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by Ricardo Figueiredo • 2,002,809 views

Uma das cenas mais ridiculas de sempre das series de TV! - ah e tal estamos a ser hackados - não te preocupes que se teclarmos os dois no mesmo keyboard conseguimos ganhar. FFS!!!! QUE GRANDAS...

"I did" "wow he unplugged the monitor... why didn't we think of that" "because the network isn't on the monitor its on the servers which are still getting hacked as we speak" "oh I see, so basically now we just can't see what he is stealing" "correct, if you can't see it, you can't be blamed for it"
+Fearripper15 if you fallow the show like i do and as intently as i do abbys lab has its own server and if they are anything like me they have there moniter there desktop and server all three of which i have infront of me right now plugged into one power strip
Not if that is the actual server.
+AnthonyMojO92 Wait, share the half of your keyboard, you need my help. sdijqfqihpfk:dfjdgmùuqgpùqtioprhgiphfmkwgmkHfspkGMHIO>PRHgiphfdipùghifpghruogfsgfysulghipùfdhgipùdhigpfipùghifopùhgip.
Hacker on the other end: "...What the fuck... did they just let a cat run on their keyboard or something?"
+notbobby125 Yeah, but by the shows logic, he could easily distract said cat by dangling yarn behind his computer. Just like 1 monitor = whole network, he might as well try.
Such a hacker, he even displays his hacks up on the screen to taunt them. Such hacks, many wow. And then the genius makes places and unplugs their computer because ya know... the computer has to be on for them hacks to work. On a serious note, imagine if they were actually encountering the hacks and that dipshit just unplugs the computer facepalm
Amateurs. Do they really think this can be done by only two people ?!! They obviously need more people to help them with more hands. I wish movie and television writers would get more help when they film this kind of hacking. I mean this is absolutely high level stuff. In situations like this they should always consider creating a GUI interface using Visual Basic so they can track the ip address... 
Just imagine what someone could have been doing with a mouse. Have 4 people typing away, surely in sync and typing anything coherent. And a guy left clicking all over the place.
+DennisNguyen88 to damn funny with the monitor buttons...fucking genius 
Why has everyone missed the fact in the title: You cannot use one keb between two people....just doesn't work. Also, even if he'd unplugged the the entire stack, not just the monitor, that would have no effect whatsoever on the server which was not even in the building. They were remoting in to the server. Which brings me to all the crap on the screen. I realize this is Hollywon't and whatnot, but can you guys really think of no better way to visually indicate that there is a hack going on than to place a bunch of meaningless clutter on the screen? I've been physically present during a few epic hacks (cracks, really) where there was a bit of partying at risk. Having this many windows opened is just stupid, and so is Windowz, for that matter. I mean, all they needed was a Start Orb. Real hackers use this thingy called a "command line." It may run in a console emulator, and there may be four or more of them opened at once, but NONE of it is GUI-based with progress bars, action panes and menus. Period. Software fags, called coders, have to do WORK to create a routine or program to accomplish some task. Making a GUI for it is like putting spinners on a wheelbarrow: A total waste of effort. Now I know that the standard depiction of a command line is not exactly riveting entertainment. (unless you're me) But how about coming up with a way to depict coding without a) inadvertently creating an instructible for cracking dBASE(OLD), or b) reducing your audience to catatonia. Hey! I know! How about dramatic camera angles, music and lighting! How about interspersed frames? How about making a fair depiction of the actual activity without being explicit? Like a sex scene on T.V. or an erotic kiss between two males? It's called creativity. Find some.
Of course two people can use the same keyboard at the same time. You just need to connect their brains together so they think as one person.
+lotsofotherstuff Maybe then they might have an entire brain between
I'm attempting to triangulate the breach through an internal buffer zone router command bypass. sdfgnvajdsbhfoi\hnvgns\dvgbnl\'sbnvg'liBS v'ibhnsrgkjbdfskgjo\sjc;lnvlk\shdligf'lnsvlbhnvjxb\;kgwe;fh\nv
You know, I kind of wish that being hacked, or hacking was as interesting as it is in Hollywood.
Kinda boring. Noticing that either some files have been moved or accessed when they shouldn't have, or that you have a new fun program running in the background. Though the seizuretastic accessing of files does have it's flare. And honestly the best way to deal with a real time hack like this is just reach for the ethernet cord.
+TheNightGroper Or, in the case of CMS hacks, getting an email saying "account so and so was created."
