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Why Do White South Africans Emigrate?

by PoliticalKhaya • 79,701 views

Some how blacks don't consider leaving the country. Why is that?

I keep trying but sometimes things get out of hand ie destruction of public prop etc. and some extremists in parlaimant yet  I am ;proud s African. let us get educated and focus on proper family planning.
Won't you too emigrate if you find it difficult to get a job because of your skin colour, hear everyday that someone wants to kill all the whites, that you are not a African, and that you do not belong in South Africa, that there might be a chance in the near future that you might lose everything you have worked for because of you skin colour. I am a White African, I am patriotic to my country(South Africa), I believe / know that South Africa is the most beautiful country in the world. I do believe that there is a future in South Africa for all South Afircans, but with the above mentioned, it is difficult to continue believing. Yes, some people will say, "sins of our fathers", my forefathers has also fought wars of oppression, my forefathers has shed tears and blood for this country. Isn't South Africa so much my country than that of my non-white neighbour whose forefathers did the same? Some white South African families has been in South Africa since the late 1600's, and some black familes only arrived in South Africa from North Africa in the late 1700's, early 1800's (who is then the true South African). The only true (indigenous) tribe of South Africa is the Koi-San. Like a great man said: "Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world". But that vision is surely fading away.
they are leaving bc blacks in that country have fucked everything up!!! the truth is there is something wrong with negroes, face it: they can't do shit right!
Of coarse crime affects more black people than white people. BLACKS ARE a majority. Whites make up only 7% of the population. However you are obviously hell bent on perpetuating the rainbow nation mentality. Ok answer this then. Where would you prefer to live? A poor community surrounded by your previously disadvantaged honorable brothers and sisters or a middle class white community? The answer is simple: you would rather live in a white community because you do not want to be robbed and killed over a cellphone. And why is it that 98% of people doing this robbing and killing are black south africans? Speak to any victim of crime and they will tell you that the perpetrators were black. Why are they not indian or white or mixed-race? Why kill another person for something as simple as a cellphone? You cannot blame poverty for this brutality. There are many african countries that are more impoverished and do not resort to such savagery. Perpetuating political correctness does not help anyone. It only turns attention away from the real issues. The word Apartheid is thrown around at every political rally. Why not turn the masses energy into improving their situation and building better lives. Why do government officials always dwell on the past. Why do they perpetuate hatred by telling the majority of blacks that whites own everything and whites need to redistribute what little they have. If i were a black African i would be insulted by the fact that my leaders want to hand me down someone elses assets and fortune instead of creating a sustainable future for myself. So what if your leaders chase away whites and give you their land? What then?
Not a colour issue, but a class issue. Skilled workers can migrate as they are welcomed in other countries. Same in any country. UK has expats all over the world - tradesmen and professionals. As for the decision to leave it's a combination of economic opportunities for self and kids and security (ie safer environment usually for kids). Not rocket science. I've seen plenty of black and coloured folk in NZ and Oz and presumably also UK so this is a perception not reality.
Friend, here in NYC, 97% of those who are shot are shot by Blacks and Hispanics. In other words, if whites and Asians lived together and with no others, their chances of being shot by some criminal would be reduced by 97%! That's HUGE! Black crime here is WAY out of proportion with their numbers. As one Afrikaner said to me once: "Now imagine blacks were 90% of your population. What would YOU do?" My answer? "I'd leave!" Wouldn't you? 
They need to leave Africa and go back to europe or seek asylum in the USA.  I think blacks would be better off if they ruled their own country.
I can only imagine the struggle the whites have in south africa with them 90%. In the USA they're only 13% of the population, but yet they kill more Americans than whites, Hispanics, asians, hurricanes, tornadoes, land slides, earth quakes, the polio virus, swine flu and asteroids. 
Don't laugh. I work in the in the A & E departments of many of the hospitals around Pretoria and Johannesburg. The ANC was warned about the folly of dis -Investment and how it would leave you behind many developing countries(even Nigeria) SAB selling cheap booze to the people  in the townships was mainly responsible for the black peoples drunken pastime of stabbing.and brick bashing. Clever hard working people with a sense of purpose will always be snapped up by counties who realise their true value. That includes farmers that get up at 6 in the morning and work the land all day.
Why?  Because whites are sick of getting robbed by niggers.
Where would blacks go.Who wants them? Whites go to Europe or Aussie or NZ. Now blacks dance and sing because  they  have no land and the whites have the mines. Black Africans were in SA hundreds of years before whites.You had a long time to dig that gold up before the white man arrived. Did you or any black man, I don't think so. You could have bought good weapons with the money from the gold and chased the settler back into the sea.
