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Chris Hanson caught at his own game

by xplosiv757 • 2,562,991 views

Chris Hanson is set up much like he sets up the child predators. BWE.TV

"I swear to god I thought the award was 18 years old"
lol this was a great video
Okay, this actually got me to laugh... To Catch A Predator is a ridiculous show.
+Jurgen Heinrich Yeah sure if they want to get help. its like a dope fiend going to treatment then relapsing when they get out.  treatment only helps people who want help. they want to get help we'll give it to em they still want to fuck kids well we got a cell for them. I see what your saying about the insane incarceration rate but dude if one type of crime needs to get sent to prison its a predator. tell a parent whose kid was kidnapped raped and left on the side of the road, that it wasn't his fault he is sick, we'll make sure he gets the proper therapy. fuck most people would want them shot and thrown in a hole in Nevada.
Chris_Hasen_2Legit_2Qt I fucking lost my shit
u lot r dum if u fink dis wuz reeil
+cjkid14 jfsdjfkdjflkdsjfdsklfjsdfjdslkfjdslfjsd
Chris Hansen is a sniveling piece of shit that is demonstrably more immoral than the pedophiles he "catches".
+Postghost Said the smartest guy on this comment page!!! Hansen is a fuckin weasel...... he doesnt care about the kids,...... he cares about his own pretentious self!!!!!!
I came looking for booty.
You gone make me ruin that butt! IMMA WORRIA!!!!
OMG i can't belive ur trying to fool people like this,@0:57 chris would've defenitly noticed that there was something wrong and the camera team in the background would've been seen by him easily. Also the "Horse" is just a man in a costume. After long nights and hard detective work i have come to the conclusion: SET UP (The actors were real but their reaction was played)
No, Really? OMG! That's SO SURPRISING! We definitely DIDN'T notice that!
99% of the comments are people assuming that the video is fake. Of course it's fake. It's more obvious than you banging your children, so, why don't you take a seat right over there?
Best comment of the whole fucking wall.
+Kissinger Liliac watch your fucking profanity
to all the people saying this is staged, congratulations, you have now reached wisdom level: brick
+Briannah Maria Please tell me you are joking.
Hahahaha this is awesome this lifted me up quite a bit
Dude look like Kevin bacon from footloose.
isn't that decoy guy the guy from Mad Real World?? YOU PEOPLE
Chris was acting this whole thing anyway.
+TWIZTID4LIFE16 This comment wasn't directed at you, moron. It was directed towards the people who couldn't understand that it was scripted.
Condoms exist for you and for those who didn't cop it was simply just acting...
Chris: Who are you and why are you wearing a towel? Chuck: 'We'll get to that later.' LMAO, gold.
I truly never thought there could possibly be anything to laugh at considering the topic but this video cracked me up.Chris Hanson should never quit his day job to become an actor as he couldn't act his way out of a wet paper bag.lmao.l still adore him though and l applaude his efforts to take out the trash.
This is extremly funny and all the stupid internet morons are talking about is if this is real, lol. If the even the slightest bit idea of "is this staged or not" crossed your mind, I want you to stop using the computer because you are to dumb to use it.
OH damn a big black man without a shirt, about to be a "I ain't for no little boys Chris.... ya see, I calls you 'Chris Hansome'.."
Good to see Mr. Ghillie back. Missed him.
If you look closely, you can see the horse is actually fake. So calm down guys.
I don't know what's funnier. The comment, or the XXX_BILLY_XXX name. Blazeitmicheal forever
Reminds me of when Chris Hansen got butt fucked on The Boondocks by a black dude.
this is staged, even if you didnt notice the corny acting hansen gives a quick look at the hidden camera pointed infront of him
Theres no crap? damn watson you got me again..
its obvious . there was a giant camera crew there that he saw of course its staged
Hansen should have said "I always keep acceptance speeches with me."
A good questions to ask Hanson: Is this the first time you've expected an award?  What would happen to that award if I wasn't here? Do you know how old that award is?
For future reference, if there's a camera crew in the corner....just get the hell out of there. It's not going to be good...
I like Chris Hansen so much, he has such a calming voice and he's the most witty guy I've ever seen.
All kidding aside just google this. They are covering up the fact that Chris had an affair with a woman 21 years younger with a wife and young kids at home and National Enquirer exposed it.
"who are you..? and why are you wearing a towel..?"        "well get to that in a minute"      
Dateline mocking the creepy pedo's that they have busted, that is just to much. Looks good on them, they are scum after all.
lol so rude, the way he makes fun of the people on his show xD
i would want a pedophile to show up at the decoys house and dress like Chris Hansen and say take a seat with papers in his hand.
Scripted as hell :P
Hahaha. This was supposed to be a joke not real lmao
If you think this is real......Then please leave the country NOW!!!  Salute and leave. Become an ISIS bride. 
Mr Hansen has a good sence of humour to have gone along with this
that bush raped him at the end ._.
It would have been better had Chris not been in on it.
Chris Hansen you legend
LOL!!!!! why are you wearing a towel??? we will get to that later
I think, I THINK, this is fake
Don't forget your towel. ;D
LOL if someone had asked me if this was something to do, I'd have said that Hanson would no do it but it is obvious he was in on the spoof of his NBC segments
Hanson is a terrible actor
See, everyone thought that ghillie guy was fucking stupid
Hahaha don't forget your towel.
haha can't believe this isn't fake. they got him good
Obviously fake and stupid.
2legit_2QT  oh lord my sides
funny as a mother**** ,I'm going to show this to my mother***** friends.
This is stu-fucking-pid.
Chris Hansen has a sense of humor and he's a good sport.
Take it home....Lube it up a bit.....deep breath....part get the drift.
"How's this for a surprise?" LMBO!!!
I wanted him to say, "Do you want some Old Spice?"
"Who are you and why are you wearing a towel?" "We'll get to that later"
apparently he drove past twice before deciding to go inside the house
Im a total nerd but the decoy, wasn't he on Chapelle's show, the real world sketch???
This is fake...a person like Chris Hansen can't goof up this bad!!! LOL!!!
The acting in this is soooo bad
This would have been so much better if Chris hadn't been in on it
It obviously is a piss take on 2 catch a predator
You better have a fuckin' seat over there, Hanson. Then stand up, and tell everyone else to shut up and sit down, you are Chris F*ckin' Hanson.
Rick Marrow Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
Chris Hanson caught at his own game:
Ahhh, Yes. the 2000's era. the era of weird sense of humor and fashion.
LMAO! Dont forget your towel!
Haha I remember this! I hate you guys!
it looks so staged and i think that chris knew it.
Before I clicked on this video, I thought Chris Hansen was secretely a peado ;D
hahah! damn Chris is so cool :P 
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