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Hunt for the Golden Apple - It All Begins, Again! Ep. 1

by MachinimaRealm • 100,430 views Click here to watch Minecraft: Hunt for the Golden Apple Ep. 37 Season Finale! (MC Gameplay/Commentary) Minecraft: Hunt for the Golden Apple Ep. 38 It All...

i got silk touch on my shovel! :O
i found a ravine with a open stronghold
@hectorpops The most overused comment in history. -_-
Technically, a tree is a really, really big sapling. XD
at 15:10 turn on cave lighting
If you find a golden apple period i think it should count because the updates could change how you can achieve your objective.
U sound like u want a creeper to kill u
i never relized how much antvenom and pewdiepie have in common 0.o
@hectorpops That comment used to be original...
man i saw some dimond in the wall
why would he cod = cob with the b took out and replaced with d :D COD SUCKS
@19thRanger Season 4: Wasteland cities Season 5: dungeon
4 christmas i want an rpg...IN MINECRAFT!!! totaly bro...broski... BROMINIMAN!!!...shut up u dick faces that judge every1 -_-
in found a golden apple in my first dungeon underneath my house...
I just found a golden apple in 1.0. At first I didn't know it was there and I almost didn't get it.
whats your email man plz will you go on a server plzplzplzpzlpzlpzlzplpzlpzlzplzp
What's the point in the compass
I want u to find it in a dungeon
OK! first Lol :) no alanseriale is not my real name :/BUT i just think that is lol
Golden apples in mine shafts are fine
I think when you get a golden apple in a chest, you should go and find a End portal and kill the dragon and get the dragon egg for the ultimate prize!
i thimk ant should have a girlfriend,i mean seriously!
16:47 "Hm, I need to be so careful." -tosses away diamond sword-
@omegaipidmanic Theres no point of commenting that you didint find one...
LOL well that's true. I'm meaning like how he made everything and how its put together
One dislike per minute. 26 dislikes at the time of me posting this comment.
I think Endermen noises are cool.
I get double teamed by creepers all the time. 1st time was my first night in minecraft, the second resulted in the death of my wolf... One distracts me, while the other explodes from behind.
Lol, when you said your hungry i was sitting there eating pringles and chicken. :P
make an echantment table!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@hectorpops i used to resopnd to people until i killed them because of arrows to the knee jokes
@Jacob99809 Unless they recently added that they're invincible to lava and fireballs
Wouldn't it be funny if he found a golden apple in the first episode of the season?
u asked which direction should i got?:One direction
man i want that house its soooo kool
Thumbs up if you already had Christmas when your watching
"i got to he careful" drops sword
this series is so much better now with the ability to get wood underground
@MassDestructionFTW You firetrucking lucky son a beach ball. I hope this is true and not a load of shitake mushrooms.
No 18.45 and wtf u didn't explore mineshaft dat shit
I hope I don't fall of of this sapling
im sailing away is the song we are doing for our spring concert awesome thumbs if the song is awesome
@firelordkataang I always get that.... but it always results in me winning like a BOSS
Alright then, thought you meant Golden Apple videos.
Ever thought if a creeper has half a heart of damage it is put to better use to do half a heart of damage
Maybe he does have one. You don't think he's gonna tell you everything in his life?
ANT! I've putted 69 golden apples in your house! Imma have some crazy-ass fun time.
Does anybody know the name of the font AntVenom uses in the begining which says his youtube channel and such? Thanks.
@TheUsmellthis texture pack, you can get it on his channel
i found a golden apple in a strong hold about a week ago
@Kilonoid It's true. btw do you watch smosh? Just asking because you said firetruck.
did ant ever show the golden apple shrine? like the one he didnt show in the last ep of season 1?
You're... xchickenmanx Or whatever his name is.
Floating block of gravel. The new floating block of ice!
Im jusssst gonna randomly exxxxplode...... maybe ill do half a heart....
he does have one, he said in the golden apple reboot in the comments
I luv u ant o.0 but sometimes it such a fucking no
@TheUsmellthis its his texture pack in one of his vids it should have it their
@TheInveditor1 i used to make witty replies to such comments as yours, until I took an arrow to the knee.... >:) trololol!
8:53 why was there lass there???????? epic find or what
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