughts turned to negative thoughts and as I was watchin the demo I just wanted to cry (don't mean to sound like a bitch or an overcompensating gamer) but still this game could've been one of the best open-world game ever since GTA man. There didn't seem to be anything wrong with Watch Dogs at first, but now there is. Those are my thoughts on the game.
Most of u ppl are wrong, x1 and ps 4 does have the muscle but not last gen consoles dou to its dx9 and liw ram limits. X1 gpu = 7770hd and 650gtx and ps4 = 7850ddr5 2gb about a tap sliwer or almost as fast as 660gtx. With slow i3 or slow corequad cpu.. which makes them still powerful enough to run most latest titles even bf4 at ultra high, i belueve the games are not optimist to its fullest power. I know for fact a 7850 hd gpu wil run this watch dog at this setting seen here, no doubt about it all
+Jacobs Gesin Jacobs But there is another thing... They can get much more from the APU's on consoles cuz its much easier to optimize the game for 1 or 2 systems than on PC's... :P So yea "on the papers" it can be comparable to underclocked GTX460 but in real performance it can be stronger.. maybe how you said comparable to the GTX650 or 7770HD :D
Dude this looked way sicker it does not look this good and awesome now. Fucking fake e3 Fake ass ubisoft got lazy to make it like this .
+Ethan Venzin no because there stupid a
The 2012 reveal was not PS4 footage, it was PC footage.
+johnpaul arnao guess you noticed by now that looks far from this.
this is wathcdogs for PC
Seems like Ubisoft decided to delay the game for 2 years since the actual release date to make the game look like shit.
Love that the game came out 2 Years later and a massive downgrade in the graphics.
Fuck this game u DOWNGRADED the visuals like u did with Far Cry 3 its a complete joke now.. how the hell can the game gets so much uglier in 2 years... did the hardware go backwards to worse?? whats the excuse lol.. and the game funny will work only on 64bit OS and needs 6gm ram for shitty visuals not much better then GTA4 on pc....
+Ziko Vikland The T-Bone single player story isn't out yet, and I don't remember any mention of all the pre-order kits being available to Season Pass holders.
Remember the season pass trailer? it said unlockable outfits for aiden and the palace pack, breakthrough pack and the signature shot pack and the outfits are aswell pre orders
Call me a blind, but I still see the game that im enjoying on my ps4, and im talking about gameplay not graphics.
Hmm, I haven't played much of this game and you're telling me this mission isn't even in it? Damn son
Grand theft auto assassins creed?
This is PC version WTH
But... i keep a pc exacly to not waste money on consoles...
i am afraid that 70% of this gameplay was he pulled out that civilian from car , how that gas station collapsed , civilians reactions for that accident...why couldnt they just showed real gameplay , the one we preordered ?
+Snowskeeper Ferenczy, yeah i think it's because of the mission. Some Youtubers were already allowed to play the game. Whatever, game's awesome :D
And how the cans blow across him when he starts walking. Lol
Yeah yall gotta realize that they air brush/script the fuck out of these demos. I fuckin bet when we see more of the Division it wont look like the E3 demo when it drops 2 years from now like they did this game.
You're right, the same thing happen whith gosth recon future soldier and whit all the assasins creed!
This watch dogs yes the other no
do any of these fuckers talking about bad graphics actually SEEN the game in person on a high-end PC or Ps4? youtube videos dont do justice so dont judge off gameplay videos. they suck compared to seeing it in person. i have this game on ps4 and the graphics are amazing. not as good as this video obviously, but amazing none the less.. better than gta 5, better framerate than gta5 (by FAR), SO stop getting your thongs up your ass and just enjoy the game. next gen consoles have only been out like what, 7-8 months and you guys are already saying how shitty next gen is? lmfao. fucking idiots. it took YEARS for ps3/360 to use its potential.  so wtf makes you think ps4 and ONE will use its full potential in less than 1 year. If youre complaining, go ahead and program a game, lets see how far you get
Напиздели  с графикой
Aidens Voice was alot different in this.
No 1080p ?? Not even on the official site ? wtf
You know Watch_Dogs has a Game of the Year nomination already
el mejor juego de la historia con gta v
Hey, guys! What's the name of the first song in this video?
best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeez where the fuck is this mission in watch dogs?!?!?! I mean come why did Ubisoft remove this from the game? This mission looks dope
this gameplay was launch on PC ubisoft lied
One thing people don't realize or notice with these videos cause they are so caught up in the visual aspect is that the audio effects are about a zillion times better too not just the graphics and that amazing audio helps just as much if not more for Immersion. Listen to the wind and rain and people's chatters as well as traffic noise and Random horn honks. Theres a can that blows by in the beginning that you hear, things like that. Well the problem is that would be next to impossible to record all that audio and program an engine to do all that dynamically . The audio on this demo was obviously edited in after the gameplay was recorded, there's no way they could have an entire game like that. The final product sounds completely dead compared to this.
What i hate about demo's is that they always make games look beter then they are. Also with bioshock etc.
