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Family Guy - It's A Giraffe

by Hulu • 9,089,685 views

Peter steals a giraffe from the zoo and wreaks havoc on the neighborhood. Season 5: Episode 8.

And this is why Cleveland Brown can not have nice things. 
DALA Hhhy Tree Xrfc
No, he does. He obviously has one of the best home insurances in the country...
Cleveland's reaction to the giraffe was fucking funny. "What the hell?!"
no no no no no noooo!!!!! i gotta stop taking my baths during peters shenanigans.
I like how the bathtub doesn't have a drain.
"I gotta stop takin my baths during Peter's shenanigans." XD
Patrick: AHAHAHAHHAHAH It's a Giraffe!
I don't get it, even with no cops did the workers just let Peter ride out of the zoo with a giraffe?
Uh.. this would be a giraffe ISAAC NEWTON lmao I die everytime at that 
I miss the days when Family Guy was actually funny.
Peter named the giraffe Alison Janey?
That was the bit where I burst out laughing
Peter buys a giraffe, the giraffe pleases Quagmire, and then breaks Cleveland's house while he is in the tub (again). A triple laugh!!!!!!!!!! LOLOLOLOL
Hey your not the same giraffe from last night GET OUT! 
"I gotta stop taking my baths during Peter's shennigans" lol xD
Cleveland: What the hell?! No No No No NNOO!!! 
Poor Kwangsoo... tsk tsk
Why does the title of this video remind me of SpongeBob?
+TheGiantNothing No prob~ i was just pointing it out~
XD Quagmire and Cleveland. 
Hahaha i love it when Cleveland's house falls down and he goes no no no noooo hahahaha
No, no, no, no, no, NOOOO!!! 😆
Eamon Ahern Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
i miss brain...
Remember? Quagmire shot him in the head.
u did really good on goldmember
no no no no no nooooooooo lol
"I gotta stop takin my baths during Peter's chananigans!!!
Pete King Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
This is most relevant today.... #governmentshutdown
+David Schenk It's amazing how Cleveland falls from a 2 story build, falls on broken porcelain, and doesn't get not one single cut. 
+John Holloway It's amazing how you take a cartoon too seriously. 
ALLISON JANNEY!!!! omg i efin love her but i never knew her name. then when i looked her up i was like omg why does her name sound so familiar? then i distinctly rememberd someone on tv looking for their pet and calling out what i thought was"allis and janny"...then i thought oh its was peter from family guy! lmao thats too funny
8.855.555 awesome number of views
8.888.885 right now, even better
now I see why Cleveland moved back to Stoolbend
Bahahaha, bahahaha! It's a giraffe!
Hahahahaha poor Cleveland! So there was a Giraffe there lastnight?
'What the hell?! ... No no no no no NOOO! I gotta stop taking my baths during Peter's shenanigans...' LOL
lol this would be a giraffe isac newton lol
Brian will be a ghost in a episode vinny is a okay dog.
But why did he name the giraffe Allison Janney? I guess she's tall
Maybe cuz The Giraffe reminds Peter of Allison Janney??
Turn Off the TV,these drawing are made to stupid your children!!! sry for my bad english
Anyone who let's their children watch this stuff is already too stupid to have children
"Uh, this would be a giraffe, Isaac Newton" AHAHAHHAHA I died
Lisa A Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
how do u know? ive never seen an episode that shows his spelling skills
Somehow I expected a Spongebob reference.
I hope you don't find the money strapped to my thigh.
655 people took a bath during Peters Shenanigans
i thought quagmire didn't like to play with same girls again
I gotta stop taking my baths during Peter's what? I need your help captain :)
Because, in my case, I was bored. In other people's they have no true actual life to speak of.
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wikipedia can be edited by any one. its an unreliable source.
lol Alison Jannie gets me every time.
He's Quagmire, Quagmire, giggity giggity giggity giggity let's have sex.
Neither does your gay dad from san fransico because a Mormon pulled it off
See Cleveland, this why you take showers instead of baths.
no no no no no no no no noooooooooo
I watch the video and then scroll down, btw, skype. now
Alright..."Vehicles are non-living means of transport. They are most often man-made (e.g. bicycles, cars, motorcycles, trains, ships, boats, and aircraft), although some other means of transport which are not made by man can also be called vehicles; examples include icebergs and floating tree trunks." - Webster
What the hell ?! You're not the same giraffe from last night xD
Did they just reference The Wild?
Well it's part of Peter's character. He just can't help himself. It's not his fault Lois, let it go.
The best clip! It had a giraffe, sex addict quagmire, herbert, and cleveland WHAT THE HELL!!!??? I love it! :D
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