 The Rand was worth 33 pence in 1990 by the way despite the comrades and their little helpers in USA and UK. The Rand is now worth about 6 pence. More African Blacks than ever are in positions of Authority making choices for now and the future  than ever before.
it seems that black people needs to be killed ALL, they are racist scum
The white people in SA are making money, and the government wants to redistribute their money (AKA steal it) to the poorer blacks.
you seem to be very ignorant. Who's coming to the UK in boatloads? Black Africans maybe? Then they show their respect for the country by this knockout game? 
the black person who was rapd for one does not have the money to leave . b did you think they didn't take everything she had. you must be fucking crazy to think that white people should move to s.a. you come off like a nice caring black man when in fact your just trying to lure white money into  your country to steel and kill. You wanted this situation and now you have it . murder rape theft, all part of your heritage. why should s.a. be any different than any other black run ountry. soon the skyskrapers will fall and the grass huts will reapear and you will all go back up north. and if the white man tries to build it up again the same old shit will happen. I know whats behind your smilling face. nice try. this will be spammed as racial by me.
Could it be, that white people have higher expectation of quality of life, hence leaving? Also, i don't dismiss racial prejudice. Not that criminals believe they are better, but they believe probably that "whites" owe em or don't belong to them.
Come to the UK and a pint or a tot of brandy and then you will realise that we the whites never hammered the poor as much as you may have now been led to believe..
well, due to the fact that black Africans are slaughtering white South Africans it's pretty obvious isn't it? I mean, unless you're completely brain dead.
I think the reason is that White people have developed white countries they can immigrate to (UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), but blacks don't have developed black countries they can immigrate to. This not a knock on black people, as there are white countries that are also developing (Eastern Europe).
+So Ye You seem completely ignorant of world.
+Chris P There are countries in Africa that can be considered developed, approaching development or emerging. Botswana right next door is the best country in Africa. Gabon basically the same as Botswana is also a great country. Namibia, Botswana, and Gabon are flourishing in resources, good governance, booming infrastructure, booming tech sector, retail, energy, finance, real estate, and no tolerance for corruption. Also Botswana being a large and sparsely populated nation has virtually no crime. Ghana is also a major one. Dripping in valuable resources and Ghana also has one of the fastest growing middle classes by percentage in the world and has less unemployment than any other African country 2.6%. You also have Angola. Although ruled by an Authoritarian regime it's oil wealth is tremendous and its creating jobs for Angolans and Portuguese people who go to Angola to escape economic chaos at home. In fact Angola even lent money to Portugal to help bail them out of their financial crisis and has large stakes in Portuguese banks and mining companies. Mozambique also has the fastest declining rate of unemployment in Africa because of their enormous diamond wealth.The East African Federation also has made huge gains in the retail and real estate industries because of the flourishing middle class. And here is a shocking fact: Africa is the continent with the fastest growing middle class. The reason Africans from poor African countries like Zimbabwe and Nigeria immigrate to the west is because of the African countries unwillingness to open up their borders. South Africa is the only country in all of Africa that takes in foreigners. Understand this, no other countries in the world have adopted the multicultural policy except Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. South Africa is very liberal in respects to immigration and cultural tolerance (constitutionally).
I'm black and I left, so fuck you
The whites brain washed the Hispanics to hate the blacks and love whites so always be majority in the americas,
White people are Demons.  You will NEVER be able to live with them in peace because they want to believe that they are superior to you.  WAKE UP.     White people know they do not Belong on the Continent.of Africa...they are Occupiers and not the original inhabitants.  They feel they deserve more than, better than in every situation than their fellow man.   When you fight back as our brother Mugabe has done they want to criticize him, leave and hope...yes I said HOPE the country fails so they can say "See... It is only because the mighty white man left and the lowly Black man cannot make a go of the land, that South Africa or any country on the continent is doomed."   But we all know that is not true.  Get the whites off of the continent and you will be fine.     Here in the United States..white folk get away with or far less time for committing the SAME offense.  But you will see, there are far more Blacks and Latinas in prison giving you  a distorted view of Black people.   These lies are good for the white man's ego.  He needs to feel superior to something.   Are you paying attention to how they talk about and disrespect our Black President here?  From every level... red necks that dropped out of high school think they are smarter than president Obama to Ivy league grads who only got through university because of his daddy's pocketbook , calling him names.   These crackas even shut down the government because they couldn't get "something" to stroke their feeble egos.   So to answer your question...Yes Black people are more concerned about the welfare of Africa than Whites.  When a white person cannot get his way, he goes mad. Do you see their children shooting up movie theaters, day care centers, churches, malls and killing many innocent people all because "mommy would not give them cigarette money???"     Did you see how they shut the government down here?    And listen to the comments below how they talk about black crime as though their sorry asses were saints.  
