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p4a, Space Pasta, and Giant Squids of Anger

by vlogbrothers • 271,063 views

Shirts: In which John and Hank Green reunite to discuss the 2010 Project for Awesome and then proceed to challenge nerdfighteria to solve a dinnertable dispute in re. the...

Space Pasta is more efficient assuming that no one dies in the trip to space.  Because energy requirements notwithstanding a living being still has to DIE to produce a burger the question of how economically valuable a life is might depend on if you're say a farmer or a cow but I would like to suggest that there is a difference between it's caloric value or the intangible value of valuing life in general...... 
Since Nerdfighters calculated the moon pasta/earth beef problem... Did John get "punished"? Hank did they song challenge, but John...?
I realize that this is a really old video, and that someone has undoubtedly calculated the relative efficiency of Earth beef versus Moon Pasta. But... What is efficiency? OK, so we all know that it's energy or money or something out devided by whatever in. But, let's take the pasta. The input is grain, human time, energu, water, and a bunch of other stuff, and the output is pasta. Of the water going in to grow the grain, wash stuff, and this and that... what happens to it?  Some of the green types calculate it as if the water is destroyed or poured down a black hole or whatever. In reality, almost all of it is recycled.  To learn all about the water cycle, go to this interesting channel called SciShow, or maybe Crash Course. Anyhow, it's obvious that feeding the grain to a cow and harvesting the meat is going to result in a loss of efficiency.  That's true if you base it on calories of food energy, anyhow.  If you factor in the fact that man does not live by bread alone, but also needs protein and essential fatty acids, the dead cow muscle becomes a lot more appealing. Also, maybe we don't need to feed grain to the cows.  Maybe we can find something else to feed them -- something that is largely inedible to humans and isn't used for much else.  Grass, for instance. It turns out that cows, being ruminants, are very good at turning low quality cellulose rich plant matter into high quality protein and fat. So, if you want to be kinder to the Earth, kinder to your body, and still enjoy all of that yummy muscle tissue, eat grass-fed beef.
Several billion dollars for less than 500 pounds of pasta? Beef wins.
I just watched the out takes. It' structure amazing how well these videos come out considering the everything else that happens.
Well, I believe that earth beef would be more efficient than moon pasta and here is why: First of all,did you consider that it would take at least five times longer to build a space capsule to fly to the moon to collect the pasta than to raise a cow and make bef out of it? and after you get to the moon, you will need to somehow find all the resources to actually make the pasta, including workers. So then you will have to fly to the moon (three days time), load the miraculously made pasta onto the capsule, and then travel back to earth for another three days. And then there is concern about packaging and shipping the pasta out to different stores to be sold. Also, the prices would be fairly high, considering all ingredients would have to be shipped out of this world! Therefore: earth beef is MUCH more efficient.
hooray for watching old videos!
them hand gesters though
What do we owe the living?
Thank you for making a better universe...
Okay, so this is weird. I was playing my shiny guitar during the first part of this video, and when I stopped playing, I looked down at it. The video was reflecting off of my guitar, and the resolution was really, REALLY good!
Oh I want a giant squid of anger shirt so bad!!!
more efficient to grow cows on earth, but using the energy in a space ship to get pasta from the moon can be ish energy ishy effishient. (?) wow. love being a nerd fighter.
Who else watched this one after they watched the outtakes video?
About the space pasta vs. earth cow, that is a reason that I am a vegetarian. I think the sentence i just typed was grammatically horrible. DFTBA
Actually, I said it several times yesterday until I fell asleep in front of my computer.
did anyone figure out the answer? Moon Pasta or Earth Beef??
@lennic95 Of course they have. They're brothers!
Whether it's efficient enough I am too overwhelmed to care. I NEED SPACE PASTA!
What do you mean by "I don't it?" That doesn't make any sense. And I know what stupidity is, you "twat." I also know what irony is. Clearly, you don't.
I got really excited when John did his giant squid of anger thing and almost dropped my iPad in the bathtub D:
I know this is not your fault but WHAT IS UP WITH THESE SCROLLBARS ON THE COMMENTS?!
you guys are brothers!!! why do you get along so well? I feel so much despise for my brother we actually dont even fight we actually avoid each other because were too annoyed of each other too fight with each other... is that weird?
Did they ever find out about the moon pasta?
This was the fifth vlogbrothers video i saw the day it came out. But in the week in a half since my first, i had already caught up on the majority of the vlogbrothers videos. Oh, my obsesions...
Better idea than Apollo 11- Read The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. The space catapult.
