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Dragon Testicles!

by FLuffeeTalks • 171,048 views

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Glass is actually made by infusing peanut butter with methamphetamine 
If you suck dick you grow Wings...its been 3 weeks since I sucked that homeless guys dick but I know I'll get those wings 😁
I am the Illuminati, it was a joke that people took too seriously and never Let Go.  - True Story 
I also enjoy warming up fruit for reasons
If you die your dick fall of .
My piss is pink and poop is blue....
Ahaha. That's awesome man. You should buy another dragon fruit. The proper method is to leave it out on your counter for a few days until it looks like the green tips are starting to go brown and crumbly. then cut it half the other way. cut a slit along the side of each so you can get your thumb inside then peel away the husk. After doing so you will have your two halves. which I usually dice up into basic cubes. Generally the longer you wait. before eating. The sweeter the dragon Fruit will be. Honestly my favourite fruit to eat.
I love the taste of Welch's new dragon fruit juice and I have had other dragon fruit flavored stuff but I have yet to have an actually dragon fruit so I too have no idea how you would properly eat one. To my knowledge I thought they were darker on the inside not white. Thanks for sharing with us your experience and I hope this did not turn you off from dragon fruit forever.
Dragon fruits a natural laxatives I would know because I eat Dragon fruit all the time
I can poop out butterfly's
Do a video with Speedy Gonzalez...... areeba areeba areeba
That is a testicle and the black tiny things are the sperms so if you eat it you'll get a baby ... That what i thought at first :*
+deadfire18 i dONT lIKE pEOPLE lIKE yOU
A fact about myself that I made up is that I will die alone playing super mario for the NES...I'm I'm depressed. D:
if you smoke marihuana and eat a dragon fruit with the peal on. It has to be the whole dragonfuit. You will be teleported to the time of dragons :)
I love drgon fruit and thats not how you prep a dragon friut.
I love drgon fruit and thats not how you prep a dragon friut.
A true fact about dragon fruit that I just made up is that the reasons people eat these fruits instead of leaving them on the tree is because if they leave it on the tree it grows into a terrifying dragon that can destroy a whole country, so they keep it in check by making sure it is eaten.
I used to eat these back in philippines, some of them had red inside and when u go for a pee it is colour red :P
im fluffys a ported son but he actually doesn't know I'm his mother buh buh buh BUH!
Do you know your channel has NO videos on it at all and you expect people to subscribe to it? 
I piss liquid nitrogen
I can proudly say that tonight I ate my first dragon testicle:)
Your shit turns purple if you eat enough dragon fruit. This is an actual fact, ive been through the wonder
If u eat an apple seed youl poop whole apple tree
true fact i cant make facts
lol dragon fruit.. never heard of it o_o XD 
a true fact that i just made up is the Fluffee makes more since talking about things than the news does and sadly that's true too haha :p
If you eat a plain burger without the buns from McDonald's you will shit your pants from too much disgustingness.
A true fact is if u play call of duty while dry humping women and watching porn u get aids
my true fact that I just made up is if you don't subscribe to fluffeetalks your head will explode
You can buy those at almost any grocery store lol
did you know if you eat the outside of fruit you get a wicked boner but it pops like a zit
True fact that I made up. If you eat dragon fruit on weed it tastes better. Also if you smoke dragon fruit and eat weed then that's just fucked up. Your too high and wasting good pot.
YaY 2 thumbs up hit tha button some moar! :D - top comment <3
now that theres a fruit id like to heat up yee doggy
QooooooooooohhhASVFASHDVD,,,, balls in my hiney...dragon balls
they're called pitayas in mexico, I guess dragon fruit does sounds much more epic
Dounuts are actually wormholes from haevon to hell
Go drink alcohol and then eat a dragon fruit. You will get more intoxicated than normal. Not a fact that I just made up. Dragon fruit looks like it is a drug combined with some sort of white jello... o,o
hey you like dragons baby? good, cuz imma be dragon my balls across your face tonight.
A true fact about me is i can grow d**ks on my body
It's suppose to be purple I believe
A true fact? Well, women can read minds.
My mom always said "You are what you eat" but i don't remember eating a sexy beast this morning
thoose things tastes like kiwis the birds not the fruit
try pepsi x it has dragonfruit in it
true fact a dragen fruit is groing on my dick head dident even notes it with the forskin until i pissed out fire had to go to the hostbitles for a month cant use it any more bumer
Implying a sexual fantasy towards dragons isn't disturbing.
It tastes like a whole lot of nothing (An actual true fact, I just had some and thought of this video.)
thums up if want a dragon's dick instead of a human dick
His voice when he said "that's wat the inside looks like but it kinda looks like cookies n cream" xD
well my nickname isnt Fruit_Raper for nothing
i love dragon fruit but the weird side of it is that the real fruit on the inside looks like frogs spawn x_-
if a black guy goes out at night it will disapear
FLuffee...dare you to try a Durian Fruit :P
I had to try this fruit for Chinese class at school, it tasted like nothing.
Did you know? 79% of percentages are made up on the spot.
You should have searched YouTube about dragon fruits. For if you did you'd not look like a dumbass eating an unripe one.
True fact: Anyone who acts like Fluffee but isn't him instantly catches on fire? Pretty cool eh.
A true fact that I just made up is that my balls can fly
that fruit is a type of a cactus no joke
Thats funny cuz I just did the same thing a few weeks ago I was like what the fuck is a dragon fruit LOL YAY LETS BUY IT AND ITS ISN'T BAD BUT NOT VERY GOOD Dont think i ever waste my money again
If u fuck a dragon fruit it will become pregnant with chocolate dragons that u can't resist eating
if u shit on it your shit will catching on fire
Even when ripe.....Which yours was not ^_^ still taste like open ass.
How to prepare a dragon fruit: 1. Peel all of the skin off. 2. Shove up the peels in your butt. 3. Slice the fruit in any way you like. 4. Enjoy the fruit!
if you run out in the road screaming "sexual offenderman!!" the street on a date such as 7-7-07 or 12-12-12 on a time like 5:55..... you will get hit by a car :3
I LOVE dragon fruit. It's vietnamese. I'm vietnamese, I grew up eating that shit all the time.
There is nothing wrong with flannel.
It looks like jizz covered with ants...
i want to be a dragon now :) that be cool
I think it tastes nice i had it when i was 7 and it tasted nice i dont think your supposed to eat that part x
True Fact: If you freeze a potato, it will yield more juice than hair.
And just had cookies and cream
If you take a shit in a dragon fruit you will fart flames
I love how he says the dragon fruit is like a dragon's testicle and he opens it up and its all white lmaoo
True fact: Pencils are all members of parliament
Dragon Fruits is actually tasty in my opinion lol
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