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BIEBER THIS B*TCH!!! (Hang With Shane : Day 116)

by shane β€’ 505,134 views

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when i get sad i go to you shane dawson because I love your videos and they helped me through a lot of messed up shit
when im sad I go to...nobody...and my great uncle died from cancer that moved up to his brain
When I'm sad I go to Music and YouTube..... those 2 things saved my life so many times😊😌
You know what else is a scary?seeing shane without strait hair πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€
i go to my friend maddie. she helps me through everything
When I'm sad, I go to my brother,dad or best friend.
mom, sister, dad, internet friends
I started crying for the first few minutes
your awesome shane dawson
Tell her If she did that we would all support her
5:47 watch the background lol
I go to my bf i have trusted him from day one....yh
When im sad I go to my brother or my best friend Emily
Is Jeffrey a giantΒ ball of pot all tied together to look like a giraffe? Β 
You are just too adorable! Glad your mom is ok lost many family members to cancer and it totally sucks. Love your videos keep em comin'!
I don't have anyone to go to I just ball it up inside me and it just goes away
umm this may sound sad.. but I don't have anyone to go to anymore bec my last real friend left me
Awww love you shane xxx
Shane you totally deserve to have a blessed life keep living strong! β™₯β™₯β™₯
It's okay my auntie got breast cancer but she managed to get other it and i always go to my mum or I did go to my grandad
i am lowkey obsessed w/ you and want to hangout with you, as uncreepy as that sounds.
Aw thats adorible shane i wish i was there because it semes like so much fun love u shane βˆ‘:)
I usually don't want to bother people with how I'm feeling, so I mostly suffer I silence.
6 of my family members have died of cancer :(
my mom but if shes drunk I go to my sisters...
I go to my friend or my motherΒ 
Asome no cancer, hopefully that dose not happier agin.
Look at the people in the background at 5:53
well i used to go to my boyfriend Adam but we broke up and then in October um well...he uh he committed suicide
Shane is your hair curly or straight?
My mom got a call like that a little while a go turned out to be nothing just a mother fucker infection
Omg that girl looked like Gabriela off of HMS
My great grandma died of cancer 2 years ago
the fuck is her youtube channel?
My grandpa died from cancer 4 yrs ago but he had lung cancer and it spread to his heart and his brain.
Shane!!! Your killed your only wicker giraffe son !!! I'm ashamed lol
I go to a camera and then delete the video
I got to zara my friend and my mom but i watch you because u make me happy !
LILY! ;( I'm crying. I miss my friend. Go on YouTube and watch the lily Anderson story! Support her! RIP ~ 12β€’15β€’12
I turn to Books :) btw Shane you have to read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green...unless you aren't a book/person who likes to read, then just keep being awesome :)
My step-grandmother died of cancer and my cousin, aunt, and great-grandmother currently have it :(
I Dont Go To Anyone. I Want To Be Alone
5:48 the people with lisa in the background xD
I keep my feeling locked up...
My aunt died from breast cancer 2 years ago
my aunt died from liver canser
I actually go to YouTube so a lot of people make me feel better, especially you so I don't know if you'll see this but I'd like to thank you so so much for helping me get through a lot. I love you Shane Dawson. :)
My mom died of cancer and my nana and aunt got breast cancer
I hope your mother is okay and I understand your pain with that
im 9 and i have pretey much heart canners
I don't really Have anyone to talk to except my dad because he's one of the people that understand me mentally. My mom does but you know.
The giraffe is fucking scary in the background
My dad is half way into his kemo treatment. He is hopefully going to be done this July (really hopeing that we don't get one of those movie plot twists) And answering the question of the day, i don't really go to people, cause the people i usually talk to don't get it. So i go to music, internet, and food.
My gma died last wk of lung cancer
i'm happy for your mom shane! she is a very nice lady
I go to my dog but he's dead ...
I had something wrong just recently and i told my friends mom and she helped me out so much.
when I found out my aunt Wendy died from either cancer or something else the only person I could go and talk to really was m best friend Jasmine and we were both being bullied at the same time by the same people to.
My aunt died from braest cancer and u have lakiemia
Pa died from cancer Aunty and Uncle And dog
but your moms to amazing to have breast cancer
my mom was tested for cancer luckily it was nothing I felt so sad and I didn't sleep for like 4 days I feel sorry to all the people mom and family died from it!!!!
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