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by communitychannel • 1,940,201 views

a test, in every sense. Please come back and rate this one after you've played and let me know how the vids are showing up for you. Hope you're all well and enjoying your weekends. x n

Lolll she didt leave the book she spilled stuff on her and that thing was gone
Rainbow stick gone. Takes book with her. Comes back covered in blood screaming. Lol funniest spot the difference ever
Ermm I think the chair could have been at a slightly different angle.... JOKES!😎
Not too sure after that last one lmao
The three differences were the rainbow stick on the table, she didn't put the book down and im not too sure about the last one
1 )The rainbow statue was missing. 2 )You toke the book away. 3 )You came back with blood on you screaming! Did I pass the test? Yes I think 💌👸👼
Im on an ipad! 😩
They are both pretty much the same.... couldn't really spot any difference
The spiral the book and the blood
what's the background music that she uses??
The rainbow thing wasn't there anymore , you didn't put the book down, and you came back stained in red
Does anybody know what the name of that theme song is? There is a longer snipet of that theme song in her "the hand" video.
The colorful thing was missing
you are soo cute :) :)
Yes the three differences are the colourful stachue thing you take the book away and you come back scream with blood on u
The cup isn't there cus u died in clip b The rainbow thing on the table is gone And in clip a u left the book but u didn't in clip b
Rainbow thing and screaming! Too easy!
She didnt put down the book
I was eating Almonds when you walked back in covered in blood. Almost choked on em god dammit! Bad decision.
I'm pretty sure I did
I'm not sure. But I'd say no.
The add was longer than the video! Wtf!
She brought the book with her, the rainbow thing was gone, and she was a bloody mess.
Watching this vid on my laptop and when the answers came i actually tried to push the button by pressing my finger on the screen...yeah...that's the kind of awesomely smart person I am ~_^ 
Lol that was easy I passed and like if your watching in 2014 oh yea!!
It was really hard xd
that is probably what nat would be screaming when she took this...mediocre sized dick
I only noticed one difference. It seems that the first clip had a young asian man and the second clip had a woman in it but I can't be sure if it was really a woman or not.
Just a guess, it's probably music from iMovie or something xD
1. took the book 2. no rainbow thing 3. No cup upon return
The rainbow thing was missing, you had blood on your shirt, and you didn't come back with the book
she look like Van Mai Huong singer Vietnam
Ya I passed even though it was really hard jk
What is the music in the background?
You technically can't. You usually pass out and when you pass out you automatically breath unless you are underwater or is being forced by something.
They both the're hot in both :)
1st difference: in the first scene theres a colorful thing on the table, in the second scene there is not. 2nd difference: in the first scene when she leaves she put the book on the chair when she walked away, in the second scene she took the book with her. 3rd diefference: in the first scene when she came back she was calm and started to read again, in the second scene she came back screaming with "blood" all over her.
It's driving me insane as well, she put it in dr google and i hate past natalie as well.
It doesn't matter what you do, you have to hold your breath for 1 hour. As in, don't breathe for 1 hour.
theres no first cup ou are bloody theres no rainbow thing
Man. I thought the lady pouring the red stuff on her was her mum. But I know mum's voice, and I don't think it was her.
When you came out screaming in clip B I laughed so hard. So random and funny aww man...
Hey, I've always wanted to know, what is the background music you use Nat?
LOL! Segway to Natalie Tran's video about taken usernames XD
Damn you apple for no annotation
The first second of your videos is always the cutest. Oh.. wait.. there's a guy grabbing a female's behind on the related videos.. gotta go..
i got it right so suck in people that failed
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