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Minecraft - KNIGHT ARMOR

by TobyGames • 627,711 views

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isaac bandy stuttering is not a decease its a problem 
How do you make chain
That's cute! I'll let you little child's have a great time....................... wear protection I lost it at that part LOL xD
OMG I love you British and Scottish accents
How i can make the mod battle gear with mo creature dr zharks?
Drag all of them in the mods folder?
toby, what do you mean, you compressed something?
"Oh my god it has a PLUME!!!!" XD hahahahaha died laughing there.
Toby if you don't want to die Then have a go on creative
Blueberry armor is the best
i can't do it i stop in 6:40
Stop it. I stutter. Its a diese
I love toby's britain and irish accents so much
Toby whats this mod called
what mod is he using for the inventory?
Can you make wooden armor
That was uploaded on my birthday
Logan you spelled diamond wrong
I have full diamond armor I play on xbox
dimond armor not blueberry
his name is zuko or are u talking about the fire lord?
I think you should take off the black knights helmet. It looks wierd
Toby On your Keyboard do F5
Does anyone know what version minecraft he has or is it a mod
why do you talk like an angry black old man?
toby give me the link of mod knight armor
There is now battle gear 2 but it doesn't have that cool helmet
So ur saying that if we don't like this video ur dog will pee on us LOL!
(FRANCES SZINMANSKI) I'd like to see you sing
dont mock people with studders.......I have a studder
9:29 you should of said kid because you no....nkid like a.. A baby goat..? Not funny... Ya I no
does anyone know what mods he uses?
It's funny cause there's a poler bear in the desert XD
make a diamond stick it =insta murder
Does he know that you can create the stew without a crafting bench
Toby yells in a Irish accent* His neighbors are going 2 think he moved and start crying. :(
Haha, he said death knight, and later in the episode there were goats. In Warcraft II, there was a unit called the death knight, and it rode a goat!
Dude that way more bada** than any diamond armor
you do not sing god I am moking you that is howe bad you sing
he sounds like that guy from despicable me 2:29 :D
dude you shud commentate world of warcraft
and then a creeper blows the goats up
Lol talkin like russel brand hell yea
cool tobsucsus muder all mods >:D and i love apple's :3
the one with the knight Armour not mo animals
You know if you want to find your body just bring a bed so you can sleep where your body is found
is toby playing minecraft 1.2? somebody please tell me
That was so funny with the goats! Your accent is awesome! These videos make me laugh!
Haha, I saw you do that! I was wondering when you were gonna notice the crafting block on the other side of the tree.
you created a box but you already have one in the ground you idiot
He is using the Mine and Blade Mod, it's has been discontinued but remade, for MC version 1.6.2.
lol oh my god i got a mailbox on my head!
Whenever that music comes on when I play minecraft I get all excited and start singing
Oh, and by the way: in the most recent version the plume doesn't look so f*cked up. XD
@Mark Tuazon I had couple days ago it sucks
Your voice sounded weird on 3:01
Dude........You sound awesome british
how could you do the extra slot?
tobuscus + scottish accent = millions of bloodless fangirls
Lol, one time I did the same thing with the crafting boxes but they were much closer together XD
OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
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