I just love how the general public don't know what 'hacking' looks like, so they just throw shit all over the screen super fast. All you needed was green matrix signs falling down and then a big cartoon devil showing up on the screen going  "HAHA YOU GOT HACKED" "HAHA YOU GOT HACKED" "HAHA YOU GOT HACKED"
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Youtube included the Translate button
TOP KEK. The translate button is there
"ok dude help me 2 stop the hax0rzzz!!!" "ok will do, ill type on the keyboard at the same tome as u, ok????" "ok!!!" fpdljkgodfgjidfgjkdflkgjfiogdgkflgkdflkgfkhopltdfoighfujdkfopdesop5ti4e90owrl;aw[]dlkiogrtuj4eoapfkleaspgfkdklifjueoierikq3wpodskdfklsdfkspofpkldfoiftier0pfweasolpgfo5euit94woefiolkp\asodolpasigo9rsdgiotrdpogl509tgofl0-rt9o5e-0fo50ptgolepo9gur9sopf9io4309-rfolwd[psk,fvcoibyrt879sr9owe0-prfiko9fgik3wal0odf4uear9f0owiakf4iawoedk3wp0r[9iqw-0]4ti4weat09ser5yhtirusdhgjuidfsyuhjidjhuiyrdfgfjuhoreikifu3w09pori9o30w[-tgfk34eotgfuije498igjheyb9474eput84weiJHY TIR5UGJR5ITUY5489IYU8IOVGBUJRSODIL "wtf r u doing???" "oshit, CAPSLoCk!!!111!!" "tUrN iT oFf NeWfAg!!" "i CaNt!!" "dAmN iT!!!" KGFOIGJKFOLIGKDFLKGOIDFHKTPOHKTFBK,DL,B CV.LKFDOSDLKPOA;DIK3WOIDKWEPOFKDLGKVASPOG4IEPGOVKDFLBDFKOIGTRUGDFJGKJDFJGFLDGKDKGFJWIOFKJL;SFKDSLGJKILFCJGOIRLETU4EOIFIKEORIKFEOWGJMRKSIUTR390WRE8I320587349TRFJKSDIOFUJOFIKMJDL;JFKDSLG.NFDK;GLHJDUOJKGHBTDRIHUGHSEOIFGJHERAIFEJSARFP;\WKSEFIOSOFUJ KRSDZIOGURESOIGFJRIOGRUDJGFI8RDTYUGJOIGURDIGYUEAP98F7R49U8F474390W58I34905T;GJHFUOG;HFJHGRNF'O\EFYHUOE']GIEOSUJRF'ESG8YHESUJFHESUIAOFYHRESGHRUEISFJIUREGYHREUJFHJRIU unplugmonitor.jpg >eZ WIN!!!!11!!!
ty based googlel 4 de transl8 btn, i really needed ur help wiv my grammarzzzz!!!!11!1111 T_______________T dosnt even covr it!!
Honestly, it's not even the bullshit tech jargon, the general idiocy or the keyboard thing which annoys me,  it's that woman's acting,  absolutely appalling.
lmfao i hope if my computer is ever being accessed remotely that a bunch of random windows pop up allowing me to know that i have been hacked -_-
This is possibly the dumbest scene from any TV Show in history.
I'll write a quick GUI in Visual Basic to search for even dumber scenes in TV shows.
Holyshit this hacker is good! CALL IN REINFORCEMENTS, I need at least 4 people typing on this keyboard!!!!!
Implying you cannot hack a system running Linux?
At least they unplug the fucking thing like a real fucking person who combats hacking.
from the sound, it looks like he also unplugged the server.  maybe both are on a power strip?
+Bloodyidit You're over thinking this, unlike the TV show's creators. Plus, that was a standard power cord for a monitor/tower.  But the monitor went off which wouldn't happen if he had just unplugged the tower. 
Hollywood hacking. Because viewers are morons.
Extreme programming level NCIS.
You can see "Intrusion detection -- firewall breached" in one of the popup windows If the operating system realizes it's being hacked, why doesn't it do anything, like disabling all connections? The main condition hackers can hack things is when the system/administrators don't even suspect anything bad is going on or can happen.
Oh shit.... a major hack.  Look how fasts its hacking.
Those Dell/Sony Trinitron flat glass monitors are the best CRT monitors for vintage gaming
He unplugged the client they were using and that made them feel safer?
quick press all the buttons! that'll show those hackers!
Hacking in GTA is more realistic than this lmao. Password: Creampie
"CD-ROM/root/device/control$usrID > init{b..."
What my friends think I do..
Hahahaha. Let's use my computer together. At the same time. With four hands. Together.
Wow, how can something this bad come from the same country that brought us Breaking Bad and (technically) Game of Thrones. The mind boggles.
Oh shit, someone's hacking!  Better help her type random keys to fix the problem.
I didn't know hacking consisted in a overly dramatic Button-mashing tournament to the death
Live footage of Sony trying to stop the hacks
I hope that keyboard has NKRO.
Sandiwch guy was like "Well, maybe if you learned to use a damn computer instead of typing on the same keyboard..."
Ayer en Destiny, les tiraron la red unos "hackers" y el buen cha cha charlie +Carlos Israel Negrete Rojas se enojó y se puso :ardilla: Ahora entiendo por qué. Aquí los de IT defendiendo la red de bungie en el firewall. 
