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If you hate being black, WatCh ThIs!

by bmatt820 • 57,716 views

If you hate being BlacK, WatCh This!

Whites are troubled mentality
To Biracials that don't like their black side, I say "don't let the door hit you on the way out". Get the hell on losers.
So, when was the last time you saw your black dad or parent? uuhhhh, ok next question.
Aint its what u do that makes you aint ancle tom. Am tried of black people saying black people that talk proper are aucle toms. So STUPID!!!!
A white person wouldn't take you under their wing. Bitch please. I teach all kinds of people all kinds of activities, all the time, for free even. Stop hating on whittie. You act like you were a slave or something.
I believe the black people especially ones outside of Africa are deeply broken people with little sympathy from those who are not. I agree with your comment on tired of those "vids" on youtube. I'm trying my best not to watch them anymore. i feel like there should be assemblys that little black boys and girls go to that up lifts them and crosses out all they learn from the outside.
I'm glad I'm black cuz I don't have a pink doggy dick and for a lot of other reasons
Being white is great, I feel for niggers, they look like shit it's so sad to see. We are the masters of all nations so Jamaica niggers are ours also! Face it God is white and the devil is black and his demons are brown. Look at this demon- crat nigger
You a stupid bitch!@essexbros Don't you know that white and black are not races and that's the names to distinguish between Africans not black and Caucasians not white you idiot? So the devil being black is a dumb ass statement and even if he was it has nothing to do with african Americans or Africa because there is no black race just a label that racist Caucasians could use to make theirselves relative to white being pure and black being evil and dirty when there is evil and dirt in every race you cocksucker! And the bible explained the devil human form as a maggot pigmentation just like Caucasian people and piercing blue eyes just like the so called white Caucasian people! You and your bigotry makes you so blind to truth that you don't care for truth cause it is against you and it would bring your world down around you and your computer rants and untruths you know to be lies! You fucking embedded sister fucker! @essexbros
and yet denzel washington is a rich famous sex symbol and you are nothing LOL @ irony
Even though society can be harsh against blacks, you can't let that stop you from loving yourself as a black person! I'm black and I love it! Fuck the haters.
If American Blacks had their own nation they would be free of this constant never ending racism. Their own future would be in their own hands. No one could keep them down.
@misanthropikbunny He's half white
btw did you notice that kim's boyfriends are all black? i'm attending an all white school and i get compliments on my natural hair, the way i dress and my lips too sometimes.
I don't understand why people make videos like this. Whites are supirior? Then why do they get botax in their lips to looks like ours, full and nice. Breast and butt inplants to look like our beautiful curves. TANS to look darker than they are. People of color are the starters of the world we live in and just because you are in a mind set of idiotic hate doesn't make you right. I am 16 years old and i know the difference between an intellectual and an idiot, and you sir, are an idiot.
What blacks should do instead of fighting among themselves is to unite and work together for a better future work hard 4 better education, more young black graduating from college and earn higher grounds in the community and socially I guarantee blacks will earn the respect they deserves.
being black sucks,i want to white so i can design cars for companies.
Shit why stay in America, why not go to Africa, Jamaica, Brazil , Barbados and use our resourses to build those countrys. I can think of plenty places to go. I think the black race can live in a paradise and the people that are racist and hate us can find someone else to hate.
We are all black people. What the fuck are you talking about?
seeing you cry touched my heart.i agree with what you said about the life of a black person being tied to struggle.i like how you talked about not denying that heritage but rather to embrace it
Thank you for being so honest about your personal struggles but, tbh, life for a black person isn't easier: the abuse has just changed. Racism has evolved with time and laws which makes it harder to see but still as obvious as before. We won't be comfortable until we're accepted and... Well... The comments on your video are clear. The psychological torture will remain until change.
i dont even care lol im black white native american and asian and everybody either loves me or hates me theres never a balance for me
i cant cause i got curly hair and it wont lower down
Gays! are still humans its just the ones I meet are rude, and always ask me out.
LOL blacks in America are so far brainwashed about different skin colors.
SMH. This guy is not only gay, but is also a hypocrite. See his video "I can see why so many black males turn gay." This guy has not dated any black American woman either (only white). Also you are mixed, not black.
The life of a blackmen is a struggle.. yes it is.. mostly because of the media, and proving to the rest that your not ghetto or ignorant.. once your born.. your fucked..
Israelites were constant slave but they were Gods people. God kept leading them out of bondage. Stop tripping black people. It's obvious that we are Gods people. They Crucified Jesus and He is the Saviour. Just endure to the end, keep looking to God and He will give us first seat in Heaven. The devil hate us.
Sexyrose you do not know how it feels so you need to stop being a narcicist
2:54 - 3:30 The TRUTH !!! Thank you!
Maybe you will but still you should kill yourself
i hate being black and I've always have so.. there's one.
check out Dr. Claud Anderson, here on YT.
Cause we were taught to hate yourselves. but no matter the color I love all my brothers and sisters. I'm a little homophobic, but he I'll grow up.
your a fucking idiot. he said he's biracial dumb ass.
Sorry, this is what whites make them to believe that blacks are ugly and not good. These are same whites who were made by nature and at the same suggesting for nature only white skin is good yet wears away at unprecedented rate when they are aged. White racists are appalling to say the least. Their ignorant about life and nature is nauseating to say the least. 'Humanity in next 1000 years'.I hate when whites blame Africans for ignorance yet they are worse off.
This video don't help. I wish I was Asian.
Then you should find yourself around those of use who love and worship the ground that darkskinned women walk on
That's for posting this video bro.Peace
Well, this is the way the builders of our society want us to live
When I go out the door There is a very good chance I will get mean mugged by a brotha. A sista blow me off because I dont wear baggy pants, talk ignorant and act "gangsta". Then white folks will clutch their purse and follow me around the store. You cant win. But I refuse to say I hate being black. White ppl are the least of my worries because they are scared of black. But niggaz are more Dangerous than the KLAN
