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BEST TOILET EVER! - Happy Wheels - Part 43

by PewDiePie • 2,960,742 views

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Please stop ejecting it pisses me off
 ."".    ."",      |  |   /  /      |  |  /  /      |  | /  /      |  |/  ;-._       }  ` _/  / ;      |  /` ) /  /      | /  //\/\      |/  /      |      (  ' \ '-  |       \    `.  /        |      |        |      |
Well, we hear a big explosion, blood flying everywhere and santa flying out like a mad man, saying hohoho, hmmmmmmmmmmmm Nah I'll let it slide ~ Police man
pewds is love, pewds is life
it was just to get atenson i am a big sky fam
whats up with mama June (Honey Boo Boo's Mama) being in happy wheels???! HAHAHA! 
I'll rip ur head off and shit down ur neck
Am i the only one to give him a brofist at every one of his videos? 0_0
Omfg!!! Best Toilet Ever....... xD OMG HAHAHA
The way u pronounce ur name Ooooooh i want to kick u in the tongue it self!!
Obviously, irresponsible dad thinks his son's LEG is a better son than his ACTUAL SON!!!!! 💙 1 of ur biggest fans Olivia nillis
I had a commercial of diarea before this video, LOL
Who else is watching this in 2015?
Volume at 1 on my IPAD. Hears ur screams as if u were In the other room
Aaaahhhh!! Back in the good old days when he was actually funny.
Who saw that floating head at 4:09?
I saw it. It's more or less a glitch. Or because they died in mid air.
oh that makes sence i always though it was the head got choct on something
1:26 Im gonna rip off your head and s**t down your neck.
●_● lllllooooovvvvveeeeee iiiiiitttttt!!!!!!!!! XD
Like if your watching this in 2014 september 1st
+Axel Reyes ha! lolz someone agreed to me XD
How do you record yourself while playing video games on thenpc???
8:12 - 8:33 I'm dying of laughter. Halp :c
I came in like a wrecking baaallll while doing a synchronized dance with a harpoon up my asshole and dick
rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, the beest toilet eeveer
umm, durrrr, b** the dad is sooo eirrasponsible
This is like three years ago.. I've been one of the bro's since u started happy wheels! Miss it tho.
If you tap left and right fast as irresponsible dad, he'll start floating.
Where will you be when diarrhea hits
Thx for play my level you are qwsome
stop bieng mean to your son
there is nothing bad about being gay or liking jb. i am neither, but im not discriminating.
i am only 11 but pewds is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Get Maya a mashien gun. : D
sorry it is pants ü
who the fuck uses that as a face retard
quickscope simulator xD
some one with manners fuck school
The little boys name is bob and the fathers name is BILLYBOBJOE do it pewds or ele I will send u a barrel in ur mail!
as soon as you entered the forest there was thunder outside so.... im scared :( like if you feel like me
Mithilesh Patil Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
#ROFL  after watching this video #Awesome  
Not hapy wehels but happy pewds
1:23 He's on his period (even though its a guy X-D)  4:08 anyone else notice the floating head?
Best happy wheels player. ever.
1:24 I will find you, and when I do I will cut your head off leans closer and shit down your neck
Pause at exactly 11:12. Sezy pewds face :D Score!!!!
Pewdie, what is the name of the song at 11:16?
Prairie doggin it LOL
did anyone else see the troll face at 11:36?
he should do more gta5
I have a name for the pogo dude "Bella the Ballerina" because the dolphin mode makes him look like hes a ballet dancer :3
That is wrong in every way
Pewdiepie could you please play world craft 2 and more minecraft thanks for your consideration
So this is like the Adult Swim version of Little Big Planet?
U sound like Toby with the kid voice
3:42 right as he disappeared, my dad's ringtone went off. It's some freaky alien one too...
pewdiepie you need to mack your own level
it will be nice if you poop in your paints ha ha ha
"WHOA, let's go!, WHOA, front flip!, WHOA!, nooooooooo!!!"😂😂
Hey I saw if you fast forward to 10:02 there is a monster saying pewdiepie
What is he playin in the endcut?
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reading comments while the stupid add finishes UGH
I love it how most of the time pewd's dreams come true in happy wheels.
1 18 duke nukem and wutev movie "I'm going to ripoff your head and shift down your NEC
WTF you watch nigahiga and higatv? Same
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