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Rap instrumental Beat ( NEW 2015 )

by InstrumentalSAD • 5,061,918 views

For Buy Lease Beat, Click Here (New Link) : A new rap instrumental piano. ( NEW 2012 ) Une instrumental rap au piano. ( Nouvelle 2012 ) Pleace...

Aha, ayo Who would've thought that a white boy would bring hip hop back? Yo, I do it for the real hip hop you know what I'm sayin'? Fuck Drake, real hip hop I'm a spiritual lyrical individual spiritual miracle lyrical individual spiritual miracle individual Skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and skippin' and flippin' and dippin' and illest to killest the skill to realest I'm the realest of the realest I'm bringin' real hip hop back don't you ever forget it Fuck Lil Wayne and the government's corrupt Fuck the government cause I don't give a fuck I'm the realest in the game cause I'm underground Fuck that mainstream shit cause I don't give a fuck I'm a spiritual lyrical miracle lyrical spiritual illest of miracle lyricals flippin' and dippin' Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it It's that underground shit, it's the white boy that said it Real hip hop, don't you ever forget it It's that underground shit, it's the white boy that said it
ei b0ss! its a papa franku b0ss!
Oh my god! Nearly 4 million views! It's just amazing ... Thank you all! And thank you for all your great comments! Do not forget to subscribe for more beats! Peace ~ I-S Production. Bientôt 4 millions de vues! C'est juste incroyable... Merci à tous! Et merci pour tout vos super commentaires! N'oubliez pas de vous abonnez pour plus de beat! Peace ~I-S Production.
papa franku was right
Papa franku was right... yall motherfuckers need chin chin
yo mo yo mo yo mo  like my 9gag posts yo i enjoy molesting pencil cases yo ples buy my mixertape costs only one ebola
Wow Filthy Frank made me come here and he was right.
Oh my goodness I just barely did the same thing. Listen, we can stop this rapper trash but donating to the "Get Real" foundation. Its at Please support this foundation its for a good cause.
R.I.P Pooky and Politikz Shot to death by Papa Franku & Friends
Anyone else come here when they watched filthy frank? .
I know but I can't remember what video it was from which one was it
My raps be dirty as a toenail Lyrically I will rape you Like slugs I'll penetrate you Mutilate you and mishape you Don't catch me in a cell cuz I will stick it in yo ass A knife that is I'm not a faggot nigga I got class I'll rip off yo testicles Then feed you testosterone That's toreture nigga You can't get hard when yo balls is gone Then I will get a bitch to grip yo dick and take a nail And stick it your urethra Then you will scream like hell Then I will get a spider monkey to crawl up yo tail Then take yo shit out and jam it inside its finger nails Then dig into your skin So you can get E. coli poisoning I'm posing as a threat I got no time for brownnosing I'm harder than that cedar wood that's flowin down the river I'll take my dick and stick it straight into yo mamas liver I'll give that bitch chriossis With 10 doses of my semen I'm skeet in so much in her mouth The bitch is barely breathing I'm gettin harder now I might cum before I'm done typin You know it's trouble when I type my rhymes with out the hyphens I'm hyping up this comment section with my nasty rhymes Nasty as menopaused vaginas full of scumb and lime Still fresh as hell tho I'm so thirsty that my sperm is yellow Give me a yellow hoe And I won't mind spendin my dough I'm fly as fuck So fly that I would survive nine eleven Eleven stories above impact You won't be forgettin I'm gettin bigger than a pussy bout to blow some juice You know the rules When I start rhymin I give bass a boost I bust the speakers like a nigga bust watching the hub I'm not a scrub But you can scrub me and suck up my dub If you a thot tho
+Lamar Gary It's fucking terrible. 
franku was right. im sorry kid its to late for you. fires gun mmmmmm... watcha sayyyy!
can i use that for....a song that i want make plz i don't want to hit copyright. can i use that please? btw is it amazing! nice!