Well, calling people 'settlers' and singing songs that promote white genocide (as is done by politicians at the highest level) doesn't make people feel part of a society.
White South Africans are leaving b/c their country is being turned into a social waste land on the level of one giant Detroit.
This Country has the best all year weather. NO earthquakes, NO tsunamis, NO hurricains, NO nothing. sunshine and rain. LOVELY weather, WHITE PEOPLE BUILT THIS COUNTRY, WE DO NOT WANT TO LEAVE. But we simply can not stand by and see how it all gets messed up. it breaks our hearts to see all our hard work go down the drain. So we move out and go help build a country that WORKS.  for ex -AUS or NZ
BEE just leaves the blind leading the blind. Be careful what you wish hey.
white people immigrated to south africa. what shoudl the problem be if they wanted toi immigrate again? They came here to escape oppression (yeah white people actually oppress white people, fucking wake up, and black people oppress black people (ANC, and blame white people)_ Seriously boet
Black and white South-Africans are affected by crime in the same way. The problem lies with the Black rule regime, which generates crime. This is a thread of all Black African societies.
you're very wrong white people wnat this country to succeed? otherwise the ones who can really do complicated shit would have flown away every last fucking one i can PROMISE you that my kaffir
I think PoliticalKhaya means well, but he is not seeing the world through the eyes of the white South Africans. I just came back from Durban and my impressions were of siege. Crime is at insane levels, white people cannot get jobs, whereas before they could. There are many highly qualified whites that are discriminated against for their skin colour. This rainbow country that Mandela spoke of is coming apart and as much as there are good people of every color history sets a nasty precedent and with various firebrands promising ill will on the whites they take what options they have and try to cut their losses.
I know its an old one, but thank you for making this video my brother :) Your points were spot on. Long live South Africa!
Blacks are repeating the mistakes of whites.. That why they are leaving
people are people, they will point the finger and eat the pie if they can and say i didnt eat it
They should emmigrate to Aberdeen, Scotland where the streets are paved with gold. .
white people are culturally more inclined technology, mind you get a lot of ignorant white people. i think apartheid people knew this and they wanted to 'keep the lights on'. If you hand over to democracy to a society that isnt ready for it, there will be lack of skills, and a huge slump... seriously people just cooperate
otherwise we can just go back to subsistance farming, kill all the fucking whites, i dont give a fuck, and then you can start hakcing each other to pieces, who cares?
Same goes for European culture as well..Hell, anyone's culture, that's humans for you..Look at the Roman Empire...Corruption caused it's downfall, and arrogance.
Things are far better economically in the us than most of Europe .
Because whites are sick and tired of having to carry guns around to protect themselves from people like you. Get it? It's a no-brainer mate. That's what they tell me here in Australia. Just stay where you are and use your brains to help your own people. Cheers. We are doing just fine without you. Oh and don't forget to bury your head again after you have read this.
you an idiot! if South Africa is screwed over by whites, why are we the wealthiest country in Africa? You Chop!!
Australia is surrounded by sea it's quite obvious you don't experience the same fears because it's not a part of your reality you don't have to fear third world people as much, most of it seems according to me, that the "apartheid" was there to stop black immigration, which obvious would have been the down fall of SA, if they never adopted it in the first place. A true atheist knows that DNA adjust itself and isolation helps to preserve the new strains.
Is this troll on Drugs??? WTF this world has gone crazy when inane human drones are permitted to upload this utter crap!.
Do you have any evidence to support your claims or are they just general perceptions?
Africa is great, I was born here,awesome country,self sustained countries in the world. we have everything, oil, minerals, fish stocks are good,wines,cattle, etc.....list goes on The working class africans are awesome people, mixed nationalities etc., we get on well together, but goverment need to get township un-educated garbage sorted. I am talking about South africa,not the rest of Africa thats corrupted by non educated savage type leaders.our blacks dont want to leave they want us to leave.
As for the murder rate, it has fallen since the end of apratheid according to NBC which reported "South Africa's overall annual murder rate has more than halved since the end of apartheid to around 32 people per 100,000." See "Killing of white farmers highly toxic aparthied legacy in South Africa online.
