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Only Lads Will Get This

by VictoriousSponge • 4,823,418 views

Click 'Like' if you get it. Twitter: @ComedySponge @OllieFirrell @BandrewShmond Facebook: 'Only Lads will Get This' - "Boys will be boys, and here is a...

Haha LAD banter, cheeky lad nandos betting fosters hahaha cheeky lads Banter lad cheeky lad banter
Finally, someone who gets it!
british humor.. about a 1 out of 10 on the funny scale
They made masturbation jokes. You didn't like em?
live jasmin takes the piss, most annoying pop-up on the face of the freakin earth, am i right?
"Skip the fucking replay you knobhead" Every goal I conceed on fifa. Ever.
I don't clear my history, because I'm an adult. If you don't like it don't look it up XD
+FirestormPunk Or just go into incognito mode. I always regret doing that though if I find something good and can't find it again. But it's better than letting someone use my computer and have them type up a few letters and then Google fills 'em in with a very specific fetish.
If you think ANY one of those things (especially "quickie" masturbation, thinking about fucking strangers) is specific to males, I'm worried about how thoroughly you Brits have been brainwashed by 1950s movies cliches.  America isn't even supposed to be a sexually open culture but at least over here we acknowledge that female sex drives exist. and I WOULDN'T HAVE EVEN WASHED THE BROWNIE.
Female sex drive exist in 1 out of 100 females and even then is nowhere near male standards.
Who the fuck rinses a brownie under water?
+Uhcip We dont MEANT to piss all over the toilet but wtf why would u eat wet cake??? I justt judge how clean the floor is, how bad i want to continue eating whatever im eating and just blow on it, not give it a shower O__o
How, do they know my life!
It's called sorcery my friend.
Americans get off this video. K thanks envious weirdos ;)
Usually when I watch these about men videos there's so many things I never do, but this one was extremely accurate. Really captured the essence of what men are like.
Lads will love my channel. I'm funnier than these guys.
He's right, we've just been over to this channel, fucking hilarious. We're closing our account tomorow. We can't compete with that. What's even the point it's so funny.
Pretty much sums up my daily day in's and outs. 10/10.
Backroom casting couch. Not a bad choice.
These guys are just amazing...... With all the shit YouTube channels out there how are these lot not bigger
Fucking party poker, fucking live jasmin, clears history...
Fuck Live Jasmine! ! Bahahaha brilliant!
judging by the the phones - was this made 10 years ago?
learn this : Shift+Ctrl+N
fuckin livejasmin. And the fuckin leprachaun one as well he can suck one
I thought the woman on the thumbnail is Alexis Texas^^
ive never washed a brownie.... nobody wants a soggy brownie
Never comment on YouTube and watch horrendous amounts of shit like this. You guys really nailed it on the head there, no man is exempt! Keep up the good work, will definitely be subscribing! 
2:26 i seriously thought i was the only one
Yeah it happened to me a couple of times, but less than it would if I wasn't so good at disposing of the evidence.
Poor choice none drinks Fosters in Aus why would you drink it its horrible
Fucking LiveJasmine. I must be a 'lad' then.
BRCC reference + water on sweatpants had me crying
Shit video. Things went by too fast. No one had a ch......oh fuck it. Shit video.
Da fuck you drinking Fosters for
I am a somewhat broke college student and I am doing digital art, and it would mean a world to me if you'd visited my patreon and deviantart page :)
Livejasmin is almost more annoying than Mike Chang
i kept waiting fo rthe jok e, really i did 
1:30 glad I'm not the only one.
I completely misread the title, I thought it said "only Ladies will get this" so for the first half of the video I was like goddamn this is spot on.. I thought it was guys doing female stuff..............
1:20 i do all the f'n time, then I look in a real mirror.. wa waa
same when i walk pass my mirror fuck my life
Lads dont drink fosters
Seriously fuck off Live Jasmin.
0:41 is SO WANT that hairstyle lol
lols at live jasmine.
One does not simply avoid LiveJasmin.
0:33 u forgot to incognito mate! xD
omg those last ones
Ha I can relate to everything on this
Haha, di scratching immediately followed by di smelling.
Fuck off live jasmin
The blonde one sounds like Ed Sheeran/Oli White. Anyone agree?
Cant believe how many times ive seen this video and it still makes me laugh out loud.... Then cry cos i remember it must be about me :D
Why is this so fucking accurate?!
WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY it's literally the worst fucking camsite ever.
I can relate myself in this video so hard it's just funny to watch, except for the shaving part....I don't grow any facialk hair yet.
I do and I tell you, it's exactly like in the video.
what makes this video are the english accents.
Safe to say I've done the majority!
fuck me that is scarely true
What an awful bunch of middle class, narcissistic, stereotype enhancing drivel, Brought to you with product placement from apple...for all your overhyped, overpriced electronic wanking. 
Thats what I thought. Expect it would be twats cos theres a few of em in this vid.
I was talking about you XD
Every time I watch this, it makes me laugh. Everything in this video is to true. 
0:04 Horrible explicit Porn 
>Southend-on-Sea detected.
im so glad that im not alone
the shaving one every single time
Haha! Most of these relate to me!
Aneta Vavreniuk Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
heiii U guyyyz....OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD N;P
Back for my monthly viewing :D
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I'm surprised this piece of shit video is still up.
omg this was so perfectly funny!!! SUBSCRIBING
Thought I was the only one who splashed water on my pants
"horrible explicit porn"... pahahaha 0:04
2:05 happens to me almost every day lol Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
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