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Cry of Fear Gameplay and Commentary

by penguinz0 • 669,293 views

This is the greatest code breaking of All Time

"On a scale of 1 to stupid, I have exceeded the grading criteria." Cr1tikal needs to write a book. I'd read that shit all day long.
"He tries to disguise himself as air but i can see right through it". This is gold.
"'Scuze me sir, you're interfering with my photography, please move over."
if cr1tikal won't flinch to THAT then hes either a robot, or the doom guy, I'm pretty sure hes the doom guy
In Medal of Honor he gets the shit scared out of him though.
I'm so glad cr1tikal doesn't fucking break my earphones and pierce my ear drums like Pewdiepie.
Well, I honestly don't mean to be one of those assholes by quite simply it's the truth especially when I wrote this I had just come from Pewdiepie blasting my ear drums apart to this.
Giant monster face jumps out "Excuse me sir you're interfering with my photography."
"Excuse me sir, you're interfering with my photography, please move over." XD how did that not scare him?!?!?!?
I'm not saying he's acting, I laugh with his videos too, but what I'm trying to say is: I'm just wondering if he test the game when is recent installed.
+BouncinBrandon Or as you say before, he is not easy to scare.
I was taking a shit and watching this video.When the face popped up,all of my shit exploded out of my asshole.
Cr1tikal does not have big balls, he has the longest erected nipples than any man! 
Never seen any gameplay of cry of fear till now, and I think the flash mechanic was nice and pretty cool, but the X's kinda ruined it
Excuse me sit you're interfering with my photography
+Daryll Phaneuf  you too i think i died for a minute
I think I shit my pants at that screamer
This guys voice is stronger than the strongest fucking sleeping pill you be sleeping in no time.
Damnit I jumped at the face!!!! 
That fucking crouch/jump through the window is the hardest part of the game I swear to God. 
The difference between Cr1tikal and PewDiePie is that while Cr1tikal just pretends it didn't happen, PewDiePie would probably scream for ~28 minutes.
Screaming = more $$$
this was the first critikal video ive ever watched
Critikal is le stone cold badass, I ha a heart attack watching the part with the face attack while he acted like nothin happened :'(
Such faggot. Much anal gape. Wow.
lol 2:55 i freaked the fuck out.
marrigeinapril,,, lets make that a trending hashtag
lol hahah this guy is fuking awesome
+Robot Infection That is an Understatement. this is Chuck Norris minus the roundhouse kicks
I had the issue jumping through the window and the face screamed at me a lot longer than yours did. I also jumped both times, cause I'm a Pussy
:l is he recording the video and adds his voice after? if not then he is a badass the way he took that scary face!
What the fuck are you people doing here, this comment is like 10 months old
Bros, why would you stop the game in the middle of the freakin padlock opening?! 
This is actually a really good game.
At least I think it's good for a free game, for a 20 dollar game I probably wouldn't buy it.
It's a mod, but I guess it doesn't really matter
Well, at 2:30, he has a quite fast reaction to noticing Bill Nye again, so I say he did a voice over after he recorded it.
Cr1tikal stares fear in the face, and slaps it right in the titties
I've pissed myself while playing this. And what are you doing? Just photographing some dicks. youre cold as ice
I knew critikal wasn't gonna get scared by that very controversial jump scare I must say. Instead though in Medal of Honor he gets scared by a leaf in his wall.
whats controversial about that jump scare
I almost shit my pants and cr1tikal is like "Excuse me sir, you're interfering with my photography, please move over...Cr1tikal is one stone cold badass
+Svilen Antov Medal of Honor was the leaf thing.
I was so happy for him when he remembered the notes.
I think that if the world ended, Critikal would be the only chill guy while everyone else is running around exploding.
Why is his name even penguinz0 on Youtube?
he recently explained why in the "Holy shit" video if you havent seen it
"Excuse me sir, u r interfering with my photography please move over" LMFAO that is why Cr1tiKal is both better than pewdiepie and one of the most awesome people on YouTube
This guy is the best. Ghosts and floating heads don't even bother him
Giant screaming face  Critikal-  --___--
So is your name penguinz0 or critikal
"It's trying to disguise itself as the air but I can see right through it" Thats sum good pun
Considering al the x'es you're probably somewhere around taylow swift's place.
i see what you did there
excuse me sir you are interfering with my photograhpy please move over. dont know why but that makes me laugh every time
on the scale of to one to stupid
The game would be better if it doesn't overuse jumpscares.
"He's hiding in the car" Lol 
I did that same shit with the door and the padlock
on a scale from 1 to stupid i have exceded the grading criteria best ever
how was he not scared when that jumpscare popped up i dropped everything and fell out of my seat
It isn't a post commentary, stop
This guys voice is fucking annoying and his shitty jokes made me leave this page after 1 min. Holy shit man, just fuck.
Then go back to fucking pewdiepie who makes stale jokes about yo mom and screams at every small jump scare.
No sense of humor, huh?
~jumpscare pops out and he just simply says~ "scuse me sir you are interrupting my photography, please move over"
This game would've been so much better without the cheap jumpscares and ridiculous monsters. The whole FPS thing feels wrong to me.
I like how he somehow got through the window
Uhm, yea he jumped and crouched.
What is the difference in a raven and a writing desk!
"marriageinapil" I facepalmed
Mr. Moist Nipples.
Am I the only one that had to pause the vid every 5 secs to avoid getting the fuck shitted out of me while laughing my nipples off at the same time?
What makes thew atmosphere of this game unbearable is the constant buzz Cr1tikal's computer is making.
"Excuse me sir you interfering with my photography" best reaction to a screamer
God forbid critical gets scrd
Head pops up. Me: ugh! darts back slightly Cr1tikal: excus me sir, your interfering with my photography.
Whoa there's some Jaden Smith poetry in this video.
"oh dont think youre safe in that car. i'm gonna drop a fucking ICBM on your ass."
no half-life jumping experience
"Where am I?" You went to suck my dick.
So I guess critikal is from Canada? Or it was random when he said Prime Minister
I love the fact that we dont know lol.
I think in one of his more recent videos he tells us he lives in the US
His reaction isn't anything because you suck at typing.
04:09 Thought it was my Facebook :3
9:26 invalid password or password.
does Cr1TiKaL eat fear for breakfast? I nearly pissed my pants at the jump scare face part.
Excuse me sir you're interfering with my photography
uh ce1tical how did do that with out being scared???
5:36 for any of you tumblr people out there looking for the gif set
I'll try to play it. I have it installed on Steam. Do you need a gaming computer for it or just a laptop? Because all I've got is a laptop and I don't want it being 3 frames per second.
"Oh hey there Bill Nye." Pff- I wonder how many people will actually get that.
I'm ashamed to say I actually flinched a bit...
Exuse me sir your interfering my photography
:excuse me sir you're interfering with my photography please move over" hahaha
2:54 Not a single fuck was given
This guy has balls of steel for real first time I saw that I sh#%t brix
excuse me sir ur in the way of my photagraphhy
Please do not start this pathetic "arguments" or else...
Excuse me sir but you are interfering with my photography hahahahaha I love you critical
Cr1TiKaL is the most chilled person on the planet
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