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Top 5 Minecraft Creations - Time Lapses

by Machinima • 685,789 views Click here to watch Top 5 Minecraft Creations : Water Slides #2 Minecraft: Top 5 Creations - Time Lapses Challenge -------------- Next week we are looking...

I can barely make a decent circle in Minecraft...
I can barely build a house xD 
Holy shit ssundee made these videos?
Well done Sherlock
At 5:25 it looks like it can be part of an epic Movie
number 1 looks like something out of AC1
The 5th and 4th dudes are dutch. You can tell because of the name and the 5th dude has a balloon with the dutch flag. I see it XD
hoi :) welke provincie? ik in overijssel
Zuid Holland - Den Haag
University gamings world was just a bunch of tall square building
Number 4 texture pack is Doku craft
On number 2 what are the humans faces made off (girl and glasses guy) I need to know
That is fucking bad ass right there
ah the old ssundee....... before he went insane and split into derp ssundee and regular ssundee
Wow, Creolucis is in so many time lapses. He's guud!
Nummer 1 could be a hunger/survivalgames map :D
Please tell me i am not the only person out of the 638,500 with OCD so bad i noticed the 1 stone block missing on the wall in the cathedral.@5:38 just to the right of the center of the screen.
These people spend so much time on mine craft
All top 5 are absolutely amazing. Thanks for sharing!
Number 5 & 4 are Dutch! :D
Guess who it is? SSUNDEE!
that cathedral though mhmmmm sexy
Nope. Where the hell is language craft?
Woah, loved these creations I was wondering if any of you could come and check out my cruise ship time lapse, I put a lot of effort into it and hope you enjoy!
the texturepack to number 4 is soulfeathers enchanted i think
It's DokuCraft I think. 
Haha great video, just loved it! By the way guys I'm a new youtube commentator and I just started my own *GAMING CHANNEL* I make minecraft timelapses, game 1v1's, game playthroughs and more! My timelapses are amazing! Don't take my word for it! Check it out, it only takes one click!
Check him out some awesome time lapses
i like the 2nd place creation
im a really good builder in minecraft but how the HEEEEEECCCCKKKKK DO THEY BUILD THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know, even "Patience And Time" isn't enough to describe how..
Wait you are ssundee?!?!?
Huuuu - YES, he's been doing them for ages, holy smokes
Hey SSundee Can i join the sexyfaces
What texture pack is number 3 and 4
Noobs xD want to see a real timelapse? Watch newheaven.. They are way much better than this noooobs
One of them should have been Giant Squid Attacking Ship 5000 subscribers iBallisticsquid
The texture pack from the 4th one is Dokucraft
thank you, was trying to remember that one. I love it, it has a special place in my heart because it was the first one I ever used
+HALOFREAK9715 Same here! It was the first texture pack I used 3> 
I think the texture pack for #4 is Dokucraft.
Yo should make an evil dungen my name is avalon if you pick this idea  thnx
holy fuck number one
Holy crap first place is so big and awesome!!!!!!
someone should build ancient rome if not done before
Only 1 was good, all the others i could top, no bragging needed
soooooooooooooooo 100 awesome 100-1000000
the 3:00 texture pack is john smith i think
What texture pack is the number 1 using
Number 1 is inpossible for me cause i dont have plastic
Are the worlds for download?
NUM 1 arabian city TEMPLE? looks more like a mosqe...
Won eid hcton read it backward then you'll now it's notch die now but I don't mean it notch k
Fyre uk should win all of the top 5s
I wish I was one of them :( I always suck at this stuff
the last one is amazing!!!!
I don't care what anyone says. Minecraft has the ability to spark creativity in people. Some of these creations are beyond anything we've seen in the "physical world".
Please tell me one person didnt do that last one by themselves...
well all where ugly expect the no.1 that looked Ok
Did they build the Blue Mosque on the first place?
now thats teamwork!
dude likes to sound like a pro sports stop saying "yea" all the time dude. that makes u sound like the amateur u are.
Why didn't he show his face?
what was the texture pack of the last one?
the last one. my god
#1 was so amazing my eyes are bleeding!
This is why I stop playing Minecraft because im not worthy enough to build something that even stands a chance against these guys creations of brilliance
Th... Th... that was awesme! Plz watch my video i has time lapse!!!!
The last one was FUC** amazing i dont understand how they are sooooo gooodd at building??!?
better than sky-8m subs dis guy-10m o_o
Ok ok ok, just please be quiet
Whats the last song called???!
i never realized ssundee did these vids
Like it if Russian sucks
If I'm not mistaken, the temple at 8:52 is a resemblance to the Hagia Sophia temple in Constantinople.
Wait,is this SSundee?!?! It is!!!
Why your keep saying the best best best stop saying same shit
where did you get those awesome songs?
the water looks fake
It's just the shaders pack
better than sky-8m subs dis guy-10m o_o
Numbskull machinima are one entire group and why just sky? why not the others
im sorry,that is not a temple,that is a mosque that the Muslim take their prayer
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