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by Spoken Reasons • 800,658 views


mann i wish i could apply this to my life and remind myself anytime i have doubt,  cause these words are the truth.
Does anybody know who are the beginning poets and where I can hear there full poems?
You know people just piss me off sometimes how do they just go out watch an inspirational video and have the merger to dislike it then they get mad if people dislike the videos people just go to videos without watching and dislike it may as well drink bleach
Dear spoken reasons I do agree on whoopins and ass whoopins but when my older brother decided to joy ride in our fathers truck. And told me about it I called his bluff.. and low and behold next time he decide to joy ride he woke me up and invited me along so 2am sneaking the truck back we ran home upon arrival we left keys in truck so filled with excitement we ran 2 blocks away to grandmothers back yard where truck was 5am so filled with excitement didn't notice the police cars across the street needless to say didn't get caught joy riding but got caught going back and why we both had to go back to get keys idk just to turn around and come back home well police responded to a good neighbor hood watch . and brought us home we're awake in my father answering the door in his underwear surprised to see us at polices side responded in I'll handle this upon closing the door he quickly. then arrived along side of the house wielding a 2 by 4 requesting us to drop our pants and moon the cops at first I thought it was good idea right haha but then quickly realized as the two by four struck my and my brothers ass simultaneously in a flurry of lashes never the list I've never even thought of joy riding in my father's vehicle again other than the two weeks of constant standing throughout school auditorium classrooms lunch that was a ASS WHOOPING ..
Go crazy spoke 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥
Stop tryna boost your thug resume; they ain't even hiring thugs anyway.
OMG THEY KILLED HIM!!! Thats what i said 2 years ago, i was in the 6th grade tho lmao!
Ur vids good bro has awesome advice
Nigga hold my water
One of the realest things I've ever watched on YouTube. Spoken straight from the heart. Keep moving forward man you doing your thing.
wat an amazing poem 
Wwwoooowwww he is hilarious
Wats the girl name in the beginning plz tell me somebody
Man your spoken word is near mu level but you need to her deeper in the heart
enam bent Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
My sister thinks He sucks & he should just stick to comedy. I'm not going to say i agree but i don't think he's that gifted as a poet. He's okay But if you carefully listen to the other poets who spoke before him, they have the rhythm and the soul of spoken word.
Love his poems. Makes me wanna get back into writing.
I love him.x very nice video.x
Love this testimony. Thanks for putting on your life vest. I feel your reason and I can absolutely agree. Thanks for speaking from you and speaking for me..
hey spoken reason if you ever see this I would be truly grateful, I started a doing spoken reasons also it would be cool if you could see mine... thanks man much appreciated and any constructive critism would be welcome thanks proud supporter
we need more of these spoken reasons. This is the best of your work. Along with Time is Everything and M.O.E
I enjoyed the video the message was the truth. I can definitely see in all your videos how you place God first. Keep up the hard work and consistency. I believe a true artist shall always be recognized eventually.
AMEN, amen, im only 16 years old and I felt everything through my soul what you was sayin, I realy did, I started cryn with tears, I love you spoken reasons for always speaking the truth, saying inspirational stuff and everything, and most importly I thank yu 4speaking the truth, yu keep it 100% everytime, luv that, and luv u, thank u for everything.
Very inspiring, I always enjoy watching this video
Im not even joking you have changed the way i live my life and i have nothing but respect for you keel doin you
this video boy boy boy boy boy...powerful true shit i like jb hell he kno wut its like to b broke nice video bro n if u read this go check out my page headacedatruth
In this world you must be careful with the words you choose to use, because i put the 'u' in the verse, in this universe! Now dont try to tell me right from wrong, and dont you try to tell me how to write a song. Cuz i dont give a f*** if you think i suck...Cuz i know i can, do what i wana do...and i dont give a f*** if you think i suck, cuz you think you know it all but you dont know shit, and if you do let me hear you spit! Damn that was sick! ( a song i wrote in 2013)
yessir go hard spoken reasons all day
Well Im at apart of that 10%. This moved me. Good job
NIGGA hold my water ! lmfaooooooooooo
I found that truly informative. I'd been so mystified witnessing my best mate go from being a loser to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He pretended he failed to realize. He finally came clean two days ago. He told me he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you'll find it... He is on a date today with a stunning girl... Lucky man!
check out my channel for some spoken word :D
AmaZing... I write too, I just need the confidence behind it. This was the truth!!! *snaps fingers* to all the other poets as well.
That was real and it really made me think about what I got now and to learn to appreciate it. Because the place where things that I have came from I know who ever it was worked hard and I know my mother worked even harder to pay for it, so most of the things I have now I had to work for it in order to earn it...-Chyna
stop trying to boost your thug resume they aint hiring thugs anyways!
Dam Mann I always come back an look at old till new but dis I got to keep
Man hold my water. Lol For real tho broo^^
Great job this damn near made me cry...yo have a surely know how to touch People.
There should be a LOVE button. He spoke the truth in this one. He's really talented!
Hey ur hella talented I'm a young poet myself. And I jus got the courage to post my first poem video I hope u check it out much appreciate #.
This is by far my favorite video you have!
Boy you are inspiring I looked at some of your videos and I'm just like damn your just amazing and make me see life at a different angle
speechless.....deep stuff maNN_AMEN
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