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MW3 Money, Politics, Gameplay Commentary

by WoodysGamertag • 87,347 views

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not quite, the pelets are closer together so you get less hit markers
Not to be that guy, but, Alcohol is a drug. Say it to yourself because its true. I'm sick of alcohol getting it's own category. It is a drug whether you like it or not, so is cannabis and so is tobacco.
because they are already taxed at a ridiculous rate. oil companies make 2 cents per gallon while the gov gets 55 cents per gallon of gas sold...
Your a democrate??? I guess i assumed you were a repbulican?? my bad
Super packs=your idea, but already corrupted by politicians
i don't think he ment "nigger" at all. People that know what a negro is might think that is what he ment. People that don't know what a "negro" is might think he was just writing "Nigger" in a funny way. End of story!
FYI, ADSing with shotguns has no use.
Politics mixed with COD... WTF!!
the perks you nedd to use are extreme conditioning pro hardline or assasin pro and the deadsilence since they patched the whole ext mag damage glitch
i feel like ive seen this gameplay/video before :S
Man you should have gotten that moab but the last stand got you :P
While it's obviously important to protect freedom of speech, groups that endorse illegal activities like the KKK discriminating and the 'Man Boy Association' which is just paedophiles, they shouldn't be allowed
The problem with anonymous donations is that the donator could simply meet with the politician prior to making the donation and make them aware that they're making a donation for $52,872.90 or any specific amount. Either way, I don't think there is any way to keep a politician from knowing who is donating to them, especially if the donator wants the politician to know, which most probably do.
Whats preventing them? Nobody wants them. well, nobody with money. If you make life hard for the people with money, the people with money sually will take their money to somewhere that will let them do with their money what they want.
obamas birth certificate was fake and he couldnt even show a real one LOL
donating money to politicians is not a free speach issue...
If that happened to me i would have rage quit and then through my controller across the room, just saying
We have free speech yet we can't cuss in school. :P
NAMBLA = national association of Marlin Brando Lookalikes
Love the idea of making monetary donations to political candidates anonymous. I'm sure the power brokers would find a way around it, but it's the best idea I've heard in a while to get American politics cleaner.
Yeah YT is kinda bad but I seriously disagree with your point. The problem is rich people can afford a disproportionate amount of free speech even though they are a very small part of the population. Elected officials are suppose to make legislation that is fair for all, but what weve seen as the restrictions are lifted companies are donating a ridiculous amount and therefore have much more say than an average citizen. Do you think its fair 1 person has more "speech" than 250 people?
to put in my two cents... I went to morocco one summer on a school trip and we were taking a tour around the outside of one of the kings palaces, when the tour guide said the king had murdered some generals for some reason like treason, plotting a coup (and everyone knew it) i said wow thats kinda messed up. He looked at me like "the fuck you just say while theres guards walking around?" Made me realize how lucky i am to live in a nation that protects the right to free speech.
Have you ever listened to a press conference with Obama or seen him of prompter? He brings it everywhere because he has no public speaking skills something people accuse Sarah Palin of not having. He can't put together a thought without saying uh or um, something that is extremely annoying to listen to, let alone his policies, like his new regulations on speculators even though he's driving the price of oil up, not the speculators -- I work in the markets. Also I never used idiocy describing him
It appears that these viewers are stupid liberals lol. I'm not for Romney though, I would have liked Herman Cain.
I am definitely the baby buffalo.
Never settle for the lesser of two evils? Lol I thought that was the DESIRABLE thing to do! Certainly more desirable than accomplishing nothing by throwing a vote away. If Paul wins the primary, great, I'll vote for him. If not... like I said before Obama or Romney.
Dude your confusing more money from 1 person as more speech. If somebody starts talking louder thats not exactly more speech, thats 1 guy putting his opinions out there more. What you mean by "more speech" is getting more people to participate, which money doesnt do. Heres the thing, the government is suppose to represent all people, not just those with the money to donate. I know many poor people who cant even donate $10, its not their fault they just unable. But their voices are silenced =(
they let those crazy TEA PARTY people rant on and on too
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...corporations ignore "externalities" like pollution, systemic risk (2008 Financial Crisis) & climate change; corporations profit enormously from war because it provides access to resources and markets. Therefore there's good reason to think of them as "bad".
How is Obama driving up the price of oil? I have yet to hear a convincing argument that he is.
Muslims should lose all their rights
We should limit the amount any individual can give to a politician to a low number like $100. This prohibits wealthy businesses or private equity owners from essentially drowning out the working man. We should make it clear that money does not equal free speech. Big business pays for politicians right now, so politicians serve big business. If people pay for politicians, then politicians will once again serve people.
I'm only 13 so most of this stuff I'm still learning ó¿ó
Anonymity. Nice try though wood it's a tough one.
Liberals are NOT socialists I'm a liberal and I agree with capitalism for the most part except for when it comes to healthcare and other issues.
since when is anonymity a form of free speech?
As a pol science major, I'm not sure you understand the entire argument between record keeping and free speech. But I love your solution, which is pretty much the same solution libertarians and independents have been touting for about two decades. Good video :)
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What stops the chicken farmer telling the candidate on the phone or email?
there isn't one scarier thought to me other than corporations being control elections. plus I also think comparing money being donated to politicians to free speech is kind of a weak analogy. and one last thing on free speech.... Ted Nugent should have spent time in jail for the remarks he made last week.
relax, i wasn't being serious. and no i do not use that class, i tend to use the P90 when i do play the game, which lately has been very rarely.
Yeah sights suck for shotguns.......... I'd rather the grip and damage/range at that level...
You were only on a 12 killstreak?
I agree with what you're saying, Woody. Donations should be private. Also, the word you're looking for is pronounced ANO-NYM-ITY.