Hoe check my flow I go solo, Yeah I go alone, but call it so high Spit to the microphone and I Go all out attack with the deadliest rap: Lyricism as an exhibition of my inhibition, Superstitions make me revaluate my lyricism, Stupid isn’t it, spittin shit and still not aware That I wear hip hop’s diamond ware, Cos my wordplay’s just so fuckin rare That ain’t no one keeping up with me keeping up This ball and not letting it fall for a second, I eat MCs and come back for seconds, Spit my demo and in 1 second,
     Yo Listen Up Im Legendary       and i dont keep caring       running from the police       Giving u Peace        Bitch Dont plz       Give me The Keys       Before u get a disease       Listining to my Cds       Theres like a thousand Degrees       I Killed ur Brother        Six Of one and half dozen of other       And My Hood Up to no good       Bitch MisUnderstood       And The School       exception proves the rule       Golden Rule Keep Cool       U Remember Me        I remember u        We Met in School        U got shot       I Smoke Pot        more often than not       Always Strapped       u got blasted       Handicapped           
je n'aimerais que toi ,     le piano délivre cette émotion, je me sent si seul loin de toi je suis comme dans une prison , j'écrit un bout de ma vie sur du violon car ces des larme qui coules j'ai maigri tu es parti si vite, je n'est rien compris  ont s'aimaient toi et moi je penser que c'était pour la vie unis pour le meilleur et pour le pire que c'est il passé pour que tu me quitte aussi vite du jour au lendemain  que cet il passé ce soir là,je ne tes jamais revu, tu as  disparu sans toi je me suis perdu  , tu n'avait pas le droit de me laissé comme çà tout ce temps je n'est fait que penser a toi .......................................................... problème technique
Hi people, I gotta problem (if someone gives a fuck), I love American rap and often write some shit. BUT English is not my native language (I’ve learned it for 3 years, im 16, if someone gives a fuck, again….) and I live in a country where not many people speak English. So if I have a text and I know it’s not really good, I won’t get a proper feedback, like: work on that and that… I also might use some words on a wrong way, cuz Google translator is not always…. u know …. So just say it. I would like to hear what u think. Its only the beginning and I don’t claim to be Pac or Eminem Thanks! Text I wrote to a beat: Tiresome morning Before a tiresome day, First I drink Russian vodka, Then I go insane. Make real gangstas listen to Woka Floka Flame Beat fat kids with iron wand And their moms start shame me Say I lost myself, Bitch, I haven’t find me yet I keep being the same But feel the difference. Sometimes I’m so perplexed that I forget my name To my character document madness is annexed. I enjoy my presence here without an aim And not like u always vexed bout your son whos gay Bout your daughter and shame Bout some hair to regain Cuz your bold patch shines Like glass pane with grime Its getting bigger because You’ve never done no sports With coke and crisps u watch Some stupid shows bout courts and even Nicky s worried bout your increasing mass Theres simply not enough space fo her breathtaking ass Yo drake trembled on dat chair like it was a hot grill He almost toppled over Cause his conda pulled over him Laugh bout industry giants Fuck it if Ill be killed Hey, you sinister lions- Wholl destroy my career? Man, I love my advantage compared with some on you, I cant push u from ya throne, But kinda damage u. After some things IVE said my reputation cant get worse So I beg u to get adverse to me There is no bad advert. And all yall say ll go straight into void, There are no curses I try to avoid, Release a disstrack and see how I leer Bitch it was gratuitous, I don’t have a career There is nothing to destroy, So I will keep annoyin Ya bitches with my texts Youll be kinda employed And realize: It’s a part of my ploy, Your fuckin review can make me famous boy! Damn, your criticism does not fight against no racism Doesnt combat excessive weight And drug obsessive death. In contrast to my music Well, it doesn either But my music amuses me N surely couple guys Who think imma best rapper, Incredibly good advisor. Those guys are surely deaf and blind Have syphilis and Alzheimer. Maybe its all I deserve, Maybe not, You might say Im superb, Or might say that I pushed your door knob To enter your house, Stood there and observed what ive done, To make sure that you wont attack me Then I bursted in ya girlfriends room Switched the lights off And raped her in romantic gloom Admit it wasn’t real devout To make ya sister eat a shroom, As she got high, The whore entered our fucking too. Man, she misses something, its on her face I assume, Bur of course shes not perfect, It’s a sista of you… Maybe those words are the reason why u don’t like me, Maybe my rhyme schemes are bad and that what I don’t see But still try to go hard Like Incredible Hulk My lifestyles so wrong, But who gives a fuck? Heres a gun, don’t duck, Ill show u a trick. (Boom) Don’t like my rhymes? Die, quick! Slut, suck my dick! It will happen to yall Who don’t like my music.  