If you want the perfect high-five, you need to look at each others elbows, then high-five!
well, first, you dont grow cows...
how much speed do you uys take befopr this
I'm pretty sure Earth beef, as inefficient as it is, is more efficient than moon pasta, given that it takes something like $10,000 worth of fuel to get a pound of material to the ISS (I apologize for any inaccuracy).
space pasta would be faster than to raise a cow and then make hamburgers
2:29 - 2:36 John was staring at my soul...
nothing happens if I press 9.... or any other number...
Hank is in constant danger of bodily injury throughout this video. I am impressed that he stopped wincing so quickly after the Elbowing Incident! Haha.
Moon pasta, cause beef costs a life. And no i dont mean it like that, im not a vegetarian (ewww!) its just living requires lots of resources ie time, space, waste removal system, pasta (or grass) to feed it, etc.
Grr! I do the same thing, Youtube is just so addicting! Wahhhhh!
@lennic95 That's not irony. It's just stupidity.
Yes, the DFTBA University shirts are Nevada colored! Go UNR!!!!!!!!
NO, JOHN! You are EMPATHETIC of the fact that we have to leave our bedrooms, because you have actually experienced the phenomenon and therefore realize that it will bring us displeasure. Hank: shame. you should have corrected him. DFTBA.
Haha, i love how when John hits hank, he says sorry. Then hits him harder screaming "GAHhhhk"
Pretty sure beef from earth would be way more efficient than moon pasta. There is a massive (MASSIVE!) amount of energy that goes into getting to the moon and back. I mean, just in terms of manpower, one person can raise a cow, but one person CANNOT get a capsule to the moon and back. Not to mention rocket fuel... Just, yeah. Cows<Moon Pasta.
I love seeing Hank and John together. It seems like they have the best relationship siblings could ever want. I wish I had that with my sisters. Oh well. At least ONE of them is a Nerdfighter.
@BoxioBrowz Yet another idiot that doesn't understand IRONY.
ok i guess what i mean to say is: the gov should give every student a pc tablet haha India did it, so why cant we.
Germany recognizes his friend Italy! ... PASTAAAAAAAAAAA~~! Nerdfighters can be Hetalians, right?
" This is going to be the biggest its ever been! lol thats what he said ;P
the best part of this is"you might have to leave your bedroom" when it's 9:35 pm and I actually haven't left my bedroom today
The ability to not watch another Vlogbrothers video is an illusion.
that is the Porch For Awesome!!!
It's funny because JOHN is the one gesturing in this video.
@Smithz0rz That made my day. XDDDDDDDDD
Any chance of another run of the giant squid of anger t-shirts? I really want one but they ran out before I remembered to get one.
@possiblelozer I think it would have to be some kind of fish that only eats red algae..
She's my twin. We have a lot of the same interests, actually. We watch a lot of the same youtubers, the same TV shows and our favorite books would overlap in a Venn diagram. But she's more into video games and I into writing. *make hand sign* NERDFIGHTERS! (Also, I totally introduced her to Nerdfighteria. I'm that cool) ... Oh, wow. I made that comment a year ago. So much has changed since then, but... not really. (One thing being that my comment has 396 more thumbs up than a year ago :D)
*pauses to go look up videos of kittens on roombas* *dies*
Not to seem pretentious, but isn't moon pasta obviously less energy efficient? Think of all the fuel needed to get to the moon to power the spacecraft, then the energy to develop something that could gather all the pasta from the moon, and then to bring it back and export it around the world? And you would only get enough to fill a space capsule. You can argue that a cow takes time and energy to raise, but what about the time and energy spent researching and developing said spacecraft?
When john said part 1 an ad popped up saying just the words "where can i get sexy lingerie?" Not creepy at all...
@Zontafer He is talking more energy efficient not money efficient.
@Smithz0rz Thanks for helping me waste a half hour of my life :D ~~~DFTBA~~~
Are you still selling the giant squids of anger shirt?
It takes more energy to get space pasta, you made me want pasta... It took approximately 45744440000 (rough calculation) Joules just to get Apollo 11 into space. :/
@Smithz0rz i just discovered you can also hold down 9! epic in double-time :)
@Smithz0rz OMG Smith, I love you for this! I got it right when John was doing his giant squid impression!!!
Yes space pasta is more efficient.... but only very slightly.... God! that took me one hour to do the calculations accurately
Awesome! Nerds, I am totally with you guys, starting to work in my local food bank next week !!!
The book of awesome. I want it
Hahah I just said this to myself. The question is, will it be the truth!?
Part 2 sounds like a wonderful thing to ask to what-if.xkcd owo....
I like the way they say pasta. Parster.
I think a fair bit of the fun of this video is owed to super-rocky chairs
@possiblelozer Honey... although, I'm not too sure if nectar is green
You have seen eachother before??
I swear, this is the last video tonight
I'm too lazy to finish the math, but they said "Fill the capsule" and the capsule was 210 cuft (Google) which, according to wolfram, is 21.76 GJ of dietary energy
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