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Happy Wheels - YOU'RE ADOPTED - Part 14

by TobyGames • 1,449,066 views

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trow o the kid with ctrl because he is dead wight and its funny
ahhh, back when toby was actually funny.. good times..
Look closely downwards when Toby is in the wrong position
this is really funny tobuscus. and do u want to be my friend tobuscus?
Are you from annoying orange
I liked the part when he play down hill for the rest of the video
i cant believe he was actual going to say shit  
I can't hear a sound because my computer is messed up
go back when you start
1 try sorry about the other one a ad poped up
Toby you should have your own TV show
+Derek360 yes, but he/she/it/they didn't say television channel, or a channel on TV that he could be seen on, he/she/it/they specifically said a TV show. 
It took me 1 try to get the lev
What happens if he goes behind the cabin
I love how much his irresponsible dad voice has changed
dude i was watching on your playlist
u do a great old man voice
+PCGamed lol so are u but wat am i hmmm? -.-
+Taylor Poncharik You messed it up it's "I know you are but what am I?" \(._.)/
Yes he is from Annoying Orange
I LOVE YOU TOBY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111:) :) :) :)
To eject the child press ctrl
A bus does not have balls!
toby dude i am in philipines and your in america
I like his baby voice
I hate the big jumps. I all ways fall to my death!  
@Ryan Procopio Oh, my god. I'm so sorry for you.
Did you swear for da first tim
Love you Tobuscus!!! That looks soooo hard :-() you should have a t.v channel of your own
If u keep missing a jump using the biker guy, eject the dumb kid
ah. well its strange that im just getting notified now. anyway, have a nice day. the internet is so stupid sometimes, amirite?
Seiriosly you should check out his lazy vlogs they make me want to pee xD
@Taylor Harter 1. PewdiePie curses, Toby does not2
I actually got something in my eye during this episode, an eyelash. I feel blessed now...
Sorry? No, I haven't been on here to play your little game in months. Why is this still going on? Why am I still receiving your comments?
hey just leting u guys know that i also have a youtube channel with black ops 2 zombies trolling/Minecraft/dead island riptide gameplay, tips and tricks, and HOOKER pranks calls. if u want il really like if u check it out thanks!
the level was obviously created by daleks probly a form of tourture or a way to rebuild there population..
try going reverse at the start theres a secret room
Not in his modern videos. Sometimes something sounds similar but it's actually just another word.
If your as good at the game as you are at excersize, then you must be horrible at the game! Jk
I really wish I'd found out about Tobuscus earlier...Looks like I'm gonna have a lot of videos to watch
Yeah, he must be pshycic and he looks into the future. Either that or his optimism is his best friend...
I choked on a cooki while watching dis :)
I love how when he says we'll be fine he dies, and when he says we're dead, he survives
Yes, he plays a character on Annoying Orange. Nerville, I think is his name.
have u been watching vampire diaries??? "doppelganger"???
There is something in my eyeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!????
English make graphic room Tobygames PewDiePie Koine born. THANK YOU GOOGLE TRANSLATE!!! XD
something that loves hatred is a Dalek so that means a Dalek made the Downhill map
Hey Toby I recon you should do these top rated levels again. Your significantly better at this game now and it'd be nice to see you come back and dominate em.
Hey, Toby... If you go backwards on Downhill in the beginning, there's a secret passage.
i love happy wheels but the dad on the bicycle is such an fucking idiot and timmy is so fucking dump
Lol anyone else hear the dad cuss at around 7:29?
Star date 363, captains log: First commander Chikote had a heart attack while watching Tobuscas play happy wheels. Tuvok emotions were stirred up when he saw the stupidity contained within this video.
Lol I had not realized what he was talking about until 1:59 0.o
or the one in this episode
i know how to fly with the old guy so i all the time cheat lol
control is to eject your son but you will stay on the bike that way your son will die and you can have all of the twix he gets!
Old Man: I'm gonna win with my new girlfriend, (lady falls off) uh oh lol
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