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How to push-ups, BEST push-ups Exercise, handstand push-ups, doing push ups - Hands as chest width

by Passion4Profession • 760,218 views

How to push-ups, BEST push-ups exercise, handstand push-ups, doing push ups - Hands as chest width. Pectoral exercises - "Focus on the interior portion". Stay in shape! Join Us! Subscribe -...

real helpful maybe this will build up my small chest
by the way im 12 that is why i have a small chest
Thanks alot it is very useful
There r many other push ups that work other areas
david win Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
How to push-ups, BEST push-ups Exercise, handstand push-ups
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not really, these are just a type of push up. What you were probably doing was the normal type, this is hands at chest width. :D
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i was doing breaving bacwards
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He was born without skin. :s
@Itachi8179 Rest should be a lot less than that
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If i do this with clenched fists still work?
My arms felt like spaghetti after I did this
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why the fuck did this was in suggestions of epic meal time epic enchiladas?
Yes! I can do push ups without any tiredness and do not pain in my hands or feet.
great ill do that..... tomorrow
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There are no wrong made push-ups. These exactly are for triceps and chest, there are push-ups for biceps and chest and there are many other kind push-ups :)
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hahahaha..i have a 6 pack ,chest and big muscles my old is 13 year old
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15.years old 78 push ups bench press 205lbs. Tips drink milk eat a banana or apple 3 times a week. Do has many push ups has you can when you wake up do has many has you can when you go to bed. Do this for 1 week. Write down how many you do. On week 2 by sunday I gauntee you do atleast 8 more. 8 may not seem like a lot but 8 more push ups is about 20lbs more on benchpress. Took me one month now I'm a freshman stronger than 80% of the students in my highschool
hey p4p could you tell me what kind of pushups will get me that line in the middle of my chest? ive been trying diamond pushups lately.
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alright thats how to do a pushup nice nice.... ooo "hot ass lift exercises" in featured video, maybe pushups can wait
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I can't do a push up and I'm 13 and I weigh 142lbs with a bmi of 34.2 that bad
@passion4profession You have no idea how informative this comment is. Thank you.
passion4profession is great website thankyou sir is this exercise want to do everyday or we want to give dayoff? and also please tell this information in every exercise videos
@passion4profession isn't it better to make all in one app for Android and Iphone? and PC?))
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i like the pain the next morning after i do this
Ive always had my hands higher than the shoulders and went all the way down in a good form
So all this time i've been doing push ups wrong
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@yakn1 it says the muscle groups involved in the video... lol
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hi, i started doing push-ups one month ago and i do 200+ everyday. now i get calluses on my palms, how can i avoid this?
yes, I can also do it only with half of my body. We should wait.
Commander Shepard doing push ups.
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Point of push up is to get full extension and flexion of muscle. When muscle get full contraction you use more energy. It is harder to do full push up. People who can do 100 push up when fully stretching their arms, have two to three times more strength then ones who do 100 short ones. In other way they can do 200-300 short push ups. I also must say that this is the faster way to build mass, but your muscles are then more for look then for use.
I do the breathing inversely. That isn't good?
Fuck spammers do push ups and shut the Fuck up
I try doing this but i can only do like 15 :(
This eating thing is a myth. Just eat healthily and that's it, no need for extra meat/fish.
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i love this channel thanx for all this!
WHOA! I've actually being doing these great! Now if only I could do more than 40-50 and reach up to 100 >_<
The vids. are so f*****ing loud every time :D
So you're telling me shoulders don't do shit in push-ups .... lol
@Itachi8179 yeah , good results if you´re performing them right. Maybe you could reduce the rest time a bit ;)
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Not at all you're 13. when I was 13 I couldn't do any...turns out I was just a late bloomer, and thinned out and naturally gained muscle a lot later. now I can do push ups all day, and all different kinds. just be patient kids now a days expect everything to be instantaneous. It might take a while to do a push up, just don't give up. once you can do one do one then rest then do it again keep working up until you do 45 50 at a time
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i do step two and stay on the floor D:
@Mcquiz91 id say try to do a proper one. if you cant do one, keep trying. that way your body will get stronger and eventually you will be able to do more and more. Doing knee push-ups is not a bad idea either, try different things, see what works best. good luck! .. and i know im not an expert, but thats my opinion.
Everyone can do and so you if you have no physical sickness. Just keep on training. If you make it to do one push-up, than in a view days you'll make 2 and more and more :)
I am going to try this when I recover from dying doing the butt workout
yea, Diamond Pushup would be nice :D
when i do theese pushups my tricep dies faster then my chest so im not able to work my chest home : /
@FP@FproAce it works out more of ur tricep not fully extending
Love this stuff. Hopefully you'll release something for Android, too.
Which, in-turn will do more damage to your bones. As you're putting more and more stress on your bones which will then create problems for your joints later in life and you're muscles will not get the correct workout you're intending to give them.
Are you seriously reposting the same videos?
Is there a reason why he doesn't fully stretch his arms? (not fully extends his elbows)
I can only do this with half of my body on a bed/couch. Should I do it so until I am strong enough to do a proper one or what?
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so your not supposed to go all the way up? i always thought it was all the way up, all the way down
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