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Away We Happened - Ep 3

by Wong Fu Productions • 2,212,377 views

Ep 4: Ep 1: Ep 2: Ep 5: "Away We Happened" is a new and unique web series where you...

I still can't get over the fact that Ben is Minho from The Maze Runner coz like I've been watching Wong Fu for months and i loved every single film that has Ki Hong starring in it and when I watched TMR I was like, "This guy's familiar..." And when I found out it IS Minho I literally squealed coz Minho is my fav character in the Movie AND the book so literally died of happiness. Minho sass and sarcasm is life ~(^.^)~. And it's also weird seeing Ki Hong acting as a whole different character from Minho and that just proves that he's amazing at it :D. Love Ya Ki Hong, Minho and Ben
How many times do I have to tell people that Minho from Maze Runner is from Wong Fu Porductions or etc. Ki Hong has been here longer and way before Maze Runner came out. Don't get mad. I'm just saying.
Is that Mino from Maze Runner?
rewatching this series in the name of victor kim.
Isn't Kee Hong Lee in the new movie maze runner 0.0
Wait, seriously?!?! I just freakin' realised!!! 
Ben: (pretending to be Jean) OMG Thank you so much for being a pal and taking care of my bag! (giggle)  I LOVE YOU BEN.
Ki Hong: You better step yo game up! SOMEBODY MAKE THIS A GIF.
"I can't wait to platonically hang out with you whenever it's convenient for me!" 😂 i'm literally dying of laughter, but omg i watched this whole series wayyyy back AS each ep was coming out cause i loved it but never noticed ki hong!! Omg wow!
ki hong omg lol can he be my best friend
Watching this all over again, just to see Ki Hong Lee ... 
omg dat boy is super kute,handsome,big, asian:))
haha this boy was in Maze Runner
2 years later and still no one has told me what song is playing in the background starting at 35 seconds. it says who produced it in description but he doesn't have a vid of it either and hasn't replied to me also. Cant a music fanatic get some help here?
Im also moving to Alaska and becoming a monk so I can start my own monastery, it was nice knowing you.
I read this comment at that exact moment like EXACTLY😂
Lol I like how Ben put him right in the friend zone 😂
hi guys, as english is my second language, can you tell me what does the expression mean ? "away we happened" ? does not look an usual one for me....thnks!
+smilesriddle oh ok! thanks for telling me :)
It's a theme. The whole series is base on "away we happen" idea. The theme can be anything.
I miss this series~ it was so good
Ki Hong Lee is a great actor. Very natural and funny too!
U know that they're still security cameras there so they will still c ur weird dance
Hey phoebe! It's Ella from school :)
Oh okay hi btw which Ella?
This series is like a huge phone commercial. A REALLY good commercial.
"I'm moving to Alaska to be a monk" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Ahahahahah I can't help laughing at her dancing :))))))))
My name's Jean and Ki hong saying my name is just asdfghjkl;
Re-watching all these episodes because of Ki-Hong <3 Maze Runner was amazing man
Omg kihong lee is super cute that CREEPY part tho asdghk
shes using windows phone. fucking awesome.
CREEPY! i died laughing XD
hey um, I found your letter Her letter
ki hong lee ftw!!
Hahaha Ben is awesome. I should have watched this series earlier!
Creepy! Lol I laughed so hard!
ki hong: HEY BUDDY! i died XD
looooool every time anyone says jeremy, i always say lin straight after haha
It means a random a currency of events. Things just happens and in this story it's love and it's killing me how the story is going to end up. The suspense and the anticipation of what is in the envelope. What kind of story it's going to lead us to. Suave likes to know.
when i watched this long time a go i thought he's cute, and now i realized it's kihong
I can't stop laughing at Ki Hong omg 😂😂😂
Lol  that dance.....and fall XD
Victor Kim kinda reminds me of Vaness Wu
Ki Hong Lee is gonna be in the maze runner!
How did she change clothes
Ben is so so funny! Especially that part when he pretends to be Jean and act all girly xD
Ben/Ki hong lee is soo hot i cant even. 
i live for this series
C-REEEPY!! haha
pls dont end up bad plz plz plz
lmao! ki hong is freaking hilarious
Doesn't Daniel seem just a little bit like Ryan Higa?
OMG Ki Hong, you're so mothereffing cute <3
Whats the song playing in back ground
It seems as though the supporting characters are much better actors than the leads. Still, everybody did a great job!
Ki Hong Lee is hilarious..
"You have a girl's whole name and you haven't look her up online yet? Dude, you need to do your homework these days." Best lines ever!  
Hahahhahahahahahahahha...... Ki Hong is so funny... XD
Okmg ki hong lee's part XD
I love his friiiiiiend! haha So funny!
This series has the best assisting characters in the form of the main couple's best friends haha!! They're awesome xD So much laughs <3
I have a crush on DanApple's friend ^_^ lool
Ben is me when I like a guy. I look him up everything ! Yah promise I am not creepy I just wanna know
Lol Haha Ben soo funny
I have a crush on DanApple's friend ^_^ lool
CUH-REEPY! Ki Hong i love you already.
This is when I fell inlove with kihong lee. :)))
Chloe this is for you
you have a girl's full name and you haven't even looked her up yet? (ben you're a stalker....)
he talks just like +Elaine Vo .... LAWL AND ACTS LIKE HER!!!!!!!!!!!
What is the song in the coffee shop scene
haha ben is my favoite! he is too funny :)
That is ki hong lee
Daniel "Hi Jean I really really like you and think about you constantly". Ben. "CREEPY!" Ben I think that is completly normal. XDD
David is hilarious and incredibly handsome. :)
Omg he was on Modern family today what is his name?
He shouldve bought her a panda keychain and say "i remembered how much you liked Edgar so..."
This is hilarious!!!
he just turn sex lol  change sex I mean
3:13 The most thinnest line I ever saw XD
Is it just me or does the background music sound like it's from When It Counts?
jen is married to ben its in her draw my life the one in th glasses she got hitched lol
That is ki hong Lee Jen isn't married to him she is married to Ben and ki hong Lee was just acting
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