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Civil Protection: Oil's Well (Machinima)

by Machinima • 593,097 views

Episode 6 of the comedy series "Civil Protection" based off the game Half-Life 2. In this episode, Mike and Dave reflect on the world of the past.

man if I could show this video to everyone
2:55 "Conventional ethanol production wasn't practical on the scale that we needed it" It was never intended to be practical. There is no way to produce enough ethanol to even remotely meet our energy needs. (The moral issues of turning surplus corn into fuel when so many people on Earth are starving is a whole separate discussion). The ethanol tax is a subsidy to big agricultural companies to force taxpayers to buy their corn. It's pretty depressing what lobbyists can accomplish.
It's pretty depressing that lobbyists are allowed to exist, period.
But dont forget, the combine were draining the earths water. And on top of that, they werent doing a single thing about the invasive Xen wildlife
Oh my god, Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver 2 Pillars soundtrack right at the beginning at 0:15. :O
I know this is supposed to be a comedic piece, but it has a lot of truth behind it.
They should Continue this series! Why did it stop after Eleven episodes?
This video is funny and serious at the same time :D
Holy crap. The rebels are the bad guys. Gordon is the real asshole here.
Well with the brutal laws i can understand those criminals. The combine were tyrannical those criminals were just fighting to not to be treated like cattle.
No ! its even better we will be free of the combines and we use their technologies for us now ! 
3:12 I See a guy with long hair kissing a girl laying down on the right side of the dam
This video has a lot of truth to it, but it came out before hydraulic fracturing and the BP oil spill. Heck, they don't even mention the damage that happens if any serious problem occurs during extracting, refining or transporting it. The sooner we get off this crap, the better.
Combine propaganda
They Arent brainwashed :D im happy about that
Well, we have a solution. Kill 5 billion people.
3:38 Hey it's the Postal 2 guy :D
This is what happens. People run out of oil. No moarz powerz. 99.9999% of the population dies without electricity. Because they couldn't charge their Iphone 7653.
Mike's idea of Famine Wars is coming to fruition in modern fiction.
now i think that the combine actually did help us
It's so interesting how this video can make you have a different perspective about imperialism. The romans use to spread civilization by conquering other people too.
Great, now the future scares me
Joshua Valladares Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
now i think that the combine actually did help us
I have to agree with this. We will probably go into a world wide crises when oil runs out. A good way to solve everything is to switch coal, oil, and gas power with solar, electric, and wind power. That is, if the government decides to FINALLY focus mainly on the power and resource problem....or wait for the combine to take over...
3:26 Best alien vs. human battle I've ever seen.
i know it's a stupid question but how did they make these? can you do these yourself? are that like maps made in gary's mod? and if thats made with gary's mod would it be possible to program an own game world with gays mod or like a few more little ,,map-worlds'' in where you could make you're on game with the story you want or things to do you want like could you make a big map of a city what would be your game world where you can have an on character individual made npc's a own story and like drivable vehicles or helicopters would it be possible to do that or something close to that witch gary's mod or whatever they used to make this?
What is the main map (the map with the water and bench)
Clean Earth under Fascist Dictatorship or Smog Earth under free rule..agh. 
I say we should order that all oil sale be shut down save for the military trains, airports, and shipyards. The military will put the oil in secured deoxygenated and highly classified storage facilities for a time of war when rapid access to concentrated energy is really needed. That way, stupid people in the government and technological developers will be forced to quit sleepwalking in life and start mass producing replaceable batteries of high voltages which can be switched out like fresh horses or propane tanks at your everyday gas stations. No waiting to recharge, and you can take a few extra batteries with you if you intend to travel in the backwaters. Everybody wins. It doesn't matter whether human made environmental changes are significant or negligible. If you believe the world will end if we use oil, all the better reason to save and store it. Everyone in the United States should be prepared for all of its imports to be cut off. People thought that "peace" would last forever in the 1870s, then in the 1920s, but they were proven wrong. We should not make the same mistake a third time.
This episode has a good point, oil has been a very big problem and the government's and oil industry are too power and money hungry to look into or think about the future.
I want all these maps
what about nuclear energy?
i'd gladly buy a vehicle that used renewable energy if they sold them commonly, they were easy to get 'fuel' for, could drive at least 300 miles, and still tow anything i can tow now. i can't be stoping every 300 miles to recharge my car for 5 hours...
