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ShoKo Battles!

by Sho Ko • 556,347 views

So who's better at the sneak attack? Music by Kevin MacLeod,

These 2 are just magnificent together!  They have taken play fighting to a whole new level of cat fight/dance performance art!. Do they have a good agent?
internet cat videos at it's finest
I like how Kodi's back half moves independently of his front half.
1:05 .... HAHA omg, only cats can do this shit, thats funny
AHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA... the music is so on point too.
ghp518.. just saw that stupid comment.  and you are right.  because cats are smart and dogs are co dependent and will put up with terrible abuse and come and lick your feet.  a cat will never do that.  so your point seems to be that you like things that you can disrespect and abuse that will still love you and lay there and die before eating you if you are dead.  kind of says that you have some issues and if that's the case, you should be at the "dogs drinking out of the toilet" videos instead of here.  men like you are so sad.
Girls are fucked up, haven't you seen the bitch piercing a kitten's head with a stiletto heel? Fucking feminist
+patricia mcdermott hey feminist, no one would mind if you know, killed yourself. Crazy cat lady from hell lol.
The cat tries to walk on the wall at 0:30
an unknown error occurred every time i try to watch this video
One of their best performances
it looks like playing not fighting
So glad to know that Shorty and Kodi really love each other and their fighting, though they probably do this at least once a day without really hurting each other, at the end, they'll curl up with each other, groom and sleep together.  Hmm, perhaps we could all learn something from this.  Wish our kitties were more like Shorty and Kodi - they fight all the time, not hurting each other though, but they really don't like each other at all, just tolerate, even after 6 years together.
Love how little Kodi arches his back and does the crabby-walk! Also, both kitties do an excellent "big tail" contest here. Love these babies as always! 💝 ~~QM
I have been sick for 2 days......I have been watching your videos for a few minutes and you have had me in stitches!!!! Thank you so much. You don't usually see a man loving on cats like this so it is a nice twist.  Keep sharing your videos, please!  They made my day.  Thank you so much.  I can't help but laugh out loud at these!
Love the crab walk lol :)
did anyone else see at the end when the little cats legs sprung off the wall!:)
tous vos vidéos sur vos amis à 4 pattes sont adorables à regarder. Quelles complicités entre ces deux inséparables et leur maître qui leur donne beaucoup d'amour.
First one goes to Kodi but Shorty's got the ninja skills.  And the awesome black fur.
LOL at about 1:10 when he's caught in the act by her and is like 'Oh crap!'
Beautiful. Love the music too.
Your cats are so adorable :)
Worum kämpfen sie? Rangordnung? Territorium? Aus Spaß am Spielen? Sieht auf jedenfall niedlich aus =3
We have the same blanket (0:54). Suuuch cute cats! :D
you make such beautiful videos!!! you also do have wonderful cats! and you choose accurat music! Thank you
omg so funny!  i hadn't seen this one.  those kitties make me laugh so hard, i absolutely love them! 
I need ninja training... :3
My big old cat Pippin is purring loudly as he watches this WWF kitty smackdown!
Aww, I wish my Cats would play like that... but one just wants to kill the other... 
The music gave this an epic feel. Had me rolling.
Slip~n~slide hallway! MEEOOW!
it's awesome how people always say "dogs are better than cats" and nobody gives a crap, Thomas is the first one I see saying that cats are better and everybody jumps on him trying to start arguments
Love the cat videos, keep them coming
just crack myself silly watching this clip and boy my kittens are doing the same as well
Big grin after watching that, so like my Django (black 10 mth  kitten) and my Sabrina (half maine coon ), she might be 'big' but she sure does have those killer moves. :)
72 dislikes?????!!!!!???!!!?
que bellos los dos el blanquito es terrible que divino como juegan hermosos increibles amo a los gatos 
metal gear solid music ? :)
Sneaky, danger, sexy cat and scar eye?
For the sneak attack, I think Kodi has it. For the eye-to-eye ambush, Shorty definitely takes the top honors. Thank you for posting this. I loved it!
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I love it
i love these cats the crack me up God love em.....
So suspicious but awesome!
This would be SO good with MGS1 danger music.
You know things are serious when a kitten starts walking sideways.
Ricardo Ret Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Zarbi mais drole !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Paulo Gomes Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
i had read the book,( Ninja Kittehs!) but nothing compared to the tension and spell binding epic proportions of the film......... certain to go down in history as a classic. bruce blake
Johannes König Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
cats, the only being other than man that can drift around corners
The best toy for a cat is another cat.
Cats will eat their owners if they die, dogs will rather starve than do that, If owner gets back home after a long period of time dog will be overwhelmed by joy seeing his master, cat will not give a fuck. There's a reason why dogs are called "a man best friend" and not "a man best friend while it's in its interest"
1:05 ' Where is he? Is he here? I wonder if he--Oh! H-Hello there, ...say, this is not my house. BYE! '
I want to give this multiple thumbs up. :)
never let your guard down, they are comming for you.
What's the song you used for this vid can you please telllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll ussssssssssssssssss
You have the perfect hall for running kittens!
I love how the run off in the sunset together. LMAO how villainous Kodi looks at @1:05.
Lol love this one all thats missing is the miss dialogs from the 80's, where their lips would move and the sound was way off . love it
1:06 "Nah dog we're cool! WE"RE COOL! WE'RE COOL!" /run
Shorty & Kodi always have so much fun. I wish I could be part of their party!! I love these 2 crazy cats- they make me snort like a little piggy when I laugh. Thanks for the videos.Mahalo & Meeooww!!
The ends is the best, tumble push off the wall into getaway
your cats are awesome, wish my cat would do atleast SOMETHING :D
Ahaha, no. My kitten is a ninja. He manages to climb up 4 foot tall safety fences we have. You know, for babiies. Four week old ninja kitteh.
Yeah but they'll hear it eventually. Don't bother.
0:29 Spider Cat 1:27 Super Cat 1:30 Sumo Cat
it's not Turtle ninjas anymore.. its... KITTEN NINJAS!!
True...I don't see what other people see in dogs that cats don't have. I enjoy dogs,they can be friendly but there are better qualities in a cat than a dog. People say dogs are more loyal to you than cats are.....LIARS! When I was on a trip when I was a little kid, I left for only 3 days.When I came back my parents said the cat ran away looking for me :'(.
Last one, FLIP and then KICK OFF WALL AND PWN!
LOL Shorty tried to pull a Spider-cat :)
1:04 Kodi: I'm gonna surpise Shorty *sees shorty* Kodi: Oh wait nevermind. uhh gotta run ahhh!
Better than 99% of Action BlockBusters out there! and Shorty's parkour is top notch!
Your cats are awesome! Great vid I don't understand why you either have to be a dog person or a cat person. I own both and love each for their unique qualities. They both make me laugh, and watching them live and play together, you'd swear they had the same mother. I think it's just another way for people to categorize themselves over biased opinions.
It goes down in that hallway!!
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