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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.38 - NATURE ATTACKS

by UberHaxorNova • 759,002 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

Dr.pepper is the real mvp
first series i ever watched on novas channel :) i would never forget it :')
Haha i remember watching this for the first time and laughing so damn hard when he threw the goo donut and died i rewatched it at least 10 times lol good times james gave me :)
Love watching old videos
Do I hear clown horns
Its raining at my place too lol 
His score was 21, RESPECT
Smelt logs for charchole which is exactly like chole
Dose any one else miss this good old james 😌
This is BY FAR the best and most hilarious episode of the QMS!
Damn nature you scary
Nova vs nature........nature won
No... dr. pepper won
These were the days
nova can you have someone make a modpack of this
I miss this best series
One mans quest to save his beloved turtle...against the elements...against life itself... Nova stars In ' to save a turtle' based on a true story
Whalenado needs to be a movie.
Dr. Pepper is the first turtle in the awesome hall of fame... Except for that turtle that beat a rabbit in a race but still
What texture pack is that
Your high becuz u on drgs
+travis treadway lel yah he mst be stopid or somthing or he hi bcuz he on drgs
Dr.Pepper is best pony
someone here does not get the joke :l
I was around when Nova started making these Quad Mountain videos :) The good ol days
Dr pepper is cool Tornado fuck!
I don't know why but when he was talking to doctor pepper I thought it would be a good movie scene.
This episode brought to you by Haiti.
Is this a mod for minecraft? Because of it is I REALLY want to get it!! :3
what type of workbench was that?
He fuckin leaves the turtle out in the bad weather xD
This was always my favorite vid of nova haha
truly his best play through , but its main competitor being asgard adventures
Yes, he would listen to one person, on a video from two years ago.
I love the  "Those r crabs what the fuck?" and the "FUCK U CRABS!" AND OF COURSE "DR. PEPPER!!!"
this is an animation video
Who ever those 136 dislikes are, don't know what comedy is.
Hey don't tease titanic
Imagine a tornado ... with creepers in it :v
actually if you look closely a creeper got pulled up inside of it
This is like a plot to a movie. One man one turtle taken by a tornado all they have is each other.
A tornado in water is a waterspout, a whirlpool is a whirlpool -.-
What the fuck would encourage you to name a turtle " Dr. Pepper " ?!
whales stranded on top of water lily's =minecraft logic
Turtle+Nova=fRIENDSHIP AND love
Nova and dr pepper greatest love story ever
Got here from nature attacks nova
can sometell me where the animated classics for this video starts
A tsunami is a gigantic wave of water, not a waterspout...
*facepalm* Although.. I used to think that hurricanes were just HUMONGOUS tornadoes... So I can't blame you.
wow your so wrong go back to school dude tsunamis dont lift things up and yes there are tornados on water
that bunch of turtles are the cutest thing :') asdfghjkl
This whole ep. Needs to be animated
Yeah, I was one of them. Ahhh, those were the days. ^_^
Cause you gotta have faith. That's why.
No. That is well, a body of water which spins around.
I was drinking dr pepper when I was watching this <3
anyone remembers the logs someone did for dr pepper
7:48 "Wrong Hole!" that made me think of the song Wrong Hole of DjLubel xD
Right after he ignored the siren
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