+Dominick Read +iamzid +DHGameStudios  theres much cheaper electric cars from Tesla Motors. In the $70'000-$80'000 range.
+TheUnbeholden , and who may i ask, can affford that?
that music. isn't it from soul reaver?
Ну вот я тоже, вчера тоже потом увидел, что 2008, странно, наверно потому что смотрели тогда на стопгаме переводы, а эту там тогда не перевели.
Well scientist already confirmed that Earth looks to be going into another mass extinction. Humanity messed up and it IS going to be wiped out. The survivors will hopefully learn from the ashes of the old world and build a new one.
The world won't naturally decrease in population. Society refuses to allow people to turn to less sophisticated and primitive lifestyles if it can so help it. And it really can. The ability for 'renewable' resources is abundant, and getting food isn't excessively difficult, but it wouldn't be pleasant. Most likely insects and GMOd nutrient rich plants. But a resolution will likely only come from a united planet, not one divided like it is now, with its resources split and poorly distributed.
I loved this episode. I once asked my dad if when he thought Humanity would ever achieve a stable united government and when we would fix our oil problem. He said "when aliens invade and take over".
yeah but backyard gardens can help. i have one and six backyard chickens that i feed food scraps
You've honestly never heard the expression "shooting fish in a barrel"?
THANK YOU!! One of Al Gore's statistics was about the rise in flood damage in China over the past ten years, but what he neglected to point out is that people have been building in the flood planes more and more over that time span. People claim there are more tornadoes, but the fact is we now can track every tornado that begins to form where as 30 or 40 years ago you had to actually SEE it to record it. It's ridiculous and a multibillion dollar scam.
Be sure to set up a wifi network :| Just.... in case.
actually we can but its more profitable not to capatlism is a bitch
oh i was gonna try fishing with it...
BAD MONKEY!!! yeah thats the solution
This, is actually pretty educational...
Well I mean by the time our fuels run out I'd say there is good chance we'd already be getting helium 3 from the moon.
The cause of said pressure and heat does not necessarily have to be caused by the same thing. For example, there is a far distant star that is primarily diamond material. The heat from the core breaks down the carbon, the pressure resulting from it's gravitational pull compresses the carbon into diamond material. A star's nuclear fission/fusion reaction created the heat, so nuclear radiation CAN create a diamond, as it supplies the required heat. This star, named "Lucy," is 50 light-years away.
Me too. See if you can find a copy. It's really an interesting read, and he's got a great sense of humor, too.
If perfected, solar power would make sense as a primary power source. Since we only collect it, it's practically free energy, but it doesn't have to be restricted to that. Separating hydrogen out of water would be a viable energy alternative too. Since hydrogen burns cleanly, and you get a lot of it out of water. I wonder why my earlier solar power comment got so many thumbs down?
In such a scenario it would be necessary to also have a second means of power generation in place. Solar technology would be inadequate for commercial power generation, but they could work very well for privately owned homes. If a house's roof was coated with efficient panels its demand on the power grid could be cut significantly throughout the year. Depending on the local climate of course.
Yeah I guess new technology is helping us out. It was estimated hundreds of years ago we would starve, but we haven't, due to technology. But at one point, it won't last forever.
I'm confused? Does this video say that it would be good if a bunch of people died in order to preserve our environment? Or is this video just poking fun at the idea? Plus I don't think electrical power everything would work because for example I can't see a electric powered dump truck or electric powered jet plane. Also if the government wants to be so green, then why did they just tear out a dam that was producing clean energy in my county? It just doesn't make sense.
There is no way to produce food on an industrial scale without using massive quantities of oil for synthetic fertilizers and economical planting , harvesting, processing and transportation, not to mention the complex and delicate infrastructure that maintains this entire system "1 gallon for 2 years" is an insane lie; livestock require some of the most heavily mechanized and fuel intensive farms in the modern world, and their feed, care, management and transport require gas and infrastructure.
Hey, you dont need to be rude, and if you read my other comment, there ARE other ways to cook food rather than coal, and other such things.
Proper name for the star I mentioned is V886 Centauri. It is a white dwarf (a dieing star). I'm not attacking you, don't worry. I'm explaining how diamonds form, and how we replicate the process to produce cubic zirconium, essentially synthetic diamonds. Don't worry, the process of forming diamonds naturally is somewhat obscure knowledge, since almost nobody needs to know that information for their daily lives.
Have you seen Mad Max? That is also what was supposed to happen when we were supposed to run out of oil a couple decades ago.
