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Breaking Dawn Part 2 Target clip (HD)

by Melvin Tavis • 10,601,414 views

EVERYTHING U NEED TO KNOW IS IN THE DESCRIPTION BELOW. Song Artist: Iko. Song: Heart of Stone. (this official song is not out yet to download) The first teaser Trailer for Breaking Dawn is in the...

what is the song when they were talking?
Um,I read books.Have you SEEN my reading score?I have the highist score in the state of Minnisoda.Um,WHO THE FUCK IS THE METAL BEAST.STOP STALKING ME!Damn.
hey guys in the backround SHUTUP U LOSERZ
I really could give a crap! hehe... i like harry potter too but right NOW i am here for twilight so it makes no sense to bring up harry potter or lord of the rings.... okay?
thumbs up if u think it looks like edward is wereing red lipstick at 2:06
This series is stupid. You want a good vampire/ were wolf movie go watch underworld at least it has a story that makes sense. And actual werewolves! Not over sized wolves and glittering vampires.
jackson rathbone you are sooo sexy
Sorry edward fans but TEAM JACOB all the way
no, because u dont f respect other person´s opinions, bitch.
why would you film it from a tv store???
EXACTLY... us twilight fans would probably hit you in the face with a shovel!!!!!!!
The song is heart of stone by IKO. its on itunes
no one can it`s not really out yet until NOVEMBER 16TH
I never said i was a full grown male ok??? i said that i am not even close to any of those 3 ages!!! and even if i was a full grown man, who are you to judge!!! you are a little prick who gets on twilight videos just to hate on them!!! and read closely at my other comments!!! i did give you three reasons you dumb ass!!! Any you're done??? FINALLY!!! you and every other twilight hater are just so FUCKIN anoying that i am glad that we are done with this conversation. lol!! BYE:D
HP and Twilight are two very different things. Really people? Teenagers right?
ya its like just because is has romance in it its a girl thing because of the love triangle between Bella,Jacob and Edward i only hear about team Jacob and team Edward what about team Bella i would so be on that team Bella fan all the way
i saw this opening premiere and i was shakeing the whole time it sooo amazeing!!!!
why are you on this trailer idiot if you hate it why watch it your on a twilight trailer dumass not harry potter
neither should you we like them because we do so fuck off hater go watch something else
We all make mistakes in life, and how you perceive another is how you perceive your self, so to those who would call another a whore: take a long hard look in the mirror (:
Um,any smart person says DEAR GODS,Percy people would know.
She looks a hell of a lot better as a Vampire, than she did as a damned human /sigh
what is the name of the song ??
I like the backround song, its really pretty.
sorry, poor quality video... wtf? it echos the whole time
I am a lady is in a movie that is called 2012 I am the mother
1:20 Im sorry but is Kristen wearing her eye contacts! :O
so if you have the highest reading score in Minnesota why did you misspell highest and parody?
team jacob? team edward? fuk that RENESEMEE DAMNIT XD
Ill go sleep now...wake me up when this movie comes to theathres :D
I remember doing this it was awesome, the best event i have ever been to since the midnight release for the last harry potter movie
Oh Alice thats not what the real note says....:) lol!
its funny how mad youre getting. you cant even answer my question. "because we do!!!" like holy fuck. and you said im pathetic.
I can't wait for that to come out, i hope it's only a 12 cos im only 12 :DDD
If you read the books, you would see why these things happened. The books are much much better than the films.
Why all so serious?? Some of my favourite films. Are stuff like apocolypto and pulp fiction shawshank redemption goodfellas and other films of that calibre but I love twilight- can't help it. It's a love story, every girl would like someone to love them like Edward loves bella.. Let us girls just have our fun. How sad are you watching it if you supposedly hate these films- set of nobs if you ask me !! 💩
Kristen is sooo pretty with red eyes! it kills me!
Why is everyone surprise this is a video recording ? If u have any common sense you would know this isnt actually the full movie but only a scene... I mean come on read the description above and stop complaining.... for those who actually read the description, thank you and thank you for trying to knock sense into the slower ppl
harry potter is better than everything.... but i like twilight too ;D its not as good as other movies.......the movies are really....bad. but the books are very great =)
I can't wait until the final part comes out I feel like I've been waiting forever.
Naw really?! That was recorded? I didn't notice that at all... *sarcasm* stfu and quite bitching you fucking brat. nobody needs any of your capital letter bullshit.
You dumbass... 1 i am not even a girl OR gay... and i am not 11 or 12 or 13... ok kid??? I am actually much older than any of those ages!!! and saying "people don't just go up to a wall and say "' I like this wall'"... really??? that makes absolutley NO sense!!! And no... they don't have a fight at the end of breaking dawn or new moon... which they do in the movie!! You don't know me... so don't assume i am 11, a kid, OR a girl!!! OK?? I like twilight and i gave you reasons!!! so get off my dick
Honestly, what's up with all the hate? I am personally not a Twilight fan, (more of a Twilight Zone fan) I've only seen clips of the movies and heard what the plot's about, but seriously. There are much worse movies than this. For example - "Hannah Montana: The Movie" and "Troll 2" (I passed by that multiple times on Netflix and finally decided to watch it). Of course the Twilight saga is pretty under-par, but it's not as bad as how much hate it's actually receiving.
youre an adult male who loves twilight? BULL. SHIT. youre reason for liking twilight is " just because" im done. youre nuts
twilight haters fuck off we love twilight if you hate it go watch something else problem solved you wouldnt like it if we started taking the piss out of something you liked so dont do it to us
yeah because im fed up of you going on about harry potter on a twilight trailer harry potter last time i checked is not twilight so stop going on about it
can anyone please tell the name of this song and any link to download it? :) thank you~
I had to make sure, because I can't tell the difference between her normal eyes and her contacts as I am slightly colour-blind
you misspelled parody twice... dear, god... where's a dictionary to throw when I need it.
To the person who said that twilight fans don't post on HP videos, I don't know what videos you're looking at. A lot of the HP videos I look at have twilight fans trying to put HP and its fans down.
if it has more action than the book the book must have no action. you are obviously like a 11 year old girl whos in love with twilight. and people like things for reasons kid. people dont just walk up to a wall and say " oh i like this wall" have some common sense. maybe when youre older youll see how bad thses movies are. i hear the books are decent but the movies are terrible and fail at getting good reviews. still cant beleive you said the movies have "action" hehe my god
what's the song in clip, when bella talking with edward?
lol i like it how when the screen goes black you can see all the people recording witb their phone
The awkward moment when you realise the guy at the start is
Robert has gotten hotter and hotter as the movies have gone on. Can't wait for part 2!
i love the fact that your video taping it on a t.v at a store D:
ONLY HARRY POTTER?!?!?!? FUCK ON LORD OF THE RINGS!!!!!! and twilight is better than lord of the rings-.-
YES... EXACTLY!!! i'm straight... i'm a guy... and i can't WAIT for this movie to come out!!! so many people think that just because they sparkle and it has romance that this is for girls... but since when has vampires and werewolves been a girl thing??? i just don't get it!!
Calm down, douche bag!!! He means if you are here just to hate on twilight because you like harry potter... not based on what you like and don't like!!!
"'Like holy fuck," is right... that was my answer, you dumb ass :) we don't need a reason for liking twilight because everyone has an opinion... there's your answer :D. Besides, who gives a damn!! I don't give a damn about what what you like or don't like so why do you need "3 reasons" to why so many people like 1 movie... and yes, i did say that you're pathetic, you know why??? cuz you are!! :D
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