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iPad gets wrecked. Why would you do this to an awesome iPad?

by Shield Skins • 3,582,972 views Power Tools vs. iPad with Shield Skins Would you do this to your iPad?

iPads are shit. As with all Apple mobile devices such as the iPhone, they are just an overpriced borderline scam. For £300 you can get an iPad Mini. Bit pricey for a 7.9" tablet, but for slightly less, I managed to get something called a Samsung Galaxy S3 10.1 tab, which is a 10.1" tablet running a nice little build of Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. In addition to the 16GB storage chip inside the unit, my tab also came with a 16GB MicroSD card.
+HORIZONx720 wow. I've never heard of that one. I'm guessing middle tn, right? Well u already know where Knox is. Not much to brag about.
That's a shame. Kids in Africa could've eaten that Its a joke
I hope kids in Africa are not trying to eat iPads... They are really hard and would probably hurt their teeth
It's fun and games until you realize you forgot to put the protective screen thingy on.
Guys, we may have Nokia's new sister
I got so horny with the audio at 1:17
Делать не зуй чтол пидарас ебный
Apple products... $200 to make, yet sells for $400.
Still pretty overpriced. Why sell it for 200% of the original manufacturing cost? Don't you think they kinda have enough money as is? Should be more like only $250. Still a profit.
That probably wouldn't be a profit at all after you figure out all the fees, processing, manufacturing cost, advertising ect... Honestly after everything they probably really don't make to much on each one even though the cost is pretty high. It costs a lot to be on top.
wow really good protection for ipad's screen
That is a iPad 1 right??
That's exactly why I have one of those on my iPad 😂
F*** this is not real and the 3rd test it will go though the screen F***ING LIES!
+His Rex Right back at ya Rex. Does your mother know you're using language like that? You're going to be so grounded when she finds out
он, наверно сам охуел, когда содрал плёнку!  
1:14 then it is like....OMG dude we forgot to put then flim on!!!
+richard mitchell someone would have gotten fired :)
That screensaver doe...
Why would you do this to an awesome iPad? It's because Apple are copycats. They think American made products are the best. Steve Jobs only helped Disney Pixar. That's the only reason why he was rich. UNFANBOY ALERT
+Shield Skins Pretty sure his buddy Steve Wozniak did all the work and he took all the glory.
+raydeen2k Woz did a lot of work, you're right but Woz was no salesman. He really didn't want to sell anything. So again without Steve there would be no Apple. Really guys look up the history about Apple. If you don't want to read there are movies about it :)
I would do it to an iPad because it is anything but awesome
@Malorie Mooers hehe that's right 😃
Nooooo! I watched this on my iPad!
Go away if you think apple copies apple came before android
...... why  why waste a $5 screen cover THINK OF AFRICAN KIDS
omg you guys are awesome with that protective plastic
you ask us why would we do this to an iPad. I didn't hear more simple question in years. Because it sux ballz
Fuck, Оболдеть я думал по ностоящему XD
Omfg idiots its an ad for a screen shield
Stop waiting it pepol of Afrika wold eat it
which screen gaurdis it  is this true
+Rohit Tantiya Shiedl Skins link is in the description
In my opininon I think Android is better than Apple , please don't make like a crazy monkey and dont post fuckin' comments. =D
When u say u dont want all comments u think people would actrully listen??
+Viva Gaming so being able to jailbreak an iPhone and write a little java makes you a phone history expert???
Have an iPad 2 it rocks why would u do that
No way 🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🌟
D: just sell the damn thing!
Did you even see the ending?
What's the thing the pen is breaking through in the beginning
The protective cover. Showing how tough it is.
fuck i made this with you at the same time and i broked my fucking i pad :'( i hope god will fuck you :(
+ismo laitela You should have used Shield Skins and your iPad would have been fine
turn the angle grinder vertically 90*
+Oscar Thorpe we're trying to scratch the surface not cut
That's great now try hitting it with a hammer
so this is an advertisement...
Lol wow he didn't even really press down on the ipad
+Jonathan Chau if you think we didn't press hard enough try doing it on your iPad
why don't you just smash it with a hammer?
0:09 OMG this dude has 3 hands?!!?
Nice editing they did there
Muito bom.otimo protetor.
in need that for my mac my my iphone and my normal PC
Fuck her right in the pussy :D
I hate ipad I would seriously do that
My life sucks like your mom sucks dick
This skin really protect
No but i'am watching this video on my iPad
+Leanne Stillwell Your iPad must be very scared right now :)
Wow there was an IPad add on before this xD
"awesome"? lmao iPads are shit
I would but with the shield skin
It wasn't an I pad there was no camera...xD
Apple sucks dumb peoples nuggz Iz i be Kewl now i gotz me da ipods?
+Nicholas Toulejour sheeiiit cracka don youz be tellin me how make da grunts eek eek ook ook yo bedda gibs me dat iphonez or i smash yo honky ass
+brett TurtlesHead Dude...the translate button came up on your second comment. 
This is torture for rich kids
I Was Like "Why Would You Do That? Its Perfectly Fine o.o"
I hope an black unicorn will R@PE the creator sitting on a train.
I saw this thing so many times at the mall
Is this screen really this strong. If it is who needs a gorilla glass. Sad that you guys only manufacture screens for apple products and flagship phone's. Actually it is the problem with every case or screen manufacturing company. They make thing's only for apple. 
ipads have feelings too u know?
+GamblingRiverman feelings that we tried to grind away... But were protected with our Shield Skins protectors :)
It's a screen protector who is obviously gonna damage a new brand ipad
People who are rich and want to make cool vids for people to watch... 😂
You went gentle on it
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