The problem with your idea woody is that there's nothing to stop the guy who donated the money from going to see them and saying "I dropped the $500k into your campaign and I expect a return on my investment." and i'll be honest if i donated to a politician because of a certain policy I'd make sure they went through with it.
i respectfully disagree, i think if you donate maybe 10,00+ thousand then you should half to announce it
1. You really dont see anything wrong with 1 person having that much influence on people with power? 2. How is that not buying votes!? More money = more votes? Lolwut! The message your sending apparently doesnt matter. 3. Thats partly true, depending on which year your looking at. This year, 2 people have contributed over half of Romney's budget. Thats scary to me. 4. Wait how is my speech worth the same? Please elaborate for me how my contribution is equal to that of big companies?
Hey my last name is Pickens.(:
Free market = freedom to exploit
Quick throw at your politics discussion. IMO... the most important thing that we need to see is politicians being held to their campaign promises. As it stands right now... they can pretty much say and promise anything up to shittin gold bricks and giving everyone in the country one with no recourse. Kinda hard to choose the "Right Person For The Job" when your line up is 5 criminals that you know will each in their own stick it to you once they get on top of the hill. Just my 2 cents.
Pick up a assault secondary already!
Woody, CISPA passed the house! Do a video on it and get the other youtubers as well!
There is good evidence for corporations being "bad". They avoid taxes; they fund politicians to fix rules in their favour, de-regulation of finance resulted in the 2008 Financial Crash and were subsequently bailed out; globalisation moves jobs to countries with poor human rights records so they can pay their employees less and make more profit; corporations are unaccountable to local communities, to their workers etc. and therefore anti-democratic; corporations ignore "externalities"...
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will there isnt alot of work around so they have to keep it so people can pay for there mortgages and dont starve.
They may only have 1 vote per person, but they also own the media/press that the majority of people use giving them control over far more votes and there are people in the top 1% making billions far more than 350k. They have far more disposable income then the bottom 90% for elections. Using super pacs one person can turn the tide of an election!
Hey and I just wanted to say I disagree with you. A record of who donated to what cause is not an attack on freedom of speech. It's tracking Politicians who hand our favours later on to donners. You way of fixing this seems alright on the surface. However I think the main problem with this is it's lack of trackability. This could be used by orginised crime to launder money.
freedom of speech isnt a green light to be an asshole, and shit like the kkk isnt a freedom of speech issue....just my opinion
I found this to be one of your most intriguing videos, Woody. Well done, good sir, well done! I hope you will do more videos in the future pertaining to issues in our world and your thoughts on them. :D
"As for Sarah Palin, not a fan, but I could say the same about Biden, Maxine Waters, Obama, and I could go on, they're all idiots." Poor public speaking does not make you an idiot though. As for policies, there's no problem with disagreeing, but because you disagree does not mean someone is an idiot lol. As far as the speculators go, the information that I have repeatedly seen is that the price was already going up before this proposed regulation which is being done in an "attempt" to help.
Can you even tell me what socialism is without googling it?
haha. The Wild Olive. Thats me!
I'm a baby buffalo lol but I kick some fucken ass
Darkcorner McDougling...........................
YouTube comments aren't the best place to debate complicated issues, but let me try to summarize. People aren't buying votes. If they are, that's bribery, and it's already against the law. They're buying speech. All speech does it try to convince people to vote your way. More speech is a good thing, not a bad one. You've got the same right to speak that rich people do, and limiting their speech because they make money than you is not fair and a bad idea.
For liberal to complain that they don't have enough money to back them is bull. Obama had celebs and George Soros.
then you see the drop in donations is positive. and this guy has some obvious scandal relations with the government
Ron Paul!!! and woody that idea is stupid.
i think when special intrest groups pay for TV ads their facts better be right
I LOVE FREE SPEECH.....and baby bufflos ^_^
Was the word you were looking for anonymity? Regardless, awesome video Woody. I dislike politics, but it's cool when CoD is mixed in (especially shotgun gameplay).
america is just fucked. worst country ever i think. end of story
How does letting everyone know it's you who are saying it limit your ability to say it?
Baby Buffalo with last stand ruined Woodys Rambo moment
You have some good points about anonymity in donations, but the biggest problem is that b limiting the need for politicians to give unfair treatment to high rollers, it both makes it harder for the congressman(for example) to stay in line with the people who put them in office, and also easier for those not so noble people to have no obligation to support the people who gave them money because they "didn't know".
Oh BTW woody you were 12 kills in, not 17
People that get mw3 elite maps for free give a thumbs up woooo yea buddy
youre gunna get taxed anyways so guess what? why not put it toward a better cause then the conservative ideology that anyone that is on welfare is on drugs. many people struggle everyday because they made a small mistake in life and as americans we should stand up and help them
question if they are mum about that then why do you know that ? youtubers will believe anything.....
@kirtpincott Wow you are the biggest racist.
in england we have the opposite of free speech. we daren't say a god damn thing because we're scared it might offend someone. i said last year that a lecturer was a bad lecturer (i'm at uni) and nearly got thrown out because it offended someone in my class who printed the facebook status out and took it in. it's pathetic how much we pander to the weak members of society in order to keep everyone happy.
When I see three guys and I have a shotgun, I run in and hope for a triple...
Woody if you hate using the ksg 12 on maps like that then DONT.. its not rocket science!
What is the anonymous group gives the money they have gotten to the other politician instead of the one you wanted?
But what's preventing these 'anonymous' funders from just telling the politician they're donating. The advantage to transparency is that if and when these deals happen (as they inevitably will), ordinary American citizens will have access to those details, which can inform their decisions about how genuine these politicians are. That way they can make whatever deals they want, but they won't hide it so easily.
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