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Metallica - Blackened (Seattle `89)

by davekingv • 2,849,877 views

`89 Seattle Live The Ecstasy Of Gold & Blackened !!!

Emanuele Angus Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
Ragazzacci miei volete adrenalina...... SERVITI E RIVERITI!!!!!! Forza che si poga!!!!!! MetallicAAAAAAAA.......questo è il miglior concerto della band...però, come dire... ero leggermente no sai le corse che mi sarei fatte!!!!   \m/
This one is for Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkeys. who said the guys don't belong in the line up for Glastonbury this year. Suck on it, you ball busting cunt. Pray you don't bump into the lads backstage. They would blow you, and your shitty modern pop band clean through the fucking walls with the sound they generate. Metal up your arse!!!
Actually artic Monkeys is kind of an Indie Rock band, just sayin' MetallicA forever! \m/
3:04 and 7:17 Newsted downpicking the fuck out of that bass. Man...
+Glen Q yeah..his picking style contributes to the taste of Metallica music in many songs..
Blackened is the end Winter it will send Throwing all you see Into obscurity Death of Mother Earth Never a rebirth Evolution's end Never will it mend Never Fire To begin whipping dance of the dead Blackened is the end To begin whipping dance of the dead Color our world blackened Blistering of earth Terminate its worth Deadly nicotine Kills what might've been Callous, frigid chill Nothing left to kill Never seen before Breathing nevermore Never Fire To begin whipping dance of the dead Blackened is the end To begin whipping dance of the dead Color our world blackened Blackened Opposition, contradiction, premonition, compromise Agitation, violation, mutilation, planet dies Darkest color Blistered earth True death of life Termination, expiration, cancellation, human race Expectation, liberation, population laid to waste See our mother Put to death See our mother die Smoldering decay Take her breath away Millions of our years In minutes disappears Darkening in vain Decadence remains All is said and done Never is the sun Never Fire To begin whipping dance of the dead Blackened is the end To begin whipping dance of the dead Fire Is the outcome of hypocrisy Darkest potency In the exit of humanity Color our world blackened Blackened
i hate this song without jason newsted !
my list is longer..
Metallica - Blackened (Seattle `89):
Every time I hear how incredible they were I hate metallica that much more for what garbage they have become. They worst fall from grace in all of American music history. SUCK IT METALLICA.
+Martti Hänninen Maiden's still pretty good. They are not as awesome as they were in the 80s, but pretty close.
+Mats Bøgwald Their last album sounded really tired to me. Vocally more than anything though.
Why cant they write music like this anymore. I just dont understand.
They have grown up and changed fella, like we all have ! :)
Claudio Fuentes Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Buen dia +Gente!!
Buen día/tarde a tod@s!! Viva el rock!!  \m/
Hooola +Monica Guardiola +Mario Matellanes +David fulanito!! Espero q hayan pasado lindo el dia...!! :-* \o/ 
Im a metalhead and this song has my approval of epicness and heavyness for its time \m/ FTW Metallica in its time were Thrash Gods along with Slayer of course :D
This is one of the best performances ever. What a show!
i love how they captured the perfect fusion hah with punk and metal, they did it just right. gooddammit.
I broke my neck to this....
I hurt my neck to the Memory Remains today
That guitar sound. Just sounds so sick!
Metallica - Blackened (Seattle `89)
Rare footage of Lars playing the double bass right. Man he's gone downhill, he used to be AWESOME.
Although beast as fuck; I can't find a version where the guitars are louder :\ I want to hear them speedy chugs of Papa Het!
Say what you want about him now, but back in the day Lars was a great drummer. 
It's as if their guitar playing was like... Shit! Listen to the intro it's fuckin' wasted but man it's Rock
days when heavy metal and Metallica where fucking GREAT! Sadly a long long time ago...
So glad that I got to see them on this tour!
I would give my life just to see this LIVE ! :D Yo are very lucky man..
Song sounds fucking great with bass. I mean shit I still sounds good without it but idk the base just adds that bad ass element it's like a rugged sound idk. I'm no musician so my bad if Idk what I'm talkin about lol
