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HANDSOME LOCKER GUY! - Condemned: Criminal Origins - Lets Play - Part 17

by PewDiePie • 692,810 views

I got two more videos coming tonight but I will be away for 2-3 hours so it will be little late today :) Subscribe & join the BRO ARMY! l Facebook l

are there no next videos of this game?? :[
Welcome back to condom
Damn Pewds is so brave when playing horror games:-):-)
The body is gone at 3:46 if you didn't notice. Lol
Geez this game is killerception, there's a serial killer killing serial killers, and an even scarier killer after the serial killer killing serial killers
Pewds was like women's toilet! (Must get in)
Pews is my fav and is funny as hell lol
pewdiepie is not cool but my son thinks he is
U forgot about rifle :(
OMG XD it's just, just how he says condemned 0-0 condem yes because horror games are all about a sexy title This horror game is awesome! Especially when pewdiepie plays it!
Wait i'm confused..... who is mr.tibbits? is he the jail guy that killed the two cops? or idk. who is he?
He wouldn't laugh at periods if he knew what they felt like. We're not kidding when we say they hurt like hell. Hell is probably having a period for the rest of eternity. Cringes
This game started making me feel sick toward the end. O.o
If we were in One piece Pewds would be zoro because of his lack of directions lol
tibbit's body vanished and then when he jumped into empty pool it fell from skylights then he starts tripping out
pewds sense of direction though!
who wants to go to a school full of period and psycho friends?EVERYONE :D.
its called high school lol
I KNOW,damn.when i said school i meant HIGH school.
He just needed to smile for the camera. He shouldn't have
9:20 did any one else think of "Carrie"
9:20 this sckool iz a human slaughterhouse. I would'nt wanna enroll there.
finished series, but its not on this playlist.  
Wait, did Tibbit body just gone away after Pewds?
Ha I thought I was the only one who notice! Pewds didn't notice either, bet the body was taken and that's why the lamp was swinging.
Did like someone take him or he teleported?
Why did he delete the rest of this lp?He finished it...
he's starting to sound kinda bored of saying "here's Pewdie" (witch is funny as all get out)
Another episode of condom die you said ?
please continue this series
Another episode of condom die you said ?
tibbits looks like a ghoul from fallout
Those self moving doors I think are an easter egg I remeber watching a video of scarriest easter eggs in video games and I remember seeing that
You didn't finish :/
is there a ghost involved??? I thought it was only a suspenseful game xD i kind of wish it were though.
2:08 Broooooo! WHAT DID THEY DO TO YOU?
Damn Pewds is so brave when playing horror games:-):-)
He nevr maked a nex t 1
Woah! Twice in-a-row it crashed at the perfect time.
Tippits is like, "NOTICE ME, SENPAI!"
did anyone realize tibbits body disappeared at 3:46 or 3:45
Yeah I noticed and I wuz like wtf shit just got real.
Why did he never finish this series?
I never had a single crash or stutter in this game. You must have a crappy pc.
JUST LOL XD Pewds was like "Someone likes to shoot period in shower WHOOOOOOOO!!! HAHHA IM ON MY PERIOD! WHOAH maybe a little too fun WHOAH WHOAH WHOAH!! XDDDDDDDD
Pewds y u no finish :(
He did continue playing it, you just have to search for it. In the search bar, I typed in "Pewdiepie Condemned part 18". I guess he just didn't add them to the playlist, but he did continue the game.
Ru gonna finish this series?
He did just look up part 18 and he always played condemned 2
Sharon Schoengut Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
+Lucy Heartifilla
I was eating lunch. I have taken 3 bites... I'm not gonna finish that shit now
9:04 why do u have to scare the crap outta me =.= and to think he was still alive after his bleeding =.=
something happend to you on the last one didnt it (you shit your pants) lol :3
they all try to do the motorboat and you won't let them... so saaad :D
My math teacher is called Tibbits... Creepy
Who prefers a shovel to a machine gun lol? Did you run out of ammo?
that can only be matched to a brand name called apple. man what do you have against my computer?
*grabs shovel* *hits dead guy* "Woah...That ASS! What a shame man...What a shame." lol Twitter @IzzieMari69
thats the only bad thing about this game is you have to drop your weapon to pick up another one you dont get to have to weapons at once to switch between
its funny how people r always fighting for top comment lol
Nooo! Where is the next video?? D:
The guy on the link picture thingy is from condemned two. He is called a metal bum
did you guys see those 2 guys in the door window 1 of them gets killed?
damn it crashed that happened to me...
Well, he did lose his whole life and became a drunkard, soo... guess it makes some sense, plus the graphics REALLY improved.
azinphos-methyl? methyl-alcohol:D
7:30- ... Ummmm... if that vision wasn't real... then how come he still has that gun?
So... The locker cleaner (makes the lockers dirty before rented) wants help, but then says let me here to die?
please do part 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Poor tibbits, I was hoping you could save him Pewds
This is my reaction to the gym teacher in the locker: HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!! That scared me shitless
/watch?v=b4tMmvYOsp4 Condemned: Criminal origins 18. With pewdie ofcourse
I just LOVE how "The Last Exorcism Part II" trailer plays riiiiight before watching this.
when there was a noise after the dude in the locker died and u went to the doors and back, yea, the guy was gone the next time u looked. scared the fuck outta me!
He actually did. I don't know if the next episode isnt showing up for you but here is a link if it isn't
like my comment if you hate BARELS!!!!!
I gotta say this...*AHEM* CRASH....AHHHHH~~
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