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GTA 4 Online Gameplay

by DriveByFM08 • 806,604 views

GTA 4 PC Online Gameplay Free Mode (Freier Modus) CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9650@3.6GHz cooled by Noctua NH-U12P Mainboard: Asus P5Q-E P45 RAM: Corsair Dominator DDR2 8192MB 1066MHz GPU: XFX GTX...

Is this game still online?
-_- Go....go somewhere...
How did you get to play that game???? Reply to me So desprate!!
You buy it from the store or play it
That Music In The Car When He is Ride Is Deutsch 2:02
Gta 4 looks better than gta 5
360p is High Quality realy ?
hello, I'm from Brazil and I loved this video!'ll see more video its even being in another country :)
loko demais cara like!!!
Can you play online like with random people in GTA IV? or you have to invite?
wow we have same CPU but i have Q8200
r people still on here? please answer As soon as possible I'm downloading it on ps3.....
u should have got in the armored cop car
Agregenme y viciamos de 22:00hs a 05:30am xD es "Braai_argentina"
Every time I go online there's nothing but hood rats spittin that gangsta shit
'i like it' o 'i like that' on like yes yes
good and i need to learn how to earn outfilt
qual a intenção de destruir o carro todo!!!!!!
Its supposed to be the radio playing in the car, there is like six or so stations that it can be changed to. Obviously it is not real live radio, but it is kinda funny to listen to the fake commercials.
Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir si on peut ajouter des musiques sur la radio de Liberty City mais sur Xbox 360, je demande ça pasque je pense pas que cette musique de Rihanna soit à la base encrée dans la radio... merci d'avance :)
san andreas is officialy the best selling gta game let the online speak to you
Im good plaing gta 4 which 1 of you can beat me
does anyone knows if i can chat on xbox?
fuck+fuck = ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuucccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
add me on xbox im downloading gta 4 now GT; Jordan v3
pinche video de mierda esta vien pinche gacho
cara o meu e destravado e eu jogo mas voce tem q te a live gold
T.I and Rihanna, nice!!!! love that song (:
Bro ill take u out on gta4...... So live yo life
ADD ME CoalTown94 well on ps3 only lol
its good when i had like this game :-(
Hey if you want to see some rumors and other ideas about gta 5 come to our channel
1:15 lol u suck at flying, you could keep the buzzard guns and i could still beat you with the normal guns from xbox
this online multiplayer is great!!!!!!!!
It Is Funny When The Other Players Knock The Other Players Dawn
i am raw on gta that game is bad ass
how did you get a REAL song on you radio!?!
lol dat music at the beginning<3
Wish I had your computer speed. This game is too graphic intensive to even work on my computer...
add me if you still play online on ps3 :) LloydJ21 im from UK
you play gta online on pc but why in the hell dont u have snt?!
esse jogo é de xbox sem se travado ou nao?
7:28 to 7:33 Lets play cat and mouse
i cant play gta4 for my internet needs to update and i have only 37 procent at the network to my ps3
not really honestly like its fun as hell but if u want to be able to customize niko alot it wont be that fun since there arent much clothes to choose from for him but when u play online it feels like ur playing sr3
It's Independence Fm where you can put in your own music, and it's only on PC.
you have no idea how to fly dumb ass
check description.... if u cant get it by the keywords in the ( ) then your the Reason why we cant have nice things !!!! to download gta iv online on pc??
add me on ps3 and facebook my name is kimmagelads have 3 stars but have won over 32 awards
i like ppl. like that who help ya out on flipping ur car back over (1:31)
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