I'm in my element I'm cooking I ain't celebit I'm booking my flight to hell and back cause heaven is where I'm dwelling at, get it? I'm in a cell can't spell but it's all well I'm welling up cos this smell is compelling me to cuss and yell. I ain't selling out I'm not floyd, mayweather with his toys young boys want to make noise I'm poised to be a voice make choices avoid the void destroyed by all these ploys annoyed your unemployed cos employees will not employ a villan who hit a boy for listening to my voice and now they wanna sue me only because I'm on roids when I rap and crush the mic raise the bar with out my deltoids.
man this to the niggas out der who don't know real hip hop
mann i couldn't even my line shit was fica. i aint even gunna start fo y'all niggas. shitttttt miracle shit nigga, miracle whip nigga. whip that split that, yeah stick shift that, up i don't do it right, yeah fuck yo pussy tight, all night, call me benjamin frank flying kite, all my might, outta side, uhhhh. uhhhhh. to my nigga. dynamitteeeeeeeeee. talking right, yeah real shit. fuck man, wash the dish. uhh. yeah keep it real, thats the deal ahhahahaa jay out.
lol why buy this beat when u can download everything with dvd soft xD
Spider In My Room Rap: (Verse 1) Spider on the ceiling, I guess I better duck, Wanna stay above my TV well, you're sh*t outta luck, Actually, You know what? Stay there - I don't give a f*ck, You can't have my Aero Bar, So get stuffed! You have 6 more legs than me but a severe shortage of brains, You Like Flies And Insects, I Like Trains, Please, Gimme some cheese, If you ain't paying rent, Leave, I dwarf giants and bathe in your blood like 'Liz Bathory! (Chorus X2) Spider In My Room, Spider In My Room, Looking For Some Flies, Well, I've Got A Wasp For You, Spider In My Room, Spider In My Room, Treat You Like A Cat In A Tom And Jerry Cartoon, Dude! (Verse 2) You Like To Leave Webs? Hope you like them Hoovers! Simpsons - Miss Hoover, Chuck You Down Hoover Dam, Man! How many damns do i give today? 1. 2. Oh, They Flew Away, say, What you want for dinner? I know you like flies, Wanna enter my room though, you gotta pay the price, P*ss off, Spider! Peter Parker paint you white, Many Flies Tried To enter - Many Flies Died! (Chorus X2) Spider In My Room, Spider In My Room, Looking For Some Flies, Well, I've Got A Wasp For You, Spider In My Room, Spider In My Room, Treat You Like A Cat In A Tom And Jerry Cartoon, Dude! (Verse 3) I don't mean to be rude, but I'm a mean MC, Dude, You're gonna lose, Spider, Meet Hammer - You're screwed!  All I hear Is white noise, white lines going through my mind, STOP! HAMMER TIME!
For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord JESUS CHRIST shall be saved. amen.
Im sittin here alone in my home. They got me feelin down, a little like a drone, or perhaps a clown. Even at work im just sittin on my phone. Im not askin for the fuckin world, not the crown nor the throne. Hurl me a damn biscuit, fuck it, throw me a bone. Im broken, the public glance and whisper creep. Always the same routine. Eat, sleep, toke and repeat. My pasts filled with late nights and cold sheets. I not just survive but thrive for these beats. Always depressed and in despair, some call it FUBAR, that's fucked up beyond repair. What have I been sayin? This aint my home, just another house, more like a lair. A place of worries. A place of hunger. A place of sorries and I dunno how much longer (pause) I can take 'til I break is it fate? My state of mind never had me feelin great, but oh well, If I ponder any longer then I'll be late. But wait, I got nothin to be late for. So hey, kick back, ease your mind, take a break. Listen to these lyrics, through rhymes is how I communicate. So make sure to keep in time, maybe step outta line. Who knows what you'll find.