There ARE Nigerians here. And they are doing just fine. I am working with Nigerians. Hope they can finally kick out all the whites in Nigeria though if they want to keep progressing. Those fuckers just fund extremists and destabilize the government by corrupting officials while preaching democracy. And if all else fails they kill the leaders outright. And what's a few million dead civilians. There's got to be collateral damage right. Nasty bloodthirsty cunts.
There is a lot of racism against whites. Black people pull the racist card and misuse the term racism deliberately to approve violence and misbehaviour against white people. White people should be aware of that.
Yes sure, it is not at all nice for black people to be living under apartheid. It would be really nice if it never happened. The only possibility for that was if the white man never declared the black mans areas as a part of South Africa. This was a very arrogant step to take. The white mans areas(quite legitimate I might add) should have been declared as a country, not somewhere where foreigners can just come and be paid pittance for pitiful skills and be told to live over the railway line.
You are aware that everything you described was done for close to 400 years in the United States, right? I condemn criminality everywhere and at every time in history. Let us not pretend to be stupid as to how this nonsense began. Our goal today should be to figure out how to stop it from continuing.
Are you really that stupid? You live in South Afrika (SA), I live in Europe, and I think that I now it better then you. In SA you have black apartheid. Your president Zuma and Julius Malema are making young people mad by singing terrible thing about de boer. Never heard about the white genocide in SA? Let all the farmers get out of SA like Zimbabwe and you know what the future will be for SA.
Don't get me wrong though. I am not interested in African resources. I just can't stand seeing this shit, and I educate white cunts and others alike when I see stupid ignorant comments. Btw, if this project works out, you'll definitely hear about it in the media lol. We're trying to do a fantastic job for Nigerian youth.
Hey Jerry, I am not against colour, but detest stupidity, I respect any person that has honour and works for what he believes and achieved. But south african blacks think that whites owes them something. gee I am poorer than richard branson but I dont think that he owes me anything.Our people are jealous of one another they steal, lie from one another,no honour, they will try to sleep with his neigbours can never compare an african savage to an american black which experienced slavery.
Also, who are perpetrators of most of the violent crimes? What percentage of violent crimes are committed by whites? What percentage of violent crimes are committed by blacks?
Huh? You sound sweet and educated buddy but you are pretty ignorant. BEEEEEeeee I'm leaving on a Jet plane, don't know I be back again...Cheers SA!
In that case, since you love them so much, why not import a few million Nigerians to Sri Lanka? I'm sure the locals would want to kill you after that.
I was involved in the anti-apartheid movement for 20 years, many of those inside South Africa. Racial division is not the solution to Africa's problems.
Nigeria will be the fastest growing economy for the next 40 years in the world. Fuck your ideas of whites being anything but a cancer in Africa. Any country needs to kick whites out before prospering (white cunts prospering from our work isn't what's counted, like what happened in the past in South Africa).
I'm Australian and I can say we don't want your filthy narrow minded ignorant behavior in our country. We actually care what the world thinks of us we know who you people are and an apartheid system would never be considered in our country you filthy swine!
The whole thing is South Africa had it's chance to prove to the World that Apartheid wasn't right that we could be a model of the world for multi cultural society. Those that don't know history are bound to repeat it. The Kaffers have hate not due to Apartheid yet due to the fact that they're horrible people the saddest part is that they're too stupid to realize that. Apartheid was necessary to keep things under control by separating people not everyone can live together yet still live life.
Don't forget that the Whites, people of European origin ( the Dutch, the French, the English, the Germans, the Afrikaners contributed enormously to the development of the South African region and the opening up of its interior and the coming of Western civilization to this part of the world. Today we witness the evidences of these wonderful achievements on African soil.
We all know that, but niggers have developped a special talent, the one to blame everything on whites and get away with it, but, we are waking up . . . . The Real Hollocaust is coming, 9 00 00 000 niggers and no one cares is just about ripe . . . Hang on . . .
A stupid ass chimp.Genocide. you fucking retard.
I think what this guy is saying is that all the statistics that show that whites have been killed are being taken out of context by white racists to promote an agenda by white nationalists and that blacks have been killed in South Africa too, and more so than whites. White flight is basically white people saying that they are not in it for South Africa. Some whites believe they are entitled to special protection are the ones who cry foul anytime something happens to a white person.
