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Lady Gaga - You And I(Live at Amp Radio)

by HausOfGaGaCZ • 1,987,372 views

Lady GaGa performs an acoustic version of her new single "You And I" for eight of her biggest Amp Radio-listening fans.

Apart from her slightly weird actions during her performance, she's one of the best singers of all time. She doesn't need lip-sync during her concerts, she doesn't need auto-tune and shit. Her voice is beautiful.
I know this comment was 2 months ago, but She actually never lip syncs during her concerts, she is hates it when artists do that. She gives her fans raw and beautiful talent. Also I don't believe she uses auto tune very much at all.
This is actually pretty damn impressive! I don't usually listen to this kind of music but I was just curious! Song is pretty good too.
+xqnp7 Why only the most popular ? "The Queen" is almost unknown but it would be one of the best to be sung in acoustic !! The same with "Hair".
For a single album you can't do all songs and songs that are popular are popular for a reason.
Lady Gaga has one of the best voices of our time. I wish she would focus on her music and not the gimics she is so talented I have her first two albums and the were amazing, Come back GAGA we need you.
+Kapp Bea Hmm, where do i know this?
How could those people just sit there looking bored as hell??!! If I was there if be bowing down to her going "IM NOT WORTHYYYY" she's got such amazing talent <3
I think that the people that would be in there are the kind of fans that will listen to the music while it's happening. Most artists like that, rather than so many people screaming at them and no one pays attention to their music.
despite all her faults and oddness she suprisling is a good singer.  Didn't relize it honestly.
She looks like Katy Perry. Lol. But voice-wise, she's amazing on acoustic! :D
Well, I was talking about the hair only! Hahahahaaaa!!
+Maria Kate no, you're even more wrong LOL XD
everyones raving about her oscar performance tribute to sound of music, meanwhile i sat on my couch,humbled in knowing that voice isnt new,but has been there forever and ive been privelaged to see it upclose and live. I remember watching this perf.of hair on youtube when it came out,i cried. Then oscar night i was happy that she shut everyone up in the entire entertainment business. Her having this remarkable voice isnt news. this is one of my all time fav lives performances,well my list is long but this is top 3 :)
She sings with so much passion, it's amazing. I didn't realize what a great singer/artist she is!
Sheer genius, not sure I like some things about her, but you can't mistake true talent which only comes along once in a while
Mon dieu mais quelle force l'a frappée ? Elle semble venu de l'espace. Époustouflante.  
I'm not an avid fan, but why so awesome, Lady Gaga? She's more likable in live acoustics.
What an amazing genius!
I don't know many people that can push a piano pedal with heels that high, but you definitely ace doing it 👌👌😉 amazing peformance!
thats really incredible
This voice.. this performance is just.. Monstrous..q #ladygaga   #acoustic   #youandi   #piano   #monsters   #epic  
only if she can do respectful songs like this and drop down the sluttiness she's doing on stage and some lyrics she'll turn into something unbeatable.
???? She's already unbeatable.
+Kat Vera aha .. that's why she had 3 #1 for 3 albums while one of the #1s  is remake hit belongs to another artist
Her voice does something to a good way of course! <3
when she sings like this.. when she really feels her lyrics it make me tear up like a little bitch
Bella Luna Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
+Lady Gaga my always favorite gaga :)  the crowd is sooo boring , If I was there jusko ngwild nako ug ngsinggita +Kyre Alcris Gorres :)
buti lang talaga wala ka dun at nkaka hiya ka HAHA
dba?? they're so boring as audience, aq ana di nko pakahimutang jud haha 
I would be frozen in awe watching that live.
Gaga is a real as they come.  The passion in this performance is shooting through my computer screen and bouncing around the room. 
To be honest for the first time I saw Lady Gaga I disliked her but after I went to her concert in Latvia. I totally fell in love with Lady G. 
Le canzoni esisteranno sempre. ogni frammento di canzone appartiene ad un ricordo..........
now thats a fckin damn good voice gaga
Best artists are crazyy!! I love gaga:D
