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Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri (Boyce Avenue feat. Tiffany Alvord acoustic cover) on iTunes

by boyceavenue • 21,960,282 views

Tickets + VIP Meet & Greets: iTunes: Spotify: Google: Amazon:...

Anaheim, California! Can't wait to sing with you all July 23 & 24 at the House Of Blues in Downtown Disney. Going to have some special guests from VidCon as well! ;) Get Tickets Here:
+Alejandra Orozco I AgRee With You c0me t0 Mexic0 !!!
February 2015????? Im planning to go! This is a huge huge honor. Never saw any youtubres go in here. The philippines! So glad!
How can 2 thousand people dislike this?
Regina Oliveira Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
A música é o tipo de arte mais perfeita:nunca revela o seu último segredo. .
See ayoub - jar of hearts voice kids holland audition sick! he also won the talent show btw.
YEAH. He sang reaaaallly good 😄😄 Tht is really he sang 99% almost like Christiana Perri
MUCH Better then the original! good job!
Thank you, finally somebody that agrees
Such beautiful harmonies!   These two work Really well together!
wow.... such a simply gorgeous collaborations!!!!
Oh hahahahaha yeaah kinda 'piro' ones, cielo jeeeeleeeeek :p lol
when tiffany alvord says "and who you think you are" it is just PERFECT !!
A beautiful cover of one of my favorite songs ! ❤️ Boyce Avenue- Great Job! 
My interpretation of the body language at the end of this video leads me to believe that, they banged.  Physical contact his hand on her shoulder, weird injection about "fun", and awkward laugh, and then Alejandro stares off into picture memory lane, probably remembering how they banged, and then they both share a laugh about nothing at the end, because they are both thinking about the fun they had... and its like a secret inside joke type laugh.  Or I could be completely full of crap, but I've watched this track a hundred times coz I love the music, but everytime I think about that little segment at the end.
Two acoustic singers -- does it get anymore romantic and sweet than this? This is what I needed this morning!
This is amazing,omg.I'm in love with this version :)❤
Very good! now just need an own music.
Muy buena esta version :)
Hello & Thank You for this Beautiful Song. Wonderful!! ♡♡♡ You have an amazing voice Young Lady , . and the two of You sound Like Beautiful Harmony. Very nice .. You two sing the same song together!! ;-)♥♥♥♡♡♡=)☆
My name is Tiffany as well
Nice would like to have seen what carly rose would have done with it
I can tell that they are very talented,very awesome singers.
I love that bridge in this song
good  song ....Siippppp
Come to Sri Lanka :( 
thats not very good again from the top
Ayoub The Voice Kids the best cover ever for this song.
I recently did a cover of this song, check it out on my channel :)
Bentley Hoang Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Tự nhiên thấy hay nhỉ? :)))))))))
It´s very good. Two gorgeous voices and talent´s!!!
Thank you for covering this song!!!
She looks like Emma Watson. :)
Eddy Alexander Shared on Google+ · 4 months ago
Hola muy buenos dias a todos...!!! Feliz Sabado amigos. Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri (Boyce Avenue fea…:
Hola +Luis ElGamer seguramente para ti no amigo. Por mi parte dejame decirte que es lo mas maravilloso que pude conocer. Abrazos.
You are really good. You should go on The Voice. You are really pretty too.
Sweet...Better than the original....Need to do more duets.
amazing voice you are very very gooooood 
This is BEAUTIFUL! The harmony is just perfect, bravo!
Unfortunately, you don't really get to choose who you love BUT on the same note, you never know when your FCK up is gonna be the last one my heart was willing to suffer
eh loco, uno de la princesita karina tocate
tiffany kinda looks like emma watson
Beautiful!!! Your voices are so harmonized with eaach other good job!   
Just found you. Truly incredible!
OMG jen blbec může dát like dule
The first Best cover I heard of this song 😘
Who do you think you are... Collecting a jar of hearts... Tearing love apart...
Jace Mique Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago (edited)
вυт ι нανє gяσωи тσσ ѕтяσиg,тσ єνєя fαℓℓ вα¢к αgαιи ιи уσυя αямѕ....🎤🎧🎵
<3 Amo estos vídeos 
nice and softly sung. well done
Suddenly fallin love with this cover
She looks like ..this girl from american horror story
Anna Wilson Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Mix - Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri (Boyce Avenue feat. Tiffany Alvord acoustic cover) on iTunes:
He came to indonesia last friday☀
awww.....  i love you guysss..  wish i can see u sing live
Vi 美花 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
that is something too close to the truth.
Голоса очень красивые:-)
2,118 people are collecting their jar of hearts.
Who do you think you are? ...
so nice songgg :)  ilove thiisssss
That's a good cover
She looks like Emma Watson
emma watson looks like her you mean :) she is gorgeous 
uwland handayani Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
so deep inside...
Can I sing with you  ?
check out my new cover of TAKE ME TO CHURCH by rachelle!!!!
Muhd Ali Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
it was kind of boring but I still like it
terrible harmony
The harmony is pretty textbook :/ a harmony is two or more people singing at diffrent pitches but hey you it's you opinion :)
It's perfect, dude. I play 4 instruments. It's good, srly
Tiffany is soo fucking beautiful...
lol let me tell u who has a really good version search ayoub jar of hearts. godlike.
Abyoubs pronunciations is genuine wank though and that annoys me enough to never want to listen to it again
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