You see, this is why I still ask questions in the comments. Every once in a while, someone gives me a real answer. I hadn't heard that before and thought it might have been a solution that had been overlooked. Thank you ^_^
Gore poured millions of his own money into creating an American Cap-and-Trade market. That's why he pushes that particular piece of legislation so hard; he stands to make millions, perhaps billions even, if that legislation gets passed.
There are other problems with electric cars. Electric cars operate best on a perfectly smooth road, no wind, no humidity and an ambient temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. In a real world setting, most electric cars would get about 50% to 60% use out of their batteries. Colder temperatures can even shutdown an electric car in operation. The batteries ware out much faster than a normal combustion engine, leaving us with a ton of battery acid to deal with, and can't get us as far as we go now
03:38 was that the postal 2 guy on that belt?
the alternate method to make these synthetic oils usually involve using food supplies, which is kinda useless if u need it to make food...
Fusion can fix it all if we make a breakthrough soon. Scientist found that if we do achieve Fusion that makes more energy than we put in we can actually use the energy to power our cars. Oil is still an issue but at least we have been making breakthroughs in using plants instead of oil for plastic. Tires are still an issue though.
Another thing is that we aren't going to run out of gasoline until 5 million years so calm the fuck down you crazy old lady, you're worse than fox news!
diamonds are created with much more power, such as radiation, and i think it was created with the help of the big bang. Not sure though.
i think the amino acid diffrence may mak it impossble for our vituses to effect aliens the aliens viruses won't hurt us either
What on earth are you talking about? What kind of crazy word salad is this?
Geothermal is better for the surrounding environment considering it doesn't hinder rivers and lakes and the aquatic life that lives there, but geothermal is still limited in location; so although it is better for the environment, its low accessibility makes me think that hydroelectric is still the more useful one of the two.
well, if fact in the half life universe, the earth is more fucked up than now, all the seas are around 5 meters lower, the air is more poisonous than now, most of the animal species are gone etc, the difference is that the combine is the one who is causing that and not us
You need fuel to plant and harvest on an industrial scale, you need much more fuel to process and transport the harvest.
I always wonder what is that thing in 3:31 ?
And the other funny thing is you think this is a thread..
its funny how this comedy clip actually gets us questioning. :D
Because no one ever thought of that idea, take it to a scientist and earn billions please.
So i'm twelve because i brought out cannibalisim. hahaha
Actually there is synthetic gasoline. Petrol can be made from coal, however the process is extremely wasteful and energy intensive. During World War 2 Germany used part of its coal reserves to create oil, however Germany is a coal rich country so this made sense at the time. In the long run its a negative benefit to create gasoline from coal.
Well, it is entertainment and the viewers being taught something, which isn't all a bad thing "not that I am saying that your saying it's a bad thing."
Creating synthetic oil would require more energy than it outputs. Batteries are a much more effective solution that already works.
We should just kill like 6.5 billion people. Population Bomb suggested the maximum sustainable human population was around 500 million people, so we'd be right around there. Make a bunch of robots that kill people off and keep the survivors contained so they never cross that population threshold ever again. Mass murder for the good of Mother Earth. Yeah... (the above was meant sarcastically, although Population Bomb does suggest that number)
3 monthes later but I don't care. I've been to various farms (family/friends) and they all produce food/caddle in sufficient scale (1km², 15 heads), they don't use oil at all there. Except for a few pieces of machine, which is around 1 gallon for 2 years or so.
Civil Protection are still human, they haven't undergone biomechanical transformation, unlike the combine soldiers.
unused enemy model from HL2, for some reason resources for unimplemented enemy types were included with the game.
Well. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting a Very Special Episode from these two idiots. Well done, Ross. You've achieved a level of greatness I can only dream of.
Better sad and alive then slowly dying from starvation watching T.V. in a warm bed
I've made preparations to survive the inevitable. I have a cozy cottage, canned goods for months and loads of hunting and farming ground of my own. Maybe one of these days I'll go into full hermit-mode.
We can send robots to other planets, we can study black holes and seabeds, we can send a video instantly to the other side of the planet, and construct massive networks for communication, transportation, sewage and water... but making a car that doesn't require a non-renewable energy source feasible? Can't do that, sorry.
Comment removed by civil protection.
i fell like i learned something.... hmmm
could you not do that with solar power(solar powered cars, tractors , harvestors).
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