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FUNNY MAD DAD Part 2 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 1,539,470 views

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These people predicted the future, one asked why did you stop smoking weed, andthe other said oyu should be in jail...............COINCIDENCE I THINK NOT
+Vladimir Pourett confirmed haha! but I love whiteboy 
+SHAO KAHN yeah me too whiteboy is awesome!
The guy is talking down to you is because he feels bad about his life
Your my favorite youtuber!
Happy birthday hope it was a grate day
"What do you do with youre pubes?" best fucking quote ever
I can't even imagine the look on their faces when they decided to Google "Whiteboy7thst" and found him LOL
Happy birthday dude!!
What if that was the guy that robbed Whiteboy... Not tryna be mean or anything but...
Lmao "what do you do with your pubes" hahaha he doesn't have any he admitted in part 1 lol
Um...Pubes is your genital hair, not your balls.
Hey white boy just wanted to say happy birthday even though I know this was a long time ago. Haha trying to model myself and my videos after you. Love you man (no homo) and love your vids
White boy was so much better back then :( I remember the Kenneth kaniff days :(
I live on 7th street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Could i get a psn code please
You know how much people die for talking shit LMAO
wait June 16 is your birthday ?  No freakin way because mine is the 17th   sweet no joke no smoke it is the 17th
I think the person that robbbed whiteboy was the person or persons woh tried to break in before that happened
Happy birthday am I too late for the!!!
@ whiteboy7thst happy bday I know it's kinda late but whatever your a bro
"I live on seven street ._.''
ok so i admit, when iw as a freshman in high school...i was kinda annoyed by this guy after a couple 50 vids now i return to watching this... my opinion has changed, and now i think this is funny shilt
It doesn't matter what you do omg I fuckin love it when he does that 😂
happy b day love u so so much ive een a sub for a wile u r my insparation
Oh my gosh, I hope he's seen this video.
Kake plz! Bukake from whiteboi
Happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
who dis kid is? he doos luk leik a fggt fahite me in reel leaf 
Happy birthday I want the stuff
happy birthday........... NOW GIVE THT PSN POINTS
happy bday bro have a great time 
Happy birthday and no present fo u
Feliz cumpleaños grindo de la calle 7!
Happy birthday your the best
Happy Birthday my friend :D
love it when you'ses revers phicolighy
Happy Birthday!!! and pls some microsoft points
Happy birthday whiteboy7thst I've been watching your vids and so far my favourite videos are the last of us
Feliz cumeaños pinche gringo de la calle 7!
Happy birthday GOAT4LIFE
WhiteBoy is one of the most generous youtubers ever
happy birthday i want an xbox 1 plz
Heh? this vid was 1 year go little kid.
Happ birth bro u my first subbed
He already gave them away, is what people don't understand.
Guys this video is over a year old...
Happy muther haduken birffday
I live on 7th street Hahahaha
Dr Moon. Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
happy b day that means bich day
happy birthday WHite Boy7THST
"I bet you would like to per on a young boy wouldn't you fruitcake" lol
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