Вот бл*, мурашки бегают как бешеные:)))... в живут всегда лучше чем запись, крутая баба:)))
What is wrong with these people in the "audience"??? How could they just sit there?! That's Lady freakin Gaga!
not one of her little monsters. but this is surprisingly good
Toooottallllyyy queen, cristal voice, sense for rhythm, amazing sequence on piano... gosh, totally amazing!!!!!
She might an an extraordinary personality, but she has an extraordinary talent to match that, The woman is an inspiration to all those aspiring musicians, including myself.
This woman just hides 100000000 artists in her. Im totally stunned.
Damn i wish i could steal her voice. She's just too awesome,flawless,effortless haha still can't believe she's this talented.
Lady Gaga "can't sing " ??? Really ??? QUEEN GAGA
I love you Lady GAGA !
Edge of glory lady gaga
One word to describe this performance: SLAY
She is a true entertainer and a transcendent artist. Sings a lil as
little monsters <3 thats so cute... :)
Her voice just makes me tear up. Loved you since i was younger Gaga, Thank you for existing. You're wonderful!
Those people need to be grateful of that experience and their sat their like someones slapped their ass!! Anyone would dream of that opportunity!! 
I can listen to this all day
i didnt know that she was even  a good singer  i love this
Lady Gaga IS the music,she has beautiful voice but also likes to shock people,but she don't have to!Stephanie is real musician and she doesn't care others opinion :)
INSANE!!! Soooo artistic and she can certainly belt it... She is not just a recording artist, she is an amazing live performer!! 
when she plays the piano she's the cutest thing in the world!!!! love her so much!
damn , she's so talented !!! She's so cool !!! I could listen to her all day ....... and night !!! What a performer :)
fuck, i love this woman so much
I like this outfit and hairstyle on her.
Please check out my cover of 'You and I' on my channel. Cheers!
This is too good! Gaga I love you, you never fail to disappoint! <3
I LOVE HER SO MUCH :') She has that uniqueness, that realness and it hits you right in the heart!
udo298 Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
me gusta mas esta canción en vivo, que la versión así ya en estudio y editada. se oye mejor en vivo
si señor en todas sus canciones
+omar perez no, en todas no canta bien, canta mal en algunas.  pero cada quien su opinion 
susan hyland Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Beautiful that is all I can say But you look good with Tony Bennet
she is the best singer...with the bigger talent!! the best song :) 
Meguasta esta canción...! I LOVE YOU LADY GAGA...!
OMG loved this performance lol I practice in the shower all the time but I cant seem to do it as much justice ;)
A senhora e destruidora mesmo viu!? 
Without the back up band, the explosions, the dancers, the wild costumes, what is Lady Gaga ? Perfect. Such a beautiful and talented lady. <3
I'm so peacefull when i listen it it's juts perfect to relax and have good time my song right now thanks gaga
I have no idea why people said she can't sing lol cuz it's so not true
<3 Your amazing Gaga. Im always so intrigued with her performances 
this is why GaGa is called a real artist live!! LOVE HER
+SS so if after watching this you still think her voice is fake you know nothing about music and real singers
yy sure. go watch the fake naked singers now
es mejor piano y su vos en todas sus versiones me sorprendió excelente
360° top Artist.... love her
I'm in love with her voice. She's goddess and stylish!!!!!!!! <3
She is an amazing live performer
Still lovin this song and her voice is so wonderful when live it's just wow!
What's the first part introducing You And I? It's very similar to Someone Like You by Adele, the chords are the same ones.
Jürgen Wiemer Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Lady Gaga - You And I(Live at Amp Radio):
love u are so amazing
Jennetta Chan Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
Cannot go away without sharing this one......
Messy, during this performance, sometimes she has to stop playing the piano so she can focus on singing.. She's not that good
She's better then most pop shit artists today
shes giving suspense. Don't be rude if you can't sing anywhere near that.
but i cant deny she has a good voice that bitch sounds like an instrument
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