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Exercise for Abs workout - Crunch Exercise

by Passion4Profession • 816,594 views

Crunch Exercise is one of effective abs exercises and is common for abs workouts. Crunch exercise is easy to do but have great effect on you abdominals and give you possibility to get six pack (and...

if i just do this will i still get abs with out getting the other ones ?
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So you just let your head to hang like that ? :|
can I have my feets under a bench... its easier and it feels I do it more perfectly.. but I wonder if that has less effect as to dont have support by a bench
Nobody that has a brain ;) It's not quantity that matter, only quality.
ok, do 500, then tell me your neck doesn't hurt.
No need to be rude when replying....It's true. You can use your abs only, but it will still hurt your neck if you don't hold it properly. Give this persona break and don't be so goddamn rude.
You're supposed to breath regularly when doing any exercise.
@kamikaza80 Well do not use ur fucking neck then, use ur god damn abs!
NO, just clench your abbs and flex them... that way you don't have to use your neck muscles.
I CANT! DOES THAT MEAN I HAVE NO ABS?!?!?! See, I can do the workout, but my neck always hurts more than my abs hurt.
this works the top 2 abs right?
yur A FUCKING IDIOT!!!!!! you have no idea about the body at all do you? that will fuck yur back up so bad you'll be hunched over for a week...
While doing this move if you hurt your somewhere then you are doing it wrong
@D3C0Y79 serious? when I was 13 we had to do this 30 times everyday
u need to keep ur neck up and upper back abit to keep ur abs tensed dumb bitch
so inhale when you go down or when you crunch in?
Your neck only hurts because you're doing it wrong, i will explain why does it hurts. When you go up and down your neck can´t move if it moves it will hurts. Look at the cartoon and you will see that his neck is always at the same place and doesn´t move. Try it now but with your neck stoped :D
well do 15 repetitions outta 3 + sets , like 15 reps , u hold on 30 secs , then do 15 more , 3 times or more , (If u don't feel anything at 15 reps , do 30 then ) do them daily ;) and be patient
@kamikaza80 so don't watch your knees, look above
u guys are doing it wrong. your hands are not suppose to be behind your necks it's suppose to be next to the ears in outher words your fingers must be touching your ears.
LOL this should be difficulty 5!!
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I said you need to *hold your head straight* - just like in the video - while doing it. Not pull it to your chest.
yh im only 13 im worrying about my health as at school we run around a lake which is about a mile long and well i gt a minutre worse than i did b4 i had 9.18 b4 now i have 10.08 so i did this exercise it works really well but my neck hurts sooo much!!
you have tired your abs and you push forward with your neck to get up that why, this happening to me too
fucking neck hurts so much -.-
When you go down. You breath in when you crunch in. In case you were still wondering.
@kicktothebass haha I always go past it i think i'll just keep going past it then.
this is how chuck norris prays to god
Well,my back hurts a bit when I do this. Any advice? :\
2 people couldn't follow directions
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Mine neck dnt hurt cuz i do these like a BOSS
do 15 repetitions like , for 15 times up and down , then take a brake , then do 15 more , (1 set = 15 repetitions or more depends on u )
"Trainers hate Him" hmmm Chinese finding out a secret how to make people stronger and then sharing it on a public website where the whole world can see........seems legit
@kamikaza80 you're probably tensing your neck, keep it relaxed
how many should u do 4 a six pack
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yeah because you are a mother fucking fat ass bitch its not my fault u can do a sit up without using you fucking neck, dumb fat bitch
@musicsaveme9 im going to muscle training and my (very hard) trainer always says that we cant have it under a bench or a person standing at our feet ... i dont know if its the correct way but i think it gives the double amount of traning by doing it yourself :) hope i was helpfull^^
put your head on your chest and then use your chest to come up :-)!
hahahaha easy dude.. what do you prefer??.. if you take your neck up, you will have to use your muscle in your neck, otherwise your neck wont go with your chest up..
dude, posting this on every workout video is spamming....
It's impossible not to use yor neck -_- You need to hold your head straight while doing this.
Yo ... that's my fav :) Now I can do up to 150 :) ... 2 months ago I was strugglin' with 25 :D
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Six pack abs come from leanness, not more endurant or stronger ab muscles. This is created by people who don't truly know the science of exercise. What a crock!
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