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sergio balint Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Hancock is very classical here. Unaccompanied solos.
melhor fase do miles , obrigado chefe.abs joão
Artur Ribeiro Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Jazz at dusk! Miles Davis - Around The Midnight (1967) #milesdavis #jazz  
Thanks for sharing this; it's wonderful. As others have noted this is what has often been termed Miles' second great quintet. In my opinion this was Miles' greatest band, in fact I'd say it was the greatest small group jazz ensemble ever. Whilst all 5 of them are superb (Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter and Tony Williams) it is Williams that astounds me most on this live set. He was still only 22 years old when this set was recorded in 1967 and yet, as Miles stated he was "the centre that the group's sound revolved around." The musicians not only solo like the virtuosos that they are, but they are listening so closely to one another that they can switch dynamics, tempo and feel at the drop of the proverbial hat. I'll never tire of listening to this music, and to see them play in concert like this is a real treat.
aj-  so right my,man....TONY!!!! But for me George Coleman had it over Wayne for the sound of this group...
Maga Lee Craveiro Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
The King Miles Davis!!!! Simply the best!!!
+Andre Omar Tobias You're welcome!! Thanks, Maga Lee ~_ *
timeless music. still sounds great.
THAT DRUMMING... the dude is just unhinged.
I remember MILES........ Ave. B. the Village N Y  CITY.
Monica Licciardi Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Tell me miles was not CLEAN!!  great~!
I love Tony Williams, but he's too on fire in this one.  Calm it down, Tony!
meto sempre musica quando me deito, hoje vai este 
43:15 My fav moment of the whole concert, you play something that stops Miles mid-stride, it must be hip!
τρομερή συνύρπαξη των δύο...αρμονική
One of the very greatest. (But the title is «Round Midnight». English doesn't say «the midnight», and «’round» or «round» is how people often say «around».)
Timeless music, inspired, intuitive, intelligent, adventuresome, the epitome of taste and swing, flawless musicianship, execution, individually and most important collectively.  A wonderful example of 20th century western music at it's most brilliant and profound.  To view this performance is a blessing for all!
Miles Davis - trumpet Wayne Shorter - tenor sax Herbie Hancock - piano Ron Carter - bass Tony Williams - drums - Agitation - Footprints - ’Round Midnight - Gingerbread Boy - The Theme]
+Thomas Headley  Thomas, no, this is not exactly be-bop although there are a lot of elements of bop in almost every solo and certainly in the rhythm section on almost every tune.  Be-bop?  Hard bop?  Post-bop?  Post-"cool?" Miles spent a lifetime defying and redefining musical labels. In the end, it doesn't matter what you call it; it's just great jazz.
+Eddy Haskel Thanx, similar things have happened in country & rock.  Its just that labels r such a convenient way to covey data, institutional or personal.  Enjoy. 
Johnathan James Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Tony Williams! Wayne is super good, i don't want to be misunderstood here, but if that band had Coltrane instead, well, i don't know what better you could have been able to find around in those days...
Jhamile Arias Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Miles Davis - Around The Midnight (1967):
this musik hat more speed as the modern house oder techno. but more spirite and love ..... sorry i m german ... my english is bad
Love the start...CABOOM!
„Miles Davis - Around The Midnight (1967)“:
Miles Davis - Around The Midnight (1967) #Jazz  
hey these guys can really play this stuff
Any body in jazz won't beat this!!!
look i don't need to mention how amazing each one of these musicians is. but gosh...these guys are playing like they have telepathy between one another... simply insane how much better you can sound just by actually listening really carefully to your bandmates and simply playing together,not everyone just playing their owns parts that just so happen to be on the same beat and chords. THAT, is what makes this group so magical. well at least that's what does it for me :P
Shockingly great and still cutting edge almost 50 years later. I promise that you will never see innovation like this again anywhere in jazz.
I'd hope so, but can't see it coming soon.
One of my favorites, great memories. . . thanks for sharing
+robin cole Me too!! Thanks! Have a magic musical time♡ ♡ ♫♫ ☆ ♥ ♪ ♫ ☾ Maga Lee ~_ *
O'Neil Godfrey Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube: #oyasfun
O'Neal Godfrey you have wonderful night enjoy your Monday Night Football and thank you for that very wonderful jazz post enjoy your wonderful Tuesday
not another one like him
The best quintet of MILES ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The beginning of a new great adventure !
Tony Williams is just CRUISIN'.
