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by Shut Up! Cartoons β€’ 393,277 views

Subscribe to Shut Up! Cartoons: SNOWJACKED premieres 6/26 on Shut Up! Cartoons! Join Layta's quest to find her SNOWJACKED family every Tuesday, right here on Shut Up!...

Super Mario Bros. 3 Desert Madness
The hero reminds me of MacReady...
This is the best series yet but the trailer has got more dislikes than likes, unless its just them retards who going around disliking videos
i think is not a good series iam more of a oishi fan thanl this
What did he say again? that comments disappeared and I have really short memory sometimes
I really dont see why people hate this, I think it is my favourite so far
It feels like yesturday ian and anthony were announcing the opening of shut up cartoons
Snowjacked trailer must have a big hater attraction ride
this show was actually pretty funny
Why are you getting mad at Smosh? They only endorsed the show. This isnt their channel so stop getting mad at them
I'm pretty sure it's gonna come out on friday, July 13th. A new cartoon series will start on my birthday! :D
BUT I THOUGHT HE WAS GOOD AT GRAMMAR soo thank you Anthony remember your just as awesome as ian at least barbershop pole doesn't steal your women you can brag about it too Ian you guys are FIRETRUCKING AWESOME
Guys this trailer sux yes I know, but the actual video is pretty cool check it out
Don't let the trailer fool you the show is actually good. But the trailer makes it look bad. I have no clue why but they used the bad material for the trailer while the show carries good humor and a decent plot...other then all of the throw up parts
Snowjacked was an actual show?!!?!?!?!?
everybody go check the snowjacked playlist and press trailer or episode 1 then in the private video you will see the photo layta is dead (or snowjacked)
I see people don't want any other cartoons until Oishi High School Battle comes out, which is next Friday.
This trailer would've gotten more positive ratings if it showed a plot line to this series.
I think I speak for alot of people when I does snowjacked mean?
Guys like don't be haters just wait for more videos!!!!!!!!
Snowjacked Snowjacked Snowjacked Snowjacked Snowjacked Snowjacked
I thought this was going to be dumb
Is it just me or does one of the guys in snowjacked look like that damn neighbor
The trailer is shit, but the series are awesome! ;D
The trailer sucks but the series is actually not bad.
it randomly became good don't hate I check channels
She's/He's not mad at them. Pay attention to what the person wrote next time.
Lol one of the characters looks like THAT DAM NEIGHBOR
the trailer is MUCH worse compared to the actual thing
your the spammer...your the spammer. your the spammer. you spammed the comment -.-
I did, they aren't funny anymore. I was subscribed. WAS
Everybody thought this sucked yet its one of the greatest shut up cartoons
This is not the animation i think the problem is the storie.You don't have any indication of who they are!So I think that this is not the worst cartoon but this is not best
....I miss Do's and Don'ts )'':
Okay, I'll give the cartoon a try, but only because I love Ian and Anthony!!! Love you guys! <3
Why evry body hate Snowjacked? I Think itΒ΄s ASOM!
First I didn't look of this show but its awesome.
i agree with you now go back in the kitchen ianh/anthony and make me a sandwitch bitch!!!
Pretty good SNOWJACKED πŸ˜πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘
Who is the dis likers. I -3 haters, to an extent these haters just suck.
His name is derp and shes later ;DD
Theres too many haters we should just kill them ALL!!!
Why isn't anything happening when I click on Not Spam!?!?!?!?
What ever HAPPEND to oishi origins an what the heck is snok jacked
1 Oishi High School battle 2 Zombies VS Ninjas 3 Sumari Daycare 4 Snowjacked 5 Weasel Town 6 Do's And Dont's 7 Nature Break 8 Krodzilla 9 the girl who goes through puberty
lol only the trailer has hate, for the actual episodes people didn't have to use their retarded judgment to realize they were good
its kinda funny, but the begging was terrible
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