Yeah, I fully understand where you're coming from. People (myself included) should be more specific. Most Blacks don't act like the African American stereotype. Probably most African Americans don't act like the stereotype. :)
im black and young and life as a black person isnt always a struggle if your successful then what people say shouldnt matter..i love my skin and i love all races of women but i have a craziness for black no attention to self haters thugs and racist white people..just do u and your life style wont be a problem
dude your mixed get over it so am i and we are all people right?
yu lame yo shit lame go kill yo self and go kill who ever told yu dat yu are funny
@ATL3xtra ,damn you just spoke exactly how I feel. It's not so much being black that's A problem, it is the nature of our people, always trying to out slick each other always competing over bullshit,who da bigger man who got da gat...It's really A mixture of things that we as A race ourselves cycle, lack of love for each other really has led us to in turn really hate ourselves making us hostile towards each other or unknowing self hate perpetrated in many ways such as lack of education/ignorance
Young man, you are not black, nor white, nor blue, green or fashion pink! You are a human being on planet earth heir to world human culture, that is all. Don't define your self by color! You are a spiritual energy clothed in a human form.
listen, iv never heard one black person say they dont want 2 be black before, wtf are u talking abt!...
Black men are hot I love golden bronze skin, it's so beautiful, especially when it shines in the sun.
I would just rather be a white person..I've been bullied by black people all my life..being black has ruined my past relationships...Lol "clown" really..just go away u ghetto trash bag
Good God people are so jaded. The whole world doesn't revolve around your skin color. As if everyone in the world wakes up and thinks "today I am going to make sure I look down on this guy cause he is black" Get over yourself. By the way no single race has "more in their heart to give" than any other race. That is exactly the same as a white person saying white people are inherently good or have more love to give. Give me a break.
I have NEVER heard one Black person or person of color state they want to be white. NEVER--not in my entire life and I've been around for a while.
@BigBananaMan Fuck that shit, we will look ugly
Good for you, I am proud to know that young men out there think like this (huge sigh of relief)
i agree that some blacks complain a lot and that they are sometimes more hateful than whites. but i hate how some people think that african americans= blacks. some people generalise too much they think that every blacks act like AAs. or they base on AA culture to make their judgement on blacks. don't get me wrong. i love AAs, their music culture, but i hate how some people expect me to act like them just because i'm black!
I forgot that you can't hate being black, because you're not. You want to be black.
Look at men like Martin Luther king and Malcolm x the whites fear those men, cuz the had knowledge, power, integrity and values.
im an 9 and i love my half french half black and half mexican/hispanic self
he looks black to me, im dark but most of the ppl in my family are his color. african americans are mixed period.
I blame the fucking Arabs and Portuguese for starting this shit and for the people saying " go back to africa if u don't like it here" how can they it's a land they haven't seen America is their home and they will one day be raised up for without money they were sold and without money they will be Redeemed so to my brothers who were sold as slaves just hold on a bit longer God will redeem you
Just love who ya are I love been Irish an excuse to drink alot
Hold up u need to stop talking about black people and get a life.
This Brotha is saying it as it is. One love to this Bro and stay stand tall.
whites are devils of this planet,they're fucking racist scumbags! yes i'm black and white! but i hate that fucking evil side of me!
No white person would come up to you and do that? from your experiences.Keyword "Your experiences" You seem jaded and I guess I can understand to a limited degree why...but at the same time you are talking smack on the other half of your heritage. Man I cannot stand people who generalize just like you do a few times pointing the finger in this video. We are all molded by our experiences,surroundings etc. what upsets me is I would of been the type of guy who would of taken a kid and helped them.
Most of these videos about African Americans hating themselves are coming from mixed blacks or from the blacks on the east coast.You never see blacks from the West coast on self hating videos because that's where the Black Panthers started and you never see blacks from the south on those types of videos because we love our African American culture down here.Blacks that hate themselves make up less than 1% so you need to go somewhere else with that African Americans hate themselves crap.
after all the knowlege our black scholars put out here for us to read and we still running around actin crazy why is that a crying white homosexual holding up cards can get more views on you tube then john henrike clark. the feelins of a white homosexual is more important to black ppl than other blacks. im not against gays but im tired of them comparing there struggle to the black struggle. it doesnt compare and it makes me angry to compare wanting to get married to genocide
Are those ducks or pigs in the background????
I love being black which is why I stay with my own people and don't run to the white mans trash hoping to be accepted by the white dog.
I realized that a lot of racist don't make a lot of sense, like you. Why wont you just shut up and make another grill?
self-hating and slave mentality crap with African Americans needs to stop, because i don't to see the next generation of black children hating who they are. Please stop this cycle its getting ridiculous.
is that a chicken in the back
It's called America. We live in a white supremest society. Don't bust your brain over it. We live a in a society of a totally morally corrupt majority.
Right as I said another dumb nigger who hates being white and runs and kiss white massa ass. What dumb porch niggers who hate being black type to me online doesn't bother me. Now get the fuck out of here and go try to be white some more.
I'm a black guy and I honestly hate being black....It's a fucking life is shit Because of it...Ugh
Ok ok i understand where your comming from. I'm just tired of the racism.
@dizzle67883 The disproportionate numbers in the prision industrial complex system are all about economic and social racism.
All black people hate being black that is why we call ourselves nigga and run to the race who used to own us. Because you all hate being black. The guy on the video isn't even black anyway the thing looks mixed.
well i hate being white not happy to be white!
if u come to jamaica and say ur black u will be laughed at. the one drop rule here is
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