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Sex in the Pool?

by upstairsgirls • 62,022,882 views

Sandy's old "BFF" Olive gets a little too friendly with Mutt on their trip to the pool, not the beach. When will Mutt catch a break? This is a Sequel to the IronSink ten Million view video "sex on...

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I love getting banged in the pool!
you don't deserve the ad money from these views stupid bitch.
Have some serious in the pool and show you posey
Automatic thumbs down for misleading thumbnail.
BOO!!! No sex in the POOL!!!!!!
god did not create marriage or anything else for that matter.....people like you created marriage to control people...and your video really sucks you razor blades and die.
Tontonan dewasa bro.
U call dat sex in the pool more like borring
I love doing sex so you a
forr L!VE SeX check my chanel now
  In the beginning God created marriage for one man and one woman for the good and love of only those two for life. The devil and his demons want to destroy what God made for good. God loves you and wants you in heaven and not hell. All sinned, this is why Jesus, the Son of God, died on the cross as a sacrifice for you sin so you can be forgiven and go to heaven. Why would God want unrepentant sinners, murders, immoral , thieves, liars in heaven, heaven would NO longer be heaven. Those who want to live like immoral people go to hell. REPENT and call upon the NAME of Jesus, make Jesus Lord, Master of you life, and savior of your sin, stop sin, read the Bible to know and obey God=heaven. If you really want to know the truth and are willing to surrender your life to Jesus, I DARE YOU to CALL out to Jesus and ask if He is real, but be willing to give your life to Jesus. Ask for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the GIFTS of the Holy Spirit to give you POWER form GOD. I know He is REAL, He showed me, He can show you, if you really want God.
wake up dean jesus aint coming, nobody is coming to save us you brain washed moron.
This is a bad attitude.And there is a niger here
upstairsgirls you have motivated me to create my new channal, downstairsbros, a harsh look into the shameless acts of men on men sexual acts. i only hope i can find as beautiful bangable bros as your lovely chubby female performers. thx!!!
Sex in the pool! Helmets and life jackets should be mandatory because of what happened in Newark last week to that unfortunate couple.
did you watch this just cause it says sex... perverts
LOL I love getting banged in the pool!!!!
the chick doing all the talking but not giving out any action, ya know the one in the Red Bikinis.....her thong is all wet 0:48 but she hasn't been in the pool, what's all that about? :D 
LOL I love getting banged in the pool!!!!  hit me up plz guys....
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you don't deserve the ad money from these views stupid bitch.
That girl is so sexy I want to her dick and tits and ass
I like that pool. But the blonde looks cocky, one who will let a guy pork her then use him for what he's got then dump him. That's my critique.
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The comments make coming here worth it.  COMEDY!!
Its like a really long beginning of a porno
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I want 2:06 of my life back!
Mutt looks like Lupin III.
He wont get out cause he has a big hard on !!!
I made out in a pool but that never happen to me.
Not as good as the original.
That was not sex in a pool that was talking
I'm sick of my YouTube freezing
O my god u got to be kidding what if kids are a round
Why not have had already all 3 girls naked and getting DICK downed in or out of the pool.. all 3 are good enough to fuck once, at least, who knows about twice? LOL
we used to call her a C.T. Sticky when wet
it is really stupid to have sex in a pool for a few reasons 1) there is pretty much no frictions so its pretty lame 2) there is like a 99% chance the girl will get a uti and blame it on you
f*******ing bi***cthes its not sex
I think we all know she really was not going to have sex with him she is just toying with him....If I was a girl and that hot I would be toying too. And the poster of this video is toying with us too.
OMG I love having sex in my pool!!!
I would throw ropes all over ALL those hot bitches.
clarajespersen Shared on Google+ · 11 months ago
Se denne video på YouTube:
Turn back now friends, there is no sex to be found. Only bad acting.
facepalm to all the 60 millions horny idiots who clicked this video.
nice chick in red...yum
do it in the pool... and throw that girl into the trash bin.
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XD blondes, all ya gotta do is look at em and have em ask one sexual question and a guy gets that boner o.o XD pig
Really? I do hope you didn't miss the part this was entirely the effect she was going for. All men are pigs because they want sex...until that becomes advantagous to a female when it suits their needs of course. Shes trying to seduce the girls boyfriend right in front of her but he is the pig. Go the sisterhood!
I guess sex does sell,   wow,  I've seen lame before,  but,  this could take it,,,  seriously. 
Laughable at best,  tell them all to go back to acting teacher in high school
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