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RuneScape Rap Battles of History - Zezima vs. SUOMI

by Regicidal • 262,435 views

*Lyrics in Description* Hey everyone, it's Lee (Regicidal) Watch in HD if you'd like, the option is there :) "Like" this video if you want MORE RuneScape Rap Battles of History! Twitter:...

Mod Mark v Nightmarerh
omfg YES. LMFAO!!!!!
the voices are pretty cheap
holy fucking shit this is cringe worthy.
Mod Mark VS large pepperoni pizza.
everyone does kno zezima tho.
Zezima won! Suomi only achieved what he did from the money of others. He didn't earn it.
Suomi finland perkele <3
Karjala takaisin vaikka pullo kerrallaan :P
I still play rs I still remember the days now I make videos on youtube :)
zezima the true number 1 
Suomi finland perkele
Absolutely terrible.
zezima always wins.
Mod Mark vs Mod Andrew
Suomi Raped Zezima in the ass.
finland country is suck like hell
Zezima will always be the best. Anyone who says Suomi only played in 2012
zez won the rap suomi won the war.
Mod Mark vs Mod Andrew
Suomi is 2nd now :P
im from finland so obviously im gonna say that S U O M I won even though i dont give damn :)
Suomi killed that last part but what kind of an RS player would I be if i didn't give that win to ZEZIMA
Zezima will always be number one to me.
Lool all I'm seeing is zezima fan boys I'm going to give it to the other guy
pick OmegaDragon9 he helps noobs and kick some ass he is a 10 year vet on 5 accounts 
n0valyfe vs lilyuffie88 Or substitute the old nite for one
Zezima slaughtered the fuck outta suomi; just for stating the facts.
zezima  was my hero when i am little !! ahahha  true number one
Zezima the only name in RS people need to know
better rap skills and might be good.  too bad it's rap battle of history rip off tho.  name is something else.
NightmareRH vs SparcMac!
Mod Mark vs. Head McDonald's Executive
Suomi means finland lol best thing is that im from there
Suomi is the current number 2 player in runescape ;)
watched this ages ago..still very epic
Im from finland and S u o m i is now 1st -
are you guys kidding? Fat Wrecked R.I.P my old RS buddy. Do ElveMage vs ShySteph!
finland is suck suomi=suo=swamp suomi/finland  new name is swampland
zez won the rap battle but suomi owns the highscores lol
Zezima is way better he is the first player that passed to make all skills 99 ! Thats awesome !!!
Btw suomi was first player that passed 200m all skills :-)
Zezima will always be the best
Zezima MADAFACKARS!!!!!!
Im from finland and S u o m i is now 1st -
u mad mothafuckas? finns rule in rs
i never even heard of suomi zezima is my hero
Zaros (Player with torva armor) VS Queen black dragon (player with royal dhides) Thanks!
it'd be great if he stopped right after exp and just cut ivy for five minutes
Lol he doesnt do these anymore
suomi pwned zezima lol
Zezima = Family shared account, S U O M I i dont even know about? maybe just rich bot user?
Old nite vs So Wrecked
guthix vs bandos zoros vs nex
pfft... zarfot?? zarfot was the reason there is no exp waste
FTW [!won!] Zezima [!won!] FTW!
Mtäs teillä o suomee vastaa??
Bonesaw vs Taco Limey
Drumgun new #1,never liked suomi being nr 1 since he just used effigys
would you like to make a donation rofl!!!!!!!!!
Old Nite Shoulda been a 3rd rap
S U O M I WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
epic rap battle copy
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