Holy Chinchin Franku-Sensei was right. Now we know how and why he got that PhD in severe internet mental retardation. But still fuck. I wonder how many Soundcloud followers these kids have. 
I never grimace but the premise of your argument, is an ugly sight and logic has no part in it, so pardon all the shit you've harbored in like hostages, but when the prophet (profit) speaks, He speaks to those with harder whips, and a hotter bitch I'm truthful to the music biz, and my beliefs will never contradict what is legit, I hate when myths never interject when bloods eject, maybe this is a test, or it could be a bless, for those that mean to jest, just know I speak for those who left. Inside a prison where they suffer for a needless rep, never caused an offense, but charged with all offenses, I feel like all this is, is a web I'm caught up in. So if the lawless win that means laws cannot provide, the freedom they express is an essential human right, what we can do besides lean on God and swallow pride, Harming other beings to me just isn't right, but maybe that's just Mic, That's my rationale o well, I would never do unto another, I don't want done to myself, and at this moment seems the past is going to catch me, I can tell, if there's any sort of knowledge I can share with you  I will.
Well, just great, now I've commented this and I have to put up with the notifications telling me more shitheads made even more lyrics to this... Frank, look what you've done to me.
Knock ya out the park grand slam/ make that boy do a handstand/ then speed off in a grand am/ throw dirt on ya name like the sandman/ you can get theese damn hands/put this bean head in a dumbster cause I can/ we can go to war like iran/ we hunt niggas klu klux klan/get your head chopped of cause I aint a fucking fan/ for theese fake niggas I got a fucking plan/ snap on em like rubber band/
man fuck this shit! tired of being a hipocryte! plus I got no bitch. and this the matrix.  but i'm glad to be  the glitch. you tryna grab this. but its out of reach.   so is Paris. cause there's no money here. seems like it disappeared. there is no money left . we all trapped in debt. tryna get more mothefucking  money that my fucking father ever had. had . had. had. good bye dad.     huhum. but just fuck this shit. this fucking matrix. I'm gonna get it. even if I have to fake this. your lies I dismiss. my truth I insist. fuckin up my obstacles like a pugilist. you cant grab this .pray to jesus. but he cant help. only. you .can. help. yourself.  so get. out. ya couch .and make something with your life right now go find yourself a wife. a job and a life! don't live a lie! just live alive! never stay back ,never stay aside! the bees comin out the hive! CONSCIOUS RAP KRS-1 STYLE WORLWIIIIIIIIIIIIDE!
iPhones in their hands wrapped in barbed wire, Supermodel posters and sleazy attire. Insults to injury, adding fuel to the fire, Snapbacks in all directions and a mouth of which is liar. This is what our generation is, Pursuing fake dreams because 'the route easy is'. Rapping bout weed, pussy all that shizz, Rhyming cause it's cool, vocabulary's fizzed. But it's about rhyming, and less about lyrics, Content is dead and mentality is pyrrhic. Original thought died and its all about peers pick, music industry limits have set this in your ear wick. the earwigs and the weevils ate all our kids brains, and left only ashes, none of our kids sane. more rappers than listeners, the true poetic bane, and lack of dedication, leaves these kids in chains. parents cannot do, what is necessary. havent told their kids, that there is no mixtape fairy. can't sample dr. dre, and spit the dirty harry. nobody wants to listen, so get a job then marry. but no one wants to hear it, mic on minecraft, building stupid blocks, spitting rhymes crafted. kicked off the fucking server because their rhymes crapped, and crapped on is their dreams, cause reality snapped.
'reel hip hop'. fuck all of you spiritual lyrical miracle individuals.
can i use this song for a rap?
Yes me & my friend used it
:) Can you link his rap please so i can have a look?
Wer hats auch von +GTA4HaterHD - Hater in GTA
Daymn yo pussy, I'm smoking alla this weed I'm toking pro master, and I know that I need A big bong now, cause I a big boy now and I'm a SPIRITUAL LYRICAL INDIVIDUAL SPIRITUAL MIRACLE INDIVIDUAL SKIPPIN' AND FLIPPIN' AND DIPPIN' AND SKIPPIN'
Hi can i use your song for a minecraft song plz?