The downgrade is obvious to anyone that really knows what they're talking about. The ps4 and xbone are rip offs. Not given the spec they should have to cut costs and fleece the consumer more. As a result games like this will never reach their full potential and will continue to be downgraded, which is a shame because it holds the industry back. ATM the only platform leading anything is PC because games can be modded and "unlocked" so to speak. The ps4 and xbone are simply junk out of date PCs that are limited in what they can do. Many already preached this but people's consumerist nature and greed led the way and now were stuck with this. So thanks to everyone who rushed to by the so called "next gen" because now we won't see a REAL next gen for a very long time.... Way to go capitalism.....
it almost seems like they used a pre-rendered game clip or something. I am not complaining about how the game looks now. Honestly I didn't even noticed until my friend pointed this out today. Kinda disappointing that they got lazy. Because I know that the xbone and ps4 can handle a game like what was shown.. IT WAS DEMONSTRATED ON IT FOR CHRIST SAKE
the old face of Aiden pierce is a shit
God damn. What's the ambient music at 6:12? I wanted to hear the full thing since this e3 2012 thing came out. Can't find it anywhere on YouTube. Can anyone help me out please?
Hello Can you tell me if there esque airports or aircraft, helicopter agreceri you much
Is this mission still in the game or was it cut? I played through entire campaign and didnt play it
Ubisoft removed so many the rescue thing at 7:25.
This game is far more better than gta 5!!!!
+Aiden Pearce That sounds slightly less grammatically terrible when I imagine Aiden Pearce saying it.
I kinda wish gta 5 is the last one because the gta games make every other game look bad so with gta out of the way other games would be more popular and even better, but i don't hate gta i just hate that it makes every game look bad.
fucking liars. nothing to do with the ps4 verson it should be ilegal to promot a product by lying so much
I like how no one heard a woman in the back ground say is the Pearce lol
The game was never going to look this good they had to use two graphic cards and the ps4 and xbox 1 only support one.
That awkward moment you realize Midtown Madness took place in Chicago..!!
Too bad the actual game looks like ass compare to this.
can you make it look like this on ultra settings on pc?
lg main nih game wkwkw XD
This mision is not in the game
How was this out in 2012?
Lol aiden looks pretty ugly then
quiero el watch Dogs ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡
looks nothing like that video now
Mi hai fatto venir voglia!
wait till downgrade  . lol
I wonder who does these gameplay videos, he shoots his pistol in quick, accurate bursts in every video
Just seeing a demo of this game makes want it! God damn it! hurry up and release it! i want this game!
I am watching this video to regain my hype after I lost it by watching the recently released trailer. Seriously, what that trailer shows isn't next gen. This is next gen.
wind parts and textures are missing in new gameplay video published in 2014! 
Wow, the game looked so good in here. What happened?!
If you like this game you should watch intelligence us tv series Mondays on cbs
This game looks exciting i cant waaaiiit set in my city CHICAGO
dali mi more neko reci kako doci do seriskog broja od wacht dogs....
My videocard cries watching this.
Shooting looks alright, but everything else is damn... wow
i dunno what ya'll are playing, but it basically looks like this on PC
no puedo creer el realismo que tiene esta obra maestra
Looks so much alike with GTA 4
u really got shit in your eyes for not seeing its so much alike GTA 4
It's nothing like GTA 4 explain what part of the game looks like a game from 6 years ago tell me
Guys!! Watch Dogs accept Gamepad?
+Vania Zaistev Probably.  +diablogamer1 I have no idea why you would assume that was what they were talking about.
well the wiiU gamepad I was just thinking
hmm should i get this for PS4 or PC
+Seth Smith well that depends you cant just say outright it wont be a difference. it could be like assassins creed and its optimized like butthole then i would also play it on my ps4 but then again it could be like far cry and its 1000x better
+crazychainsaw The reason the game looks like crap now is the 360/PS3 couldn't handle it and they wanted to cash in on those consoles as well! XBone/PS4 and PC could have looked like this its the last gen that's holding the NEXT GEN back!
fuck graphics, screw story, gameplay is everything.
why do u have to downgrade are u gonna downgrade the division now?!
I don't think that division will get downgraded. First off, it's not going to be available on last gen (that is why watch dogs got downgraded). Second, they even had a trailer for its new engine (snowdrop) explaining what it is capable of and the engine can provide.
08:15 look at the body at the right. It dissapears when the cinematics starts. I hope they fix it :(
I pre ordered this for ps4
Anddddddddd the final game graphic won't look as good as the demo. . .
2012 is better than 2014 - wtf?
Desde cuando salio la play 4 el 2012 fue el año pasado la sacaron wnes kl
should i get this game on pc or on ps3 
+MrDoido1234 The main issue is that the whole game is being downgraded for al systems in terms of graphics. Those demonstrations that show it as nice and flashy? Not going to be what you buy.
+dave19941000 not really, i think the graphics are really good  for the old gen, we cant compare old gen with new gen and pc
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