Looking for Truth ? www+truthcontest+com
MILES DAVIS  QUINTET. Miles Davis, trompeta;   Wayne  Shorter,saxo tenor y saxo, soprano;  Herbie Hancock, piano;  Ron Carter, contrabajo ; Tony Williams, batería (1967)
Это то,что может выразить абсолютное и бесконечное...
The year I was born! Tony Williams!
What kind of jazz is this?
lucia garcia Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Hancock is very classical here. Unaccompanied solos.
This brings me delectation, I thank you for your upload. peace and love family. Vonj
Qué delicia de música... <3 para poner a bailar el alma. !! What a beautiful amazing- music <3 it makes your soul dance... :D
anybody know Tony's age here?
arguably the greatest jazz quintet ever ....Tony Williams is incredible and drives these guys to new levels, Miles & Wayne Herbie And Ron never sounded better!
+Audio Workshop ."..what I did miss from Miles after 1969..."   Yeah, it can be bittersweet when a great artist moves on to new things. even when the later work is superb, one might lament what will never be seen again and wish there were more of it. I think of 'Bitches Brew' as a much more refined and successful version of 'Jack Johnson' which to me sounds like an extended forty minute introduction to main themes that never come. (It also sounds nothing like rock music, which Miles was trying in part to replicate. It might have been better in that respect if he'd had Hendrix instead of McLaughlin.)  
+Audio Workshop I get lost on his 70's stuff, but I can ASSURE you - the 1983 band with John Scofield AND Mike Stern was a terror on the good nights too. An awful lot of what he did was choose the right people for the material, and even more so, vice-versa. What's kinda funny is that Miles, himself, pretty much played the same. It didn't matter if he was assassinating John Coltrane with three notes, assassinating McLaughlin with three notes, or assassinating Scofield with the same three notes! NObody, ever, has figured out how he could start on the wrong beat, with the wrong note, and then torch the entire universe with utter conviction.
This is simply Magnificent!
Simply one of the best Quintets ever assembled. Miles Davis Wayne Shorter Herbie Hancock Tony Williams Ron Carter
Had no clue Herbie Hancock played piano for Davis
Regina Wolfe Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Miles Davis - Around The Midnight (1967):
wowwwwwww Herby hencock and wayne shorter  tony williams are so young.
Is that Coltrane on the sax?
And to think this was toward the very end.  I have listened to and enjoyed all the stuff that came next - the fusion and other extensions.  But this quintet and his earlier combos are just so far above so much of what came later.  And it is sad that musical tastes changed at this time.  I am now reexamining MD and it is like a new awakening for me.
А что думаю? Сложно, но доступно.
Hancock is very classical here. Unaccompanied solos.
13:24 Herbie, that was awesome intro into his solo
Miles and the guy's present one of the great artistic quintet 's .A must see and experience.
Great  sound  it heals my hearing  :-) 
miles motherfucking davis
Julgo que Miles terá conhecido Louis Armstrong com a admiração mas sem inveja. Aqui não há maiores, são muito mais, são ambos génios que não se repetem. Eu gosto de ambos com a mesma admiração e respeito.
Tony is all flames on the drums man...
Eric Krieger Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
See this this what I love about Youtube and Chromecast.  Having never been able to see Miles Davis in concert.  Now I can.... =)
I would have killed to see him live.  I think you and I are on a jazz kick today :) 
Parece que o trompete está embocado apenas no lábio inferior.
Una maravilla!!! Gracias.
the first "fuck you" band in history. :-)
wow, thank you for sharing friend
this is one of best live I kwon. This performance is very Thirilling and Cool.
Miles is off the wall. Always projecting danger on stage both in beauty of his playing and his very being..!
Jazz  makes the  world go round!!
Round Midnight  is for me one of the most significant themes of jazz!!! And what a quintet!!!
When Herbert did "rockit" in the 8 ' it was an insult.....I was wondering how could he stoop so low to keep up with the times......should of stayed with his roots....
Let Herbie do what he do.
What a memorable night was this ! Herbie , MIles, Tony and obviously Trane ! Wow
+Edu Salvador in sax wayne shorter not trane trane was dead in this time/he die few month before/
Bruno Pedrosa Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
life is full of surprises.
Best moment: 28:40 Listen to the drum, it appears at 28:57
Carlos Espinola Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:
Very nice performance :)
Camilla Preece Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
'round midnight.... ;)
JINOH LEE Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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