You think you know code huh? You're a fucking choir boy compared to me! A choir boy! You want code? You can't handle the code!
as soon as they both started typing on the key board... i just... I shot myself in the foot, can't handle this shit rn 
Lucky the information was on that particular computer and not the NCIS databse servers. That would have been sad if Gibbs would have sabotaged his own geek squad just because hefails keep up with modern technology.
Haha, this is pretty funny, and I don't understand why so many commenting here on YouTube think it's serious. They're clearly doing a parody on hacking scenes. I mean, if you don't get it at the point of him asking if they're playing a video game...
Uh huh, are you sure you're not just trying to desperately salvage your favorite cheesy show?
Lol, it's absolutely not a parody, I've seen that episode. Just an idiot directors attempt to cure something he doesn't understand. Hacking is always portrayed this ineptly by Hollywood. This one is particularly funny because either the director or the screenwriter thinks two people can use the same keyboard on the same computer.
This is painful to watch
That isn't how it works, that isn't how any of this works!
First rule when you think you're being infiltrated you pull the network to the source
i've seen many stupid things in my life, but this one is a whole new level.
Funny how can they make more realistic hacker scene in 80s MacGyver episode.
ahhahahahahaaa, man! l4m3 just got l4m3r!
And they still got hacked lol.
That's not how hacking works lol
emaxn Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
what are they. playing piano ? lol
I can throw a potato on my keyboard an be a better hacker than these 2 (and for better results, i actually use 3 potatoes)
Your all missing the point,  The Sandwich looked awesome and it made me hungry
 It must be that l33t 4chan hax0r guy
She would have defeated that hacker only if she smashed her head on the keyboard a few times instead
If they are so clueless about computing, it casts doubt on their knowledge of everything else in the show.
i thought it couldn't get worse then he started using the keyboard at the same time as her. my god...
I feel like my ears are going to fall off with all the shit they're saying.
Why not just chop the psychical connection?  I mean if this wasn't complete bullshit and I was "fighting" a hacker I would just snip the wire to the network and figure it out after that.
He probably just unplugged the monitor.
Snerk Rabbledauber Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
The epitome of dumb.
I really, really hoped each person who joined them would start hitting buttons until they were just wiping their hands across the keyboard, trying desperately to hit as many buttons as possible. That might actually make a good pre-Show segment...
That's how I saw it playing out too.
I can't decide what to say to this...
0:31 - 0:33 is it just me or does that dude's sandwich have one slice of meat in it and nothing else
Try creating a GUI in Visual Basic.
This is solo ridiculous
You see, typing "lkninfdgnwn4381h43j199mf418jhg48h130th18hth134th431htih4tjh4j514jkh1j5h34g5h1345hbfnbnm13nmb4k5bk1h5b41b5l41hjb52h1b3h5b23h1b5h21b5bj3hb5hj21lb5jl1" wont stop the hacker.
Damn that's just painful to watch.
My brain is trying to escape now. Good job NCIS! 
Lol. this is retarded.....
Try to hit the keyboard with the head. That will stop the hacker.
There's nothing like an old fashion unplugged
Meanwhile at Sony...
Maybe if you hit random keys faster it'll fix it. jskdhfakjshdfkasjhfsakjdhfaskjhfaskhfsiuvdasjk 
Pulls the plug and forgets that the entire network is being hacked.
Knuckle heads didn't even think to unplug the monitor.  That's why Obummer is a fail precedent. 
Now we know why us american people are that brain-dead...after watchnig movies like this, nobody can stay normal.
Cut the main power or data cable. This show never called my attention.
They did it again tonight. Abby inserted a suspicious microSD card into a computer isolated from their networks. Then the virus on the card infects their other computers by traveling through the power cord.
What?!, that's so dumb.
"I've never seen code like this!"... Looks like the hacker just typed " open /* "
надо было рвануть рубильник
They should have booted into the main databank and scrambled the hacker's signal across cyberspace.
As is usual, Gibbs came up with the smart solution.
he plugged out the monitor...
Did he pull out a USB cable to unplug a computer? Fucking hell.
No, I think he just unplugged the monitor.  But, I'm sure that will stop the hack just as well.
+Nick Diggers Delete the comment then.  Oh no you can't because you're an attention whore. 
From Wikipedia: "In 2011, NCIS was voted America’s favorite television show. The series finished its tenth season as the most-watched television series in the U.S. during the 2012–13 TV season."  Now tell me WHY shouldn't the rest of the world (ROW) think of Americans as plebeian redneck hicks who don't chomp on burgers and french fries as their staple diet?
Jeffrey Hamby Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
What my non IT friends think I do for a living.
Yeah, but I'll never get into the Gibson.
Wait, you don't  do that? lmao   :)
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