Hey do you mind if I use this for my project due in like 2 hours? I can't buy it but I will give credit :)
Hello! Me and my friends would like to use this song for a science project. Are you okay with this?
Can I write some lyrics for this and release it here on youtube? Is that alright with you @Instrumental SAD?
your a prick ass little bitch your beat was made in 2012 and it suck ass quit saying its new or from 2015
we used this for a school project keep the music playing!!!!!!!!!!!!  :-P
Like if Sveriges svar på 50 cent got you here
Knees Weak and the arms be heavy. Vomit on my sweater already? Musta been my moms bad spaghetti. I eat children and I'm ready, for satan to put me to BEDDY cuz I'm an evil mofo who ain't got time for ya fro doe. MIXTAPE DL LINK -
Franku has taught me what to do in this occasion
I'm sick of being tired, fed up of feeling weak, staring at the mirror but i don't know who's lookin back at me?, drink'in all this alcohol, it ain't the remedy, bring'in out the worst in me, fuck my family i'm angry,  think'in bout my past and all the shit that i seen, heroin addiction, ODing you wouldn't believe, have you ever seen your mum wear the new fashion, belt around her arm, don't try and tell me to be calm, cas i'm fucked off, i got a lot of shit on my chest, when i was younger i was surrounded by death, and all these cunts laughing asking why i hate drugs, cant you guess, they fucked up my whole life and im stressed, depressed, need my questions answered to put my mind at rest
Ey B0ss i found the cancer
+tomcatdude105 stooped lyric trash posters AMIRITE
Dope !,possible to use it?
aj ked je secko ostatne v hajzli.toto ma vzdi podrzi.hudba a dance buggi ulica.pepe perfekto
Filthy frank was right!
Hi kannst du mir bitte einen beat zu meinem text machen bitte ich will es aufführen
looking for a dope beat
I was small not very tall but at least I stood up and I didn't fall. At first I was sad but now I'm just mad that my dad isn't here aren't you glad? When my dad went to jail I was just there wondering why, why this has to happen to me at this time. Now I'm the man with 3 girls in my life, I knew I had to take a stand which is why I wrote this rhyme, to speak my mind. I was fucking mad a bitch came in my life full of strife, he's the one that ruined my dad's life. Full lyrics coming soon we accept any advice
How FrankU was right it is a disease
A lively young damsel named Menzies Inquired: "Do you know what this thenzies?"   Her aunt, with a gasp,   Replied: "It's a wasp, And you're holding the end where the stenzies.
Frank was right... :D 
Published 2012 Title says 2014 The years 2015
great .. sounds really good ... thx bro !  
Rap instrumental Beat ( NEW 2014 ) :
Im here coz Filthy Frank
Really liking this beat good job
pussy money weed needa honey and sum gs aint it funny how i be cuz i smoked a pound of weed now give tha crown to me coz i got sumthin to prove i got nuttin to loose when im clutchin the ooze
yeah this beat was nice
It take one to know one I make it from slow funds The doe runs in an out an out an in where do I begin The spot I defend is the spot you want in, nuffin from sum thing
I may not be able to erase thoes Mistakes but ill erase u ugly face with my DICK BITCH
Filthy Frank was right.
No love homie up on these streets, I pack heat nigga, I got the glock n I got these nikes on my feet, No shell toe nigga, just these dope M2's, niggas run up on me, they better be totin them 2's, cause I do that, plus I pack that heavy muscle, I don't talk that game bitch, I spit it like that, this a skill mouf thing, spittin flames like that, when I get up on the mic, the hits just melt.... nigga, give me the respect that you give your self, hit a lick then I hoppin in a geo metro, go down south just to let that tech go, I'm glad dawg..if you want it, you can have it...I'm comin with that plastic and a full metal jacket, who you know that will run up on your set like this, thats for sure have you takin lasts breaths like this.......I'm COMIN!! LET ME KNOW IF I HAVE ANY SKILLS PLEASE IM NEW!!!
