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Manny Santiago Skating Through Puerto Rico: The Alli Show

by AlliSports • 132,836 views

Manny Santiago takes you for a skate to his homeland of Puerto Rico where he graciously footed the bill for his Ammo teammates and hosted the Prince of Puerto Rico skate contest for the locals....

I love being a puertorican skater
Tranquility Park HOU badass
Viva Puerto Rico fuck yea best place to skate
This guy is one of my favorite skater. He is fucking nice. Hopefully he do better in competition but he is really good anyway.
Which skateboard do you guys RECOMMEND to do the same things Manny Santiago did in this video PLEASE ANSWER, NEED HELP CHOOSING WICH ONE!
Love this guy, so humble
Cual skateboard me recomiendan para hacer las cosas que Mani Santiago hace en el video PORFAVOR COMTESTEN!
It's a coincidence that I was born in Caguas, Puerto Rico too. Also I move to pa when I was 12 and I skate.... I'm a huge fan of Manny..........
I am puertorican & i like being one :)
yup you cant be mad.
great video and like you said there is talent in Puerto rico,.I am 41 years and I still skate some times is a great hobby . keep on skating.
hi manny y am from puerto rico spanish ola manny yo soy de puerto rico
Love this guy!!! Puerto ricin pride!!!
glad dudes like Manny, and Evan Smith put their money into something positive and productive, some dudes like Nyjah just blow it all on cars, and other shit. I mean i would too if i had money like that, but i wouldn't waste it all on unnecessary material possessions.
It's cool that Puerto Rico is part of the United States
To bad sponsors don't provide dental the next contest Manny and fix the smile! I lost the same tooth.
"Money is nothing, it's all about the good times"
I love to see you paying your bills with good times.
Hoooooooooolllyyyyy shhhhhiiiittttt, that starter trick
Fuck puerto rico. Just kidding. :0
That was the shit. Dope ass vid!!!
I am in 4:07 :D im the one with the green hat
I sucks it made me feel bad when he said even in puerto rico where like skating isnt that popular nd they have some sick skate spots nd sick parks where i live in tx the parks are shitty as fuck nd there only like 5 skateable skate spots
Viva Puerto Rico Baby!!! thumbs up if u are and mannys ur fav.!!!!
i like him positive dude bring positive vibes
peurto Rico is an amazing place, ive been lucky to travel there a couple a times and have freinds that live and work there. great video but this made me miss it quite alot.
Follow ur gut & u will never fail
of course you need money, but money isnt more important then happiness and doesnt always bring happiness.
haha when he jumps in to the pool at the begining...i bet that hurt SHALLOW
Fuck Yes. Humble ass dude. PR livin'.
1:12 to 1:22 (so true because i do the same thing. ^_^ manny santiago words of wisdom) Fucking legend at skateboarding as well.
this video taught me never to give so no matter how much my youtube was lagging and no matter how slow it is i ended up watching the whole video in 480hp
Manny is such an amazing skater! I net him at street league this year and he came up and sat with me and is just the chillest guy ever! I look up to him being a latino skater and the same with Chaz Ortiz. They all represent the latino skater community no matter what race! Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, anything!
Skating is my drug.... Oh and Coke too..... and weed... but that's it I swear. >.>
the spot at 01:17 is in nike sb commersial paul rodrigez
didnt that hurt when he jumped in the pool of water about half a foot deep? lol
i wanna go to puerto rico to skate and to stay for the girls
He took the same shop as me at my technical school. Our teacher Mr.Sully said if he wasn't welding as a job he'd be skating. And that's exactly what he did.
cooooolest dude ever, greetz from germany
Idk about anyone else but the brian Evans advertisment is quite catchy
Best video !!! Love you brother desde Naranjito,PR
yeah fuck yeah puertorrican power... !!!!! orgullo boricua .l.>.<.l.
que modelos son los tenis rojos ke saca hay
" i wish i could say it in asian but i dont know how to speak chinese..." hahaha 0:21
im sorry but i cant see him living in MA
I'm so proud of being puertorican.
Se ve tanto esfuerzo en este hombre! ejemplo!
Yo quiero la camisa de Yo Ammo Puerto Rico.
we need more bros. like Manny. he doing this from the U.S.A. to P.R. ( respect)
this guy is awesome he's one of the most fun skateboarders around today
Yo this dude came to NMB and fuckin Killed it.
He definitly has the best varial heelflips in the entire skate world.
been wanting to have a missing tooth - that's a dope look
SOMEONE PLEASE! what shoes is he wearing at 1:33 and/or at 2:01 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone look back and check id honestly appreciate it so much!
I have so much more respect for manny now
Muy orgulloso!! Gracias Manny por ponernos en el mapa. Que viva Borínquen!! Saludos de parte del corillo de Morovis y El Refugio.
i thought it was manny pacquiao skating through Puerto RIco
I am proud to say I met manny he's a really cool chill dude who can rip
Met him skating in Miami. Super duper chill.
so Im sitting here on my floor in my apt in Lowell Ma with no a/c bored and wondering what to look up. I see this on the side and 'randomly' decide to click it. go figure that the guy I click on is a PR from Lowell. Neat story. I really miss skateboarding.
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