If you can make a better life somewhere else you do.
what Palestine? Terrorist are put there, because none of neighbourhoods want them as citizens
of course you did, it's a part of your ancestry. Many of the blacks in Europe were also born and raised there but then you have racists telling them to go back to Africa or complaining some are stealing their jobs etc. Then the only way to solve this is for both blacks and whites to carry out a mass exodus.
true whites have a superiority problem one in philosophies without them knowing it... i don't think we should abolish all our contacts we could still have knowledge and goods.
But at the same time there are Blacks all over Europe and what White devils? get a fucking grip!
You witness corrupt leaders who deem themselves above the law. Your children who had nothing to do with anything or anyone gets targeted by the affirmative action policies, which means that they will never get a job because they the minority are competing against the majority of blacks who's also looking for work. You see that unqualified black people are being put into roles purely because they are either a comrade or because they are black.
If Whites arent welcome in Africa Blacks shouldn't be welcome in Europe, its that simple.
we are all slaves to something just a very few men are really free. A black african hunting for his pray is more free than someone in this society.
you are so freaking thick headed that you cant see everything that has been done to the black races of the world. Why do you think the europeans got so far a head its because they destroyed everything the blacks of Africa had to get there black men and women are to be respected not spoken to like second rate citizens. and finally most of the things you just said were invented in Europe were actually invented in the states just saying. Im white and i can see the importance of equality
Listen to this moron ...that is why we MUST give money to Africa for food ? No more money ... work for your food idiot !
Why would you use Gods name and then follow it up by the threat of a violent act?
Its just harder for the blacks to immagrate! And there are loads of black south africans in the uk fool! Loads! Besides with that afirmitve action crap. Being targeted by Malema " kiss the boer " kill the boer! Farm rapes and murders. Open a business robbed bankcrupt tomorrow! Wtf do u expect!
ok dude enough, i wasnt serious ok, what i said ws all blst,just joke. black, white, no matter what race, there always will bad and good people, u r probably too young and your hatred is blind
And guess what, where the white man has not had control it has turned to shit or remained shit. Just look at the 51 countries Mooslems infect, they are all shit, not even close to being compared the white man land. Look at India and China, they have been for awhile and yet they still dont have a excellent society that resembles the west standards hence why they leave for the West.
well I guess you have not been reading the statistics when white farmers are being murdered/ tortured with nothing really being stolen. Live in your new apartheid in 2013, just as it happened with Palestine.
That's bullshit, I get along quite well with white people, as long as they're not trying to be racist.
because south africa is a shithole?
You must be joking? Really? Your Serious? Apartheid worked for white people if the roles were reversed you wouldn't feel so great about it. Also fuck Israel! Those pigs stole the land from the muslims because of what white Europeans did to them 70 years ago. Fuck them cold heartless bastards.
Sad but true . Khaya made his video a few years ago . I would like to get an updated view now . Children being murdered with spears in school by fellow school mates , Ministers colluding with drug lords , our prime minister with 10 wives and 20 children , e toll corruption , Babies getting raped and killed and human body parts removed for tribal medicine beliefs , crime and armed robberies , corruption is rife , looting , political intolerance . The list goes on and on ......
Apartheid was the best medicine for South Africa. Even many blacks want a return to the system after being victims of lawlessness and rampant crime. In fact Apartheid would be the solution to Australia's multicultural pollution.
South Africa is already screwed over by white people, lets make sure it doesn't happen to other African country's.
joke of da year, without white ppl, YOU would still climbing da trees in da bush nigga.Without oil production (which is controlled by whites-niggers dont know how to do) you would running after giraffes and hunting fuckin gazellas you noob ahaha
State power corrupts everywhere. White people in SA still buy the idea of western exceptionalism. They will soon discover that the decay and stench of corruption wrought by power is to be found in the west as well. Being in a minority when the economic shit hits the fan is however never a good idea, history abounds with examples of how dangerous this can be. It's going to be tough where I've escaped to but I think it's going to be hell in SA when the next bubble bursts.
You can make good arguments without calling people niggers you asshole below. This guy is a pretty educated and cool person, just because you disagree with his views does not make him a nigger and you just make yourself look foolish with such words
I'm one of the people that left. I didn't agree with corruption, safety issues, inflation problems, water issues in JHB etc. In general the ANC is doing a pisspoor job at governing and great at abusing the system. Being a white man anything I ever said was construed as being racist. I only really had one option left, take my tax money and go pay it to a government which I believe is giving me something in return. Issues aren't about failing, racism etc. It's about NON GOVERNMENT.
White South Africans are leaving South Africa because they have deeplomatic eemunity like that dude in Lethal Weapon 2.
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