Can I borrow that beat please? The description will link to your channel! :)
Childhood was fine, yeah I grew up, we should start anew To understand who you are Does it make sense to go further When you against your same thoughts Above his head hang Do not give way , and life too And I would like , myself. And in my Implemented knife Which does not allow the world to me , my will So more and more So more and more. I will not forget the days when I was a child , I will not forget the mother , happy to five, I will not forget the tears that cause . I will not forget , I still remembered .
Frank Senpai was right. garbage people tryna rap.
Im a lyrical miracle spiritual individual with the hipidy hopedy dont stop the rapin 
We. Ain't. GONNA. LISTENING . YOU'RE. MIXTAPE. THANK you poppa Franku.
Hey bro, can I use this beat? Lmk
Hello, can I use this song as background music to my video?
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This beat is sick yo
Frank was right. These freestyle rap posts are shit and they're everywhere.
tu la repris c'est pas toi qu'il fait 
Yea its a good. Beat. I actually had it saved when it was new 2014 beat . Dont lie bout when you made it just for more publicity. For real...
Can i use the music???
Bust the rhyme all the time no nigga tryna kill my high and vibe yeah right son you ain t tough enough to become one my homedogs if you get you black ass back to mothafuckin boondocks dude stop tryna get at my game this no fame to get pay this a game to bust the game rap game bang bang break the bank
I Subscrite You :) Nice beat!
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Yo! We are a production team out of Tennessee, Great job on this one, and Congrats on nearly 5 Million Views! That is pretty freaking amazing for an instrumental to get those numbers! Anyways, just letting you know you have our support! I'd love to see our team co-produce an Epic Banger with you some day... -YHMDY
Ehy man, got a minute to check my mix tape.  GIMME DE POSSI B0SS  YOU WERE RIGHT PAPA FRANKU....THEY'RE EVERY WHERE D:
powerful words seep into the narrow minded confined to their way of living till i strike down with my pen n re write the whole meaning of life im very meticulous in the way i potray my poetry  i m out in the open 24 7 like the homeless all by my lonesome looking for a bitch to insert my boneless but we wont bone un less... your shaped like a figure 8 n i dont discriminate but lady dont blame me because i wont settle for anything less than  a steak on my dinner plate blame my motivation to stay in shape, blame my disciplined regimen  blame my ageless face which resembles that of an angel  waiting for us at the heavenly gate when we pass away blame it on my self control ever since i gave up the alcohol ive been on a roll and i hold my son very dear  self proclaimed father of the year and i am yet to shed a tear for my past me head lights on when i smear... on her pretty face like make up emcz better wake up before i paint the vocal booth red like ketchup dont even try to catch up.... faggot plz ive been rhyming sick before i even  knew how to speak this language im spiting now so sit the fuck down you limp dick prick your fucking with a steroid freak n u just started moving weight around im like  a pusher from out of town here to take over every corner and hold it down run the rap game like the jews run america now....from the inside to the out fuck the media im a walking ......talking encyclopedia all the information i need is stored in my interior , inferior wack emcz exterior...gets shook everytime im near n far charming n slick , but unspeakably sick an amoral psychopath call  me Jafar little lambs stay silent till i get violent n slice their throat  like at the end of every ramadan the comma - dunt giving orders to tha law less till i get deported for blowing in a cup n letting it simmer for  6 years and 13 months then forcefeeding it to a priest till he throws it all up.. now how do u like that 7year old cum dont test me son when im buzzing of coke n rum  ive bin up all night indoors  fucking  two  whores n on the fourth  rest  pause performed a self circumcision  then wrapped my penis with gauze  n whats more one of the hookers drenched my member in alcohol now im rolling around on the floor ,  i cant take it no more..  this is up n charged at the red door ,  missed that n ran straight into the wall  , k.o'd n woke up in the hospitals suicide ward
I m in the hotel but fucking in the motel going in the car but fucking in so far middle of the roads fucks are off at the motel the drugs are on yeah I m the gangster I go to the bank and rob the bank police comes on way and says me freeze I say them cheeze I'll say ya fuck of ma way n I'll say ya freeze
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