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Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.1 - I Never Asked For This, You Did

by UberHaxorNova • 5,089,331 views

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Watching in 2015. :)
3 fucking years have passed since the start of his wonderful Happy Wheels journey...this one video in particular is the cause of the game's current popularity. If it wasn't for James, there wouldn't be other YouTubers playing this limb losing game right now, so we should thank him for the laughs, tears, and frustration that this game gave it to him and he provided with the entertainment we enjoyed through this almost 200 part series. #GoodbyeHappyWheels  
Nova Happy Wheels Let's Play Started: Oct 8, 2011 Pewdiepie Happy Wheels Let's Plays Started: Feb 2, 2012 Im a fan of both but for fanfags who take these entertainers as if they are the second coming of Jesus reasons, Nova started first. And for these reasons, Subscribe to SpeirsTheAmazingHD or Jacksepticeye or this guy in the video or Nerdcubed or ModernWarNegro (absolutely sub to him) or even hmmm ME!
They make these videos to entertain us, not to show that they're better then someone else. It doesn't matter who played it first.
U guys should watch gameplays from theradbrad. He's way better than pewdipie.
Can't believe is been 3 fucking years. Time flies.
Don't mind me, just over here reminiscing. 
First James video i watched :D
And the legend begins.
This was the first vid i ever watched back in 2011 its sad that he stoped playing =[
Holy shit. 3 years? It feels like this was uploaded yesterday.
On this day... a legend... was born...
Come visit my channel and leave some feedback! And if you want to play let me know! 💯
+halolime117 so you mean like a pile of shit?
This video never gets old... :D
Well... Not really, it's already been almost 5 years, so it's pretty old. But it's still hilarious but old.
This series legitimately almost made me shit myself. Will never forget.
You guys should watch dashie games. He's way funnier.
If you think he's funnier, then why are you here? Go watch him then. Only common sense.
Here's an idea, go fuck yourself
Ah yes I remember when this was first uploaded :D
i am from the future 2014 you will be famous 
Herpy Wells as DA boost
Enzo Pontrelli Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
UberHaxorNova - Happy Wheels w/Nova Ep.1 - I Never Asked For This, You Did
6:55 That needs to be an animated classic XD
Wow how many subs back then like 1m give or take
He had around 700k subs
Holy shit, I never realized how sub-par his mic was back then.
first vid i saw of nova's
I'm watching in 2015 :)
This is my first time seeing this. Its 2016. This is hilarious, the timing of most of his comments was spot on. Wow, this is great
Did you see the boys head a few secs after he died?
I love Nova. To this day he's still himself :D
I remember seeing this come up on my subscription feed the day after my doctors appointment and watching it. 
proud to be a creature fan since 2011 ; u ; literally tearing up listening to his old videos
I just realized that this video was the first video I ever watched of a Let's Play type material. And while I don't watch Nova as much anymore, it all started right here and I couldn't be happier with that.
Like if you are watching in 2015! I know this comment is old, i'm not asking for likes. But i'm trying to be serious now! Not just one of those fags that want attention. But like it if you are watching in 2015! :)
+Kotta Maa You are one of those whores that want someone to reply to them.
 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) slurp HAPPY WHEELS!
Good ol days when I thought nova was a long haired 15 year old emo Or at least that's what I pictured him to look like
+Julio Espinosa fusk dashi lol nova is the best gamer out there lol well him nd alex jbut nobody is better than them #creaturhuballday
The voice was everything:)
Hey hey shut the fucking up guys ya all bitch ha ha ha
Pewdiepies's no loser u Bush. And he plays more than happy wheels so fuq off
Pewdiepie uploaded about 70 episdes of happy wheels and Nova uploaded 120 
Ah, the gool 'ol days of when Happy Wheels wasn't the same three types of levels over and over. I want to see something new, not just sword throws.
Instead of complaining why don't you make a level yourself?
Back when Nova was the best IMO.
This is the video that got me into the creatures. Though I already subbed to Sly and Nova before this. 
This is the first video I watched of nova :D
I still rember my brother goes is this guy retared
hello happy wheels
You should play this game called skylanders
That's like diablo for kids.
This is how I found nova, and still watch him and forever will
Watching this for the 4 time✌️ every December I watch this BC this is my fav series
time to re-watch these videos
of all your happy wheels vids, i always come back to this one, cus this one makes me laugh the hardest. especially at the part when you're chasing the "little boy" through the speed gates, and then you just spontaneously explode LOL
Nova has made it so far
I do not like it I LOVE IT!
omg the memories :'(
This video is exactly 3 years old now ... Wow ! Happy 3 years !
This video is legendary
Novak one of those rare you tubers that never change. And that's why he is such a great person and entertainer!
You look at the adult and the kid all in peices then you see the bike drop down and it isnt dammeged one little bit lol
First of random bike!!!!
Pewdiepie overrated gay fag. Nova>Pewd big time
i love when he thinks the kids head is gone and it pops out xD
The legendary Nova, the father of pewdiepie :D
i think you should play minecraft
You played this before D4 so you win
If it weren't for Nova then PewDiePie wouldn't even be playing this game.
Was he a creature when he realesed this video?
yo nova in browse levels on the top left corner it says search put your name uberhaxernova
I think you're 3 years late man
Lol that one made me chuckle
good memories that title is so amusing now
ah the good ol days. good times....
sıçıyomu oynuyomu bell değil
that was really funny x>
This needs to come back god dammit
Thank you other fans should people stop fighting
Who uploaded first pewdiepie or nova?
I love that he didn't want to play this and it ends up being what made his channel so big.
I remember this and I'm gonna rewatch them all
its what ever you want to call hjim jim didnt give him a name
Press control to launch the kid
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