Lars had his main hi hats far , still my favorite drum kit of all . Imo Lars is amazing at knowing where to place his bass hits and fills especially in these days .
Slayer is the only band from its day to remain true to its roots.... and every show I've seen they kill it!! Wish it were the same for metallica
jani rummukainen Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Yeah!!! Metallica - Blackened (Seattle `89):
Lee Clarke Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
the good old days,at least 8 chugs a second
kid on the stretcher at the start is fuckin jokes... MMEETALLIICCAAA
la guitarra hetfield suena fatal al principio ... suena como si no hubieran dejado calentar los amplificadores.. 
Now this is the Metallica that ruled the world way back when!
this may be the best song of metal genre. Metallica Forever Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!
after 2000 metallica no creativity, bad records, and an arrogant and egomaniacal attitude should have gone to his house to count the millions of dollars they have in their bank accounts
spike mike Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Metallica - Blackened
I wish i was there!!!
jani rummukainen Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Metallica - Blackened (Seattle `89):
Great!  Now I'm pumped alllll day.  
This is my coffee in the morning \m/
The main reason Lars sucks these day is he plays with plastic/aluminum sticks instead of wood, and the drums he uses are crap... if he used the same drum set (white one) and same EQ/mixing he would sound much better, the drums in this video had fucking balls!
Amo este tema y el disco ni hablar
AQUELLOS MARAVILLOSOS AÑOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The most Important band ever, for me. Changed my musical life.
I hate that the past few concerts I have seen them, they would play a short version of this. They leave out 7:09, right before the last verse. This track needs to be played in it's entirety! 
lars, i know you get excited playing but SLOW THE FUCK DOWN, playing that fast takes away the natural intensity of the songs
Can't stand Lars. Pompous git who'd be best focussing on keeping time
I wonder if there another band who can bring such many people in the world ?
Led Zeppelin at their peak
james misplayed the first verse so hard
The Mighty Metallica !! The true Masters of Metal FULL STOP
Anything live from the Kill Em All album up until Justice would have been fucking epic to watch... Long live Metallica's good era \m/, 
I hate listening to blackened now...but mann this is smth else... \m/ I hate listening to some of their songs now because of the tempo, sound, Lars's drumming (in some songs), but this is just AWESOME... Even Kirk plays the whole solo... And I hate how they have speedеd up some of  their songs. They sound worser. Like Sad But True. It is supposed to be played slow, not like nowadays
What's the song from 2:00 to 2:27 ???????
gracias metallica !!!!!!!!!
prime metallica right here
Bob Rock killed Metallica. Why the fuck the dumped Flemming Rasmussen for that fuckhead?
Blackened in the end Winter it will send Throwing all you see into obscurity Death if Mother Earth Never a rebirth Evolutions end Never
It s so strange to see Lars and James with long hair... But I m 15 so I never knew them with long hair...
imagine being 15 in 1988 and getting master of puppets cassette, you are at a loss my friend hahahahahahaha
176 people are idiots and whoever else dislikes from now on!!!! Enough said!!!!
old times in hig school her in MEXICO CITY!!!!! :(
Heheh I love the intro :D
This was the Golden Age of Metallica
What the intro name ?
The Ecstacy of Gold---Ennio Morricone. Enjoy :)
My neighbor challenged me to drums, played this song, for ever I have his respect
At 2:34 it looks the the cover Of Queen's first album
I fucking love the solo in this song!
best fucking live performance EVEEEEER!!!! xD
Yes, and now they have changed. SO WHAT!
Jason's growls are delicious.
Best band ever. Love you Metallica.
Jacopo Giannetti Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Kevin N Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
The beginning  of the concert is so epic!:)
THIS is an introduction . 
Anyone else get a feeling metal is becoming popular again?
Lars Was A Straight Up Beast